Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/5/2012: Crown Chakra and Prosperity

9/5/2012 Wednesday:

Information can enter into our life through the Crown Chakra.
Energy from Source must enter into our Crown Chakra in order for our spirit to process it.
Today will be about the information we receive from Source.
How to process it.
Also an awakening.

When I receive information from Source, there is a moment of hesitation, for it can seem so simple.
As if the answer is so easy, but we are sometimes trained to think that life must be hard. That there must be a struggle in order to have change happen.
There is a struggle.
It happens in the unseen world. We struggle with our spirit.
We struggle with our emotions.
Isn't it enough.
Understand that the information shall be good and will come from a reliable source.

Actually I have been struggling with writing my entries the last few days.
Information was trickling down to me, not flowing into my Crown Chakra.
I think I may have writers block...What?!
There is no such thing as a blockage.
It is all how I perceive my environment.
How do you perceive your environment?

What if the abundance of information was simply our acceptance of the Truth?

Truth can be very helpful. It cleans out the cobwebs that our lies have created. Truth is light.
You will be in the light today.
Light will shine upon you. Actually light will shine within you.
Be prepared for a download of meaningful information into your spiritual hard drive.
It reminds me of when Willow, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, goes crazy witch mad, and decides to wreak havoc on Sunnydale. She goes to all the books on black magic and soaks up all the words into her body. This is how I see us receiving our information. So much knowledge entering into our body, that we have the opportunity to use it for evil. Choose to simply acknowledge the power side and let your humanity part take over.
How do you think Willow was brought back from her evil streak?
Giles put the spark of life within her and Zander spoke to her humanity part. She eventually broke down and understood that destroying the world would not undo the death of Tara. It would only prolong the feeling of loss.
Revenge only masks the pain with an emotion that is gone within seconds.
Seconds that will easily go away leaving us broken and bruised.

Blessed Be.

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