Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/26/2012: Pleasure and A New Beginning

9/26/2012 Wednesday:

  Sometimes Source can speak to us through music. I was driving to work, worrying about the Blog entry I had to write, and one of my favorite songs came on. I took this as a sign. The song I heard was by a group called "Switchfoot" and the song is called "I dare you to move."

When I am listening to certain songs or thinking of the entry I am going to write, I am sometimes advised to write it in a letter form to my lovely niece Brittany. My spirit guide advises me that my entries should be in letter form so that all my emotions can be put down into form and shape. Here it goes...

Dear Brittany, 

The morning light has been shinning bright within my heart. I do miss you everyday that you are away from our family. If your choice was based off of clarity and good intentions, then this letter would have never been written. The entry into my blog would not be happening at this moment in time, for I would only be thinking of your good and how you are doing such great things within your life. 

I do hope that this finds you in good spirits. The cards are speaking to me about pleasure of material things and also a new journey. Are you taking a trip anytime soon? I guess I just wanted to write to you and state that I was listening to a song this morning and thought of you. As a young Light bringer, you can be faced with many challenges and mishaps, because your ability is new and unharnessed. Heck! Even an old Light bringer, like myself, can be faced with the same thing, but one thing is for certain, I know that things will work out in my benefit. What would be my advise to you today?
To keep on moving. Even if the yellow brick road is paved in gold, you keep on moving. The gold bricks are not for you to take, they are for you to follow. There will be a time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor, but for now you have to pick up a shovel and dig!
Do not let anyone within your life state to you that you are not worthy of such greatness. Even now as I write this I am thinking of another friend of mine. Nicole is also coming into her gifts of Light and at times a light bringer will find themselves in turmoil with the decision to exist or not exist. Existence is that feeling you get when things are going wonderful,even if it is raining or 10 degrees below zero. The non existence part is a feeling I like to refer to as "The Em-pending Doom Feeling" you feel in your stomach. Watch out for it. This can either save you or  lead you on a horrible detour. Keep the light on within yourself Britt. Do not let things get you down, for there will be a day when there will only be sunrises, rather then sunsets. 

Blessed Be. 

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