Monday, October 8, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/8/2012: Abundance and Healing

10/8/2012 Monday:

Dear Brittany, 

A Monday can sometimes seem like a downer. You wake up and start the week all over again. Well, it can seem that way when you work all week and have two days to play catch up. 

The cards speak of an abundance of healing and balance. Hmmmm....

As I sit here an think about what the cards might be speaking of, I can only focus on one thing. The fact that they are such different cards. They are telling me story. The story would be about how sometimes what you want is exactly what you need. So the abundance part is the birth of a great idea, and the temperance part is the coming together of energies. 
The card sits in the "Turtle" position. This is about Earth and the basis of the question. 
What was my question?
To understand the nature of the energy. 
What is the energy speaking of within this position?

We are all just channels on a T.V. set. Source is flipping through all of them and at times it visits the station that we are on. 
The Empress is the Goddess at work. Female energy. Creation. 
It is not the start of the process, but the finalization of it. 
If you are looking for safety, then today will be about shelter. Maybe more than you can handle. This is a good thing. You get to pick and choose. 
If you are looking for love, then today will contain that love. So much love, that you will have to let go of the old memories that cause you pain. 

I think this one will be short and sweet. This entry will be simply about getting what is needed and how it will come in such a wave of greatness, that you will have to notice only the good within your life. This is a day that will leave you stating "What a perfect day this has been". 

Blessed Be. 

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