Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/20/2012: Temptation and Disruption

9/20/2012 Thursday:

The path of a lightbringer can be filled with little nasties that like to linger in the dark fo the woods. What would I tell a lightbringer in this situation?
To keep on moving.

They want to suck the energy out of us. They want us to use the energy to feed their soul and to waste it on something that is not important. They sometimes are around us to teach us that we are strong and can overcome anything.

The energy is about our Ego and how it will try to step into our way. The boulder will be placed right in front of our path. This will cause the disruption in our life. We will be told that we are not good enough. That we are not worthy.

It is up to us to listen, or tell it to shove off, and keep on moving. There is always a path around, over, and under the boulder. It is up to us to recognize it.
Actually if you want to really move past our Ego, you can simply state that there is no such thing as a boulder within your path, for if you give it any kind of thought or power, then it is created.
What if you only had to change your train of thought.
To see only good.
This doesn't mean that bad is not present, but you will eventually see that even in the worst of times, there is good present.
Know that you have to start with forgiveness with yourself, in order for the process of healing to take place.

Distractions and Temptations are always around us. They linger in the shadows and also within sunlight. They do not sit behind things and hide. They make themselves known and can glimmer with such brightness.
How do you distinguish between what is true and what is not true. It is held within you. You contain this wonderful power within you called Intuition.
How do you know intuition is talking to you?
Well, I was actually talking about this to a friend this morning. It is that feeling you get within you, advising you on what to do, but there is no doubt or fear attached to it.
It is when you feel comfortable and safe after the decision has been made. There is no feeling of regret attached to it.
Intuition can be mistaken for misguided information from our Ego. If you hear "You can not do that. It is wrong to feel this way. You will never get what you want. You are not worthy of it. There is so much danger out there and you should be prepared for the worst."
Then this is your Ego advising you to stop existing.

If you hear "you are loved. You can do this. This is just an experience and a circumstance. It is time to move forward. Take a step. Allow it to take place and be still. You are peace." then this is intuition advising you that you are worthy and it is time to exist.

Try to know the difference between the two. If you feel uncomfortable, then take a moment and ask what it is attached to. Where are you uncomfortable within your life. Also ask for guidance. Know that the choice you make is the right choice. That only good can come from it. Then the disruption will be such a wonderful adventure and the Ego will simply walk away....for a while.

Blessed Be.

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