Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/8/2012: Faith and Temptation

11/8/2012 Thursday:

Sometimes a little Faith can go a long way, but you have to remember where you placed it. We can hide Faith in a small box under lock and key, but in the process of moving, it can get lost. Maybe you can wear it around your neck, in order to inspire and be kept to the heart, but what if the chain breaks?

You can not put your Faith in items that are of material nature, for they can be lost within a fire when you least expect it. Faith is contained within the heart. It can be pulled out and played in any hand, kinda like a joker, and used to your advantage. Today, speaks about the Faith we will need to be able to enjoy and say yes, or be firm and say no, to things that are within our environment.

I have to apply this to what I own at this moment. I am getting ready for a great move and frankly I wish to just give it all away. I ask myself all the time "Have you used this within this year?" or "What if there was a fire and you had to pick only a few things, what would you grab?"

We certainly can not take everything with us and even words written down in a journal has no real value in the end of it all. You carry what you love. I love my Tarot and I love to read, but maybe I do not need so many books. I packed what I love and will carry with me what I use on a constant basis. The rest can be replaced. The rest can be re-purchased at a later time. I must make this journey with no regrets or items that will bog me down with the past. The Ego can work in many fashions and this may just be one of them. Memories are much heavier than you think.

Blessed Be.

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