Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/18/2012: Grief and Hope

12/18/2012 Tuesday:

When we begin to cry and have grief for something that causes us to change, we begin to complain about how things should have happened. Have you ever noticed how this is a form of distraction, in order to stop us from focusing on the timing of that great expectation?

What if you needed this time of complaining and sorrow, so that you could put your attention on something so insignificant? Then your great expectation could be manifested into existence. What if the great expectation was the distraction?

Where would you be then? In the same spot as before, just a little bit wiser. When I am faced with change, I am afraid in the beginning, but I soon discover that acceptance of that change is much easier than denying it. When you deny that change, you leave yourself open for negativity to come in and cause the energy to stay stagnant. To not move. To be pushed against.

Have you ever resisted a good thing in your life because you thought you were not worthy? We do it everyday with love, friends, and work. We hope for the best, but also hope for the worse, because it is so much easier to expect the bad, more than the good. It is hard my friends to know that we are worthy of everything that is in our environment. We are worthy of great love, not just the kind of love that hangs out on the street corner, waiting to be picked up so that it can survive within a world filled with light. We are worthy of a great job, not just some job that causes us to stress and have regret. We are worthy of a great experience, not the kind that sits on the side of the road advising us that this is the only experience left to have, a simple one.

Go out today and cause hope to change into faith. How do you do that?
By knowing, not expecting, the best from every step you take.

Blessed Be.

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