Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/18/2012: Prosperity and Tradition

9/18/2012 Tuesday:

Have you ever looked up at the Sun?
What happened?
Were you blinded by the light?

Today, as I drove into work, I kept thinking about the card of the day. I didn't pick one last night, because once again I was allowing myself to be distracted by my partner Brian.
Distractions can be great things. I know that Source will put things into our existence, as a distraction in our eyes, but really it is a blessing.
When we first glance upon something that is shinning in our distance, it is faint. It only glows like a small light bulb in a very large room. As you proceed and get close, the light begins to shine. Shine like the Sun above us.
It is not timid anymore and this is what the distraction looks like in our life. We move toward it or away from it.
In our human form, the light can be scary. It will shine on everything that is within our life, even the shadow monsters that live within the small cracks in our spirit.
It will illuminate the path on our life and we have to choices, to either take the road of light or return to the road of shadow that we have been walking on this whole time.
What will you do?
Sometimes the light can blind us. It is there to distract us, so that we do not see the good on the side of the road, waiting to be picked up.
Are you ready for a hitch-hiker?

Even the light can be viewed at as a shadow part of our life. We get set on a certain way that things should happen.
You state to yourself," oh no. I am waiting right here for Source. I know that it will happen in a certain way, at this certain time, in a certain manner"
Life rarely happens that way. Sometimes it is the distractions in our life that lead us to our next destination.

Today is not about the abundance and prosperity in my life. It is about taking a moment, realizing what I have, realizing how good it is, and sending a small prayer to that person who enters into my mind that could use a little goodness. This is not about sympathy, but realization that everyone is worthy of happiness.
Everyone is worthy of truth.
Who will you send love to?
Maybe this is the day that I must send love to my enemies, or those who I once thought were not worthy.
Maybe I will send that extra love to someone who can not see that they are worthy.
I do know that I would rather give the good away, then to hold onto it and smother it to death.

Blessed Be.

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