Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/6/2012: Wisdom and Awakening

9/6/2012 Thursday:

I know that there is change within my life. Everything is always turning, whirling, and moving within my environment.
What happens when change is not how you expected it to be?
The wind is my change.
I use to always get up and leave, when the wind blew a certain way. I knew it was time to get my things and take a long journey, into the unknown.
Now that I have clarity within my life, the change is different. I understand the nature of it. I get that things can seem difficult.
I understand that it must happen.
What do you tell someone,who does not understand change, when they are faced with disaster?

I simply advise them that everything happens for a reason. It may not be what they want, but Source gives us everything we need.
One has to look for the good within the destruction. One has to ask very hard questions, in order to receive an answer. The challenge must be there.
The Ego must be challenged.
In turn, once a person breaks through the barrier, then an answer can be found.

Why did I wear this shirt?
A shirt that fits perfect, until I move my arms a certain way. This bothers me throughout the day. This simple shirt, that is meant to cover my body, is giving me a problem.
Or maybe I am the problem.
This is a challenge. A change.
I could have picked a different shirt, but my inner voice advised me to pick this one...again.
I thought it would be different.
I thought it would fit a bit more loose.
Wait, it was the pisition of my keyboard that was making it feel tight. If I move it a little closer...there that is much better.
A shirt.
It taught me that not everything is a challenge, but it is an experience to learn something new.
What is your shirt?
Is it too tight?
too loose?
Will it cause you to go into a rage, or will it cause you to really take a look at what is there in front of you, and find a solution. A fix to the small struggle. For everything within your life is a small struggle, compared to Death. At least there is a choice to move or not move with Life. So choose and enjoy.

Blessed Be.

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