Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/16/2012: Inspiration and An Ending of a Cycle

9/16/2012 Sunday:

What item, that is coming to an end, will bring us inspiration?

     I woke up this morning and really had to think about this question.  I complained to Brian about how I think I may have writer's block.

The energy about today will be about "Completeness".
Being perfect.

Yesterday, I injured myself and I really had to concentrate on the subject of being whole.
Of being perfect.
This was my mantra for about three hours.
I noticed a significant change within my body and also how I viewed the injury.
It did not stop me from moving forward. It did not end my day. I did not die.
I sat there at the Von's store on Victoria, with Brian, eating chicken and hummus. I viewed the people that walked by and noticed that my injury was not as bad as what others may be struggling with. Some struggle with constant pain, others struggle with pain that comes and goes, and some can not move at all due to pain that is felt deep within their bones.

I know that this injury was very minor. I thought it would ruin my day. That I would be out of commission for a Whole Day...

Funny how I turn to the worst. In the process of telling my self that I was whole and perfect. My body started to reflect my thoughts. I am whole and perfect and the injury is completely gone.
We should not think that we will be whole and complete, for this would mean that we are looking at the lack of.
We should be thinking that we are already whole and complete at this very moment.
Inspiration can come from anything and everyone. Even the smallest ant, who carries 50 times its weight, inspires the most complex person, to move. To keep on trying.
To make the tallest mountain set before them, into a mole hill.

Blessed Be.

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