Monday, December 10, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/10/2012: Destiny and Solitude

12/10/2012 Monday:

Why do we go through the motions?
Starting the week over with what has been done the week before. We wake up, make the bed, get ready, eat breakfast, and go to work. In the evening we make up for lost time and fall asleep. What happens when we get a wrench thrown into the system of things?

Well we fall apart. At least I think we fall apart. I know that when a wrench get thrown into my system, I sometimes have to break down, blow up, and then move past the destruction that was created. We are never really broken. Source can fix us, but sometimes we do not want to be fixed. We want to carry the sign around that states "I am broken, now have pity for me".

Sometimes we wish to complain about how bad it is. What if the tools and the answer was inside of our spirit? Would you use them.
We must all travel the path on our own. One by one, marching to the beat of our own kind of music.

The soundtrack to my life, at this moment, would be a smooth build up to the climax of the movie. The part where all things seem lost, and the main character is struggling to push through to the other side. Actually it would be the background music that is played when an arch Nemesis is fighting the hero. The last blow is about to be made and the fight would be over, leaving the hero at death's door, but it picks up and he makes one last stand. A stand of victory and strength.

The battle needed to happen and the hero had to do it on his own, for he would not have understood just how strong he was to begin with. Evil is simply our shadow side trying to take over.

What part are you allowing to take over? Light or shadow?

In the end you find out just how strong you are. You eventually recognize the soundtrack to your life and figure out just when the fight should take a turn for the better.

Blessed Be.

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