Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/3/2012: Celebration and The Teacher

10/3/2012 Wednesday:

Dear Brittany,

The morning is still dark. Dark as the cave that some people are still in at this time in their life. The cave is the representation of our inner being. One tends to get lost within the cave, thinking that their spirit lives deep within. The funny thing about the cave is that there is no end. It simply keeps on going. You can take so many twists and turns that you would get dizzy in the process.

The cards speak of Love. Then again the energy is always about love, but this is about how much compassion you show towards others, and how you use the Love that is around you.
Did you know that compassion is the highest form of Love?

Sometimes, within this life, we have to venture deep into our inner sanctum in order to find our spirit. This adventure can be pleasant or scary. We never know what it will turn out like, until we really think about what we have been doing and the turns we have been taking. There are times when you will make the same left turn at the same junction, and wonder why it looks familiar. Believe me, I have done this many of times. This is where we can get frustrated, but do not worry for in the end you find just what you are looking for.

You change from the person following a path, to the person making the path. You become the trail maker instead of being the follower. This is what today will be like. You will decide that the path you are walking on has been walked on by too many people, and in turn, you will venture out on your own. The path you wish to create will be of importance to you, and you alone. Remember that no one can walk your path Brittany. There are some who will follow along with you on the side of the road, but you alone must take the steps on this off beaten path.

I use to think of this journey as a mountain. I would climb and climb and climb. There would be times when others would want to join me on this climb and would accompany me, side by side, to the top. Then they would decide that it was too high and would want to rest for a while. I would have to keep on going, for I knew that something wonderful was at the end.
Then there are others who I could see at a distance, climbing at the same pace and with the same velocity, but would only wave at me in acknowledgment. When the end was reached and I would stand at the top of the mountain, I noticed that the clouds would clear and what seemed like the top turned out only to be a small cliff to rest at. The mountain would extend even farther upward, and my journey would begin again.

This is what the cards speak about. The moment you notice that the clouds have cleared and that your journey is not over yet. Now climb....

Blessed Be.

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