Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/19/2012: Inner Strength and Harmony

9/19/2012 Wednesday:

As I drove up to work today, one person came to mind while looking at the sea. I thought about my niece Brittany.

In this life there are those who decide to step into their gifts and become a Light bringer, and then there are those who try to hide it. They seek comfort in other people, places, and things. Substance abuse is a great example of this.

In my experience, I have come to the conclusion that most of the addicts within this world are simply Light bringers who have decided to hide their gift of knowing, or at least try to not to acknowledge it. So, they turn to other things within their life as a distraction, for if they have something else to focus on, then their gift will eventually go away.
I wish this was true.
To walk the road of a mystic is very hard. It can cause you to go through many forms of depression, for the change that is happening can be so fast and furious, that you would give anything in exchange to be normal.
I think that is what some addicts are trying to do. To feel normal within this reality, but they are not normal.
They contain a light within them that wishes to shine. Even if the light was to be dimmed a little bit, it would still burn bright within the dark corners of their soul.

What would I say to Brittany if she was in front of me at this very moment?
I would state to her what I have always said:

   It is time to see that life is wonderful and great. That you are worthy of so much more within this life. It is time to understand your gift of light. Energy is not bad nor good, it is simply energy and you must find a way to understand the nature of it. The greatest thing you could do within this life is to wake up every morning and try...give this life 100% of yourself. That is all anyone could ask of you.

I really think that this speaks to everyone within this world. It speaks to anyone who is reading this.
Get up and try. Move. Walk. At least brush your teeth.
If you decide to return to bed and sleep, well at least you woke up and decided to breathe.

The energy of today is about Inner strength and harmony. Relationships can pull at our hearts and make us feel like we do not exist. Then there are relationships that propel us farther than before.
I recognize that all relationships within our life contain meaning. Not that they have value, but that they contain a part of us within them, that we can choose to let go of or keep it within us.
How strong is your soul?

The soul can take on so much grime and crust, that when the breakthrough happens spiritually, it feels like you are clean and fresh. We glow within the summer sun and burn just as bright.
Then the process starts all over again and we begin to add more grime and crust. The cycle never ends, but we can choose to recognize it, take it in, unload at certain spots, and move forward. It will not always be this way. Soon we will see the patterns in our life that pile on the sludge and stop them. We are strong enough now to break through.

Blessed Be.

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