Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/12/2012: Solitude and Justice

12/12/2012 Wednesday:

Karmic law states that "what you put out, you get back times three". What if you put loneliness and absence on that list. Would you be three times more alone than ever?

Good grief....

Sometimes in my life I have to step inside my safe zone, to think, and really stop myself from blowing up. Meaning that I have to bite my tongue for about five minutes and think about how I am going to handle the situation that is put in front of me.

I always state to my friends that when I am working through an issue, I require five minutes to myself in order to work through the bad feelings that have been produced. I do not want to take it out on them, for it is not their fault. They state that they understand and really they try, in effort, to abide by this law. This statement. In the end it lets me deal with my shit, so that I do not project it onto them. What a wonderful concept. To not project your bad day on someone else. Who are you projecting your bad day on?

Tell you what, I will make you a deal. You start projecting your great day on someone and I will do the same. Go and shove your great day in their nose and see what happens. Tell me if it does not rub off on them. It may not happen at that very moment, it may not happen that day, but eventually they will do the same to others. For as I always say; Monkey see, monkey do, or rather in this case; Being of light see, being of light do.

Blessed Be.

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