Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/6/2012: Victory and Patience

10/5/2012 Saturday:

Dear Brittany, 

In this life, we all take on forms and states of action that can sometimes kill the flame that burns within us. We dive head first in the wrong direction, trying to stop mid fall, kicking and screaming for time to stop. 
Then there are times when we are clear and full of energy. Power is our middle name and we move forward with great intent. 

The energy is about the power we contain within us and how we use it. Though we may see nothing taking place within this world, we still move forward with great intent. We need to rest and relax. To come to the center of life, and our spirit, to find out that we are wonderful and bright. To shine once more within the dark of night. 

Do you ever notice that when you ask for help, it comes in a different form and shape?
When you look around for the knight in shinning armor to arrive, you get a toad on the back of an ass. 
What to do with all of this unwanted material wealth. Funny how we hold on to things that have no worth within our life. We hold on so tight that it leaves marks on our hands. An imprint of something so awful. Do you need it?
Nope. Eventually it goes away. The item does not leave a scar. It should. For, if we can not remember, then we will make the same mistake again and again. We will pick up the same item that caused us harm from before and grip on to it with great force. 

The Hanged man talks about a time of Faith. It sometimes state that we need to have patience and understand that all things happen for a reason. If we do not see anything happen within our life, it is because there is so much going on behind the scenes. So what are you worried about?
If you and I know that everything will take place and it will be good. Why do we sit and worry with beads of sweat running down our brow?
I think it is our human part, trying to warn us that something is going to take place, but it does not know what. 
It can not comprehend what our spirit already knows. That we are victorious. 

Blessed Be. 

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