Friday, November 9, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/9/2012: Wisdom and Disruption

11/9/2012 Friday:

When we are set on a course of action, the waves may be choppy, the road my be bumpy, the light may go dim, but we still head into the unknown with great knowledge.

As Brian and I were driving into work today, I started to talk about what the cards could be speaking of today. I spoke about the Hierophant and what the card could mean. I thought about how the card is related to the material side of this world. Tradition and what that embodies. The thought of the Hermit being associated with spiritual things and also Universal Laws came to mind, and then I started to associate the Hierophant with people of Science, the laws of this reality and what they entail. A spell book is written words of an experience with energy and how it is manifested into this reality.

Today will be about that wisdom and how it will affect us today. The Tower is the hidden message card and this is about disruption. Wisdom can sometimes advise us to keep walking North on our path, when all other signs on the road are telling us to go South. Something inside of us is telling us to head in a different direction and to walk on a different path, than what others are walking on, and to experience something new.

Be careful not to get too involved with things of this world, for destruction eliminates anything within your path that is not needed. Even if you think it will be used on your journey, sometimes the Divine will supply you with a new, if not better, tool along your journey. The real test is about how much Faith and Wisdom you have within, in order to pick up the pieces left behind from your small tower that you have built, that the Divine has just struck down with lightening.

Believe me, you will find things that you have not seen in so many years. Things that will bring back good and bad memories, but the funny thing is that you never really needed it in order to live. You have been breathing this whole time without it, locked away in the closet, waiting to be recognized again.

What if you gave it all away? Would you still exist?
Of course you would. In the end you would find out what is really needed and what is holding you back. We entered into this world naked, we can keep on living being naked, and we will move forward in spirit naked. So why are you holding onto all of that junk? If you let go, you may just find out why all the doors have been locked. You may just find out that you had too much stuff to carry over into the next phase of your life, and now that it is gone, you can move forward with great opportunity.
Or you could still hold on to the same old stuff and stay in one place.
The choice is yours...

Blessed Be.

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