Friday, December 14, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/14/2012: Deception and Transformation

12/14/2012 Friday:

What can a lie produce?

Well, have you ever really looked at a lie through a telescope? I have. It contains little spots and speckles that float around within the cell of a lie. It squirms and wiggles with glee, when it is noticed. To be noticed. 

Sometimes lies are formed and scheduled by those around us, because they wish to be noticed. It is a great feeling to be noticed by someone else. What if the lie that was told to you, or the lie that you have told, was not really a lie, but a reflection of how we perceive things. Would your perception be a lie as well? Yes it would. 

Sometimes we need to hear a lie. Listen to its cry and understand that even a lie can contain Truth within it. Transformation would not happen if there was some sort of lie set within your environment. How would you know what Truth is, without the statement of a lie. Deception simply means that there is illusion within your Third Eye. You are seeing exactly what you want to see. If you think the person is not telling the truth, then they are not telling the truth. Do not let your Faith waiver. 
Keep on moving, for a lie is sometimes associated to the small misfits that hide in shadows. They wait for a being of light to walk by, so that they can latch on and feed of your energy. Deception is only short lived. You can only tell a lie so many times, before someone finds out what really happened. 

I turn to my spirit guide for clarification.....Did you know that people lie about many small things within their life, because if someone found out then the attention would be placed on them. The spotlight would shine bright on the person who spoke the lie, and they would receive some sort of attention, even if it was negative. They get what they want. Is this what you want? 
To only be noticed for doing something wrong?

Sometimes we are told lies by the Ego in order to make us stop moving. What if everything within your environment was a lie? Would you still choose to exist within it?
Some people do. They live within their life everyday and wish to not change. 

Why am I telling you this? Well, I would like to advise you that where there is a lie, there is also Truth. Look deep within the forest of lies and you will find it. Hidden underneath the biggest boulder in the forest. 
Why is it hidden under a boulder?
It was put there by the person who developed the forest of lies. Why would they want you to find it? 

No matter what happens within your life, you are the path maker. You choose what forest to enter and which ones you wish to walk past. You create the outcome. No one can lie to you and make you believe it. You must understand that it is just a form of words, placed in a common order, and set before you to decipher. So, look past the lie, decipher the damn thing, and get on with your journey!

Blessed Be. 

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