Friday, September 14, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/14/2012: Throat Chakra and Abundance

9/14/2012 Friday:

Sometimes the words that come out of one's mouth can taste awful.
Such as speaking of the truth.
The truth is not made up of sugar and spice.
Actually the truth contains an essence that does not taste wonderful to the tongue of a liar.
A person can get lost within the shuffle of life, and in doing so can create an outcome that is not desired.

When I hold my tongue against something that is not of truth, and I do not say something, I find my self in turmoil.
There is turmoil within me at this very moment.
What am I to do?

I must remember that Love is Universal. That everything within Source is perfect.
Perfect in manner.
What if it was not up to me to say anything?
What if the only action needed was to fill the whole thing up with Love, send it off into the great Void, and let the whole thing take form and shape.
A lot of times I do not wish to look at the obvious.
The train wreck will take place whether you are looking at it or not.
You ever notice that?
Things take place all over the world, whether you are looking at it or not paying attention to it.
Wars still move forward. Death still takes place. Babies are still being born. The light still shines on gloomy skies. The house will still stand after the bankruptcy has taken place. In the end the person who you have given so much energy to, will still move forward in life. Whether it is a good life, or a bad one, is not up to you, but it is up to their choices.
So, why do I sit here and worry?
Worry about what is taking place that has nothing to do with me. I still have the intent to move forward, but when I sit and think about how unfair things can be, then I stop the flow of my own energy. It begins to move in the direction of the person I am thinking of. Do they care?
Their war still moves on. Their sky is still filled with gloom and sunlight. Their house still stands after the bankruptcy. Death still takes place within their life.

The Abundance of too many words within my life can cause a destruction that should have never happened...or should it have?
Do you want the Abundance of someone Else's life and turmoil?

Words can be like shit.
Have you ever heard of the person who is trying to clear the shit out of a hole and by just simply throwing it up in the air, it falls back down in a different spot in the hole, and the person gets frustrated with the fact that nothing is taking place?
Well on this day your words can be just like that situation. A whole bunch of shit just getting thrown around with no intent.
Why not direct it to a different spot outside of the hole?
Oh...A ha! It finally makes sense, or you could just keep on digging and smiling, wondering what stinks....what do you think?

Words spoken can either be aids or huge bats that will beat the dead horse to pieces.
There is no need to speak of truth in a situation that will eventually either take care of itself, or explode on contact ten years from now.
The only thing it is doing at this very moment is stopping you from existing.

Blessed Be.

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