Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/4/2012: Patience and Cycles

10/4/2012 Thursday:

Dear Brittany, 

I see that you have returned home. Home is where the heart is. Have you found your heart within the deep catacombs of your soul yet?

It can be hard at times to muster up enough strength to return to the past. To return to something that can sometimes make you feel restricted. I have been there before. The painting is not always as beautiful to some, than to others. A Picture can be worth a thousand words, but the words can also be "Fucking Awful" and "Piece of Shit". 
Do not worry. I have seen the face of love and light, but still cursed it with great intent, because I was afraid of what it would bring. 

Today the energy is about healing, the arts, and balance. We move in cycles and in the turning of the process, we can stumble with great force. Do not worry. There are spirits around us all the time that will cheer for our great come back. The only action on your part, is to stand up, dust yourself off, and keep on moving. Most people will sit on the floor and cry over how they got a scratch on their knee and call out for medics. They want a crutch to lean on. Really?!
Do you know how many times I have fallen on this journey? A lot!
I use to stumble all the time in the very beginning, but it was due to my own Ego. I let myself trip, because at some point on my journey Source advised me to tie my shoe that was unlaced. 
I just nodded and in the famous words of Brian Calvin, I stated, "I know", and kept on walking. Now who's fault was it, that I tripped and scraped my knee?
It was my own fault. 
You must pay attention to the signs around you. Yes, we enter our life in cycles. We move into a time of darkness, where we have to find the light within us to shine, and also into a time of Great Light, that can blind our soul's eyes and cause us to think that we are untouchable. 
Oops we fall again. 
The cycle may not stop, but we can soften the fall and stumble. We can simply glide down to the ground, lay there for a moment to gather our thoughts, and keep on moving with an even greater Force and Intent. 

I do want to mention one thing Britt. What ever you decide to do within this life, give it all you got, and if you make a mistake then learn from it and move on. Remember the light is always on and even though you may not see the candle burning in the window for your safe return, it is still there. Just look for it in the darkest of night, and you will see it glimmer in the distance. 

Blessed Be. 

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