Friday, September 7, 2012

The Nature of Today's energy 9/7/2012: Mastery of a skill and the End of a cycle

9/7/2012 Friday:

Well it is Friday and of course the World would be the hidden energy card.
Ending of a cycle.
The card of the day is Mastery of a skill.
If I apply this to my work, or manifestation of what is wanted, then it means that the recognition of my hard work will pay off, but also will lead me into the dawn of a new day. Possibly a new season that will take place.
They come and go within our lives. Kelly Catrone said it best, when she states that there will be many seasons in our life, but they will not happen in sequence. There may be four winters in a row, one spring, one fall, and then another winter.
It is up to us to push through it. To relish the springs and summers that enter into our life and understand the harsh cold of winter.
I would not know what a summer feels like, if a cold winter did not happen. I would not appreciate what is before me, or how much I truly can love, if I did not know how empty I could be.
Certain situations may make it seem like it is the end of the World, but what we must remember is that it is just the beginning of a new world.
There has to be pain before you understand what beauty is. If not, then everything would be just pain, for a person is not programmed to think of only the beauty part of things. Believe me. Even the most positive person in the world still struggles at times. If only you could hear their thougths.
We all struggle.
It is part of this wonderful gift called "being human".
It is the act of forgiveness with ourself that will lead us to our inspiration. The creation of something wonderful, and the recognition that comes with it.
The cards speak of the creation of an item or desire within our reality and the impact it will have on our life. The ending of a cycle does not mean that it will not keep going. It simply implies that the struggle part is over. Time to work on the next part. For something is never truly finished. You could always add and subtract at times. Even a clock needs a battery change every so often, or a good wind up, to get things going again. It is never truly finished. Even a bowl needs to be filled, or a picture needs to be framed. Excessorize your life. Bling it up. Make the scars upon your soul shine with some jewels. Point them out to strangers and state,"See...See..I got this when I was ten. It doesn't hurt anymore, but I remember the change that came about because of it. I learned not to climb that tree in the front yard a certain way. It did not stop me, but helped me find a new path. A very great new path".
What is your scar that needs to be recognized?

I have been feeling the change begin. The turning point taking place. I am ready.

Blessed Be.

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