Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/7/2012: Two Paths and Transformation

10/7/2012 Sunday:

Dear Brittany and Nicole,

The choices you are faced with everyday are choices that come and go. You lather, rinse, and repeat. The decisions and choices are recycled within our life. We leave one path to venture out on another. We think it will be different. That this choice will surely give me a new answer, but it will not. The outcome will be the same....always good.

Did you catch that?
Yes, my respone would catch anyone off guard, if they only thought that every wrong turn would lead to certain disaster.
I will associate disaster with Death. It is only transformation masked by all the sludge and gook that life gives us, or rather that we decide to take on.
We do decide what is within our environment. Did you know that?
Everything that is within our environment is co created by us. We bring it into our existence, and when nothing is going right, I always advise, to change it. You have the power to bring negative things into your life, as well as you have the power to bring positive things into your life. So bring on the positive. When a storm...wink all around you, think of it as a path of transformation. The storm is not a bad thing, it is merely reflecting the change that is within you. When I returned from Washington, while it was snowing, I was determined to make it back to California. Not out of fear, nor to run back to something that was familiar, but to simply make it to my destination. I did not care about the outcome. I only knew that there was a path I had to walk and it was scary as hell. The snow fell hard and when you have a car with no chains on, the hill you are descending on, covered in snow, can cause you to slip and slide right off the beaten path. I was sure that everything was okay. I followed other cars and was moving at a slow pace, but I returned to something known in one piece. Was I afraid?
Of course I was, but I knew that something wonderful was to come out of all of this. I didn't care if I lived or died as long as I was moving. All I could do was try.
In the end I arrived at my destination and now I am stronger. I am love. I am peace. Even in the darkest storm, I know that I am walking within the light. It is never really gone. It is all around. Now it is time to recognize this light within you, and keep on moving.

Blessed Be.

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