Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/9/2012: Foundation and Chains

10/9/2012 Tuesday:

Dear Brittany, 

Sometimes when I am walking on my path, I find that I chain myself to a touchstone. That small touchstone that I carry with me gets bigger and bigger as I try to make it my safety stone, it becomes heavy and I am unable to move forward on my path. 
The stone becomes a weight and the chain is no longer held tight around my wrist. I placed it there, so I can easily take it off, but I do not recognize this because I am too busy looking forward and wondering why I am not moving. Movement is such a positive thing and can benefit me greatly. I cry in pain, but there is nothing hurting me. I sit there and shake my fists in the dark of night, but there is nothing holding me back. I can see that home is just a few steps away, but what shall I do with this thing called Burden, that I am tied to. 
People walk by and ask "May we help?". 
I turn to them and state "No thank you. It is my stone, so I must carry it to my home. This stone is what keeps me safe. It doesn't do really much of anything, but sit there and stop me from moving, but Source would not have brought it into my life if it didn't mean something". 

Now here is where you are thinking that I should know better. Source did not bring that boulder into my life, just as Source did not put the chain on my hands. Source simply created what was desired at that time. A touchstone to understand where my path was going. A simple object to carry with me that I chose to name my safe guard. I do know better, but sometimes the things we are so fearful to let go of, are things that hold us down. Ah yes! 
This all makes sense. I did not know where this was going to go, but if I write with great intention, it all comes full circle. 

What is keeping you from reaching your home? Remember that you are not alone on this journey. There are others that are taking the same steps as you, but in different shoes, with different outcomes, in different time zones. When you realize that we are all connected, the choice to have a touchstone, will seem like a thing of the past. 

Blessed Be. 

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