Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/15/2012: Possesions and An Awakening

9/15/2012 Saturday:

What do I hold onto at times?
A crystal.
A watch.
A certain situation at work.
The negative thought of the day.

I use to think that the Four of Coins talked about holding onto material items. The card goes much deeper. I have to remember that the cards are speaking about the spiritual side of things. It can be related to the small trinkets within our life, but really it is much bigger than we think.
What goes around comes back around is what Beyonce's song states.
This is how I view the energy of the day.
What am I cultivating at this very moment?

I was thinking about a certain situation that is going on within my reality and I had to talk it out with my partner Brian.
I always ask for his opinion, now that I have someone who is also spiritual and can bounce ideas off of, when it comes to things of this matter.
It was funny. I like to talk and talk and talk, ask for his opinion, and before he can answer, I talk and talk and talk, leading me to the solution. He sits and nods every so often. I love him. I think it is just the fact that I am not judged. I am not being told what to do. I am actually seeing through the eyes of my clients.
So, the conclusion that I came to was that I have to have compassion for those around me. Even if they are mean and I think they are unworthy. I must show great compassion. I do not have to agree with their actions, but I also can not judge.
Remember that every person within your life is a personification of who you are.

That being said, this is where the awakening happens.
What will you awaken to?
What will hit you over the side of the head to make you realize that compassion is the answer?
Who needs to cut you off during traffic, in order to make you think?
What spiritual conflict needs to take place to help you understand that: 
    "What goes around, comes back around"

I always look at it this way....

Remember that hole that was being dug up yesterday?
The one will all the shit on it?
Did you put your thoughts out there with intent?
Well eventually the shit clears up and you find exactly what you were looking for...Clarity. It is behind all of that crap that you keep putting in front of you. Stating that eventually you will get to it. Eventually it will get dug up.
Maybe now is the time to let go and start digging.

Blessed Be.

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