Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/4/2012: Ending of Cycles and Faith

12/4/2012 Tuesday:

Sometimes when we come to the end of a cycle, we are afraid of what may happen next, and in turn we stop the energy from flowing. The energy gets stuck and eventually sputters out, leaving you asking the question "What happened?"

The end is only the beginning. Your journey is not really over. You have to keep on moving. What if I would have stopped mid way in my life? 
Well, I would still be in Ventura, asking for change to happen. Sometimes you have to accept what is being given to you at this very moment, even if it does not make sense. We can all complain about the package that our gift has come in, but really it is the item inside that counts.

If everything comes to an end, and I mean everything does have to transform into something new, then accept it. Move forward and be. Exist within your life with great intent.

The energy must flow in order for the change you desire to take place. It can happen by one simply allowing everything to take place. You must not ask "why" anymore. You must state "I accept it" and move on. This is where you are allowing Source to take over and lead you to your new destination.

Blessed Be.

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