Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/13/2012: Patience and Faith

12/13/2012 Thursday:

Patience can mean many things to a lot of people, but the real meaning lies within you. How long do you think you have to wait for something to be manifested into your existence?

A day? A month? A year? A second?

My spirit guide advises me that there is no time within the mind of Source. That everything happens and it happens for a great and wonderful reason. I do not think that it waits in the background and looks at it's spiritual watch, counting down the seconds. Well, at least I do not think this happens.

So, believe that it is already here. State to Source "I am ready! I am ready for all that is to take place today, to take place!"

I think that Source smiles when you say this. It jumps for joy and at times runs around in a tizzy, surprised that a wonderful being of light who has been struggling, finally lets go....

Source always provides for us. It supplies us with our needs, not our wants. Sometimes we need to wait, in order to be ready and willing to move forward. Sometimes we need chaos in our life, in order to be ready for the great battle at the end. The great battle called Transformation.

Think back to one of my entries, where I give an example of the Caterpillar and how it too must struggle in order to become what is was destined to be.....beautiful and great.

Sometimes the wait is well worth it, for you find out the "why" of all the struggle. You find out who you really are...a beautiful creature set out on a wonderful journey.

Now, in dealing with a personal subject, Brian Calvin....

Yes I am talking to you specifically. Sometimes there is struggle. Sometimes we must feel pain. Sometimes the road seems very long. What you have to understand is I have walked a road similar to the one you are walking. You must keep on going. You must soak your feet in the water, dig your toes in the sand, feel the gunk at the bottom, breathe in exhaust fumes, feel the rain, know the sun, understand what the Raven is telling you. If you choose to rest, then know that Source will kick you in the butt, when you need to get going again. Water is never good for you if it is stagnant. The tools you carry with you may be simple: a walking stick, a dagger, a chalice, and a crystal. But they are there for a reason. The elements are in your favor right now. You know how to work magick, now work it. Create that spell. Write it down. Burn the paper. Let it go. Move forward with the thought that you are recognizing the good in your life.

Blessed Be.

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