Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.24.13: Slow and Steady

Sunday 3.24.13:

To learn how to travel at the speed of love, and then be advised that one must wait, in order to reach your destination, can be very frustrating. 
One can travel so fast that it seems they are not moving, and when the complete stop happens, it takes a few seconds to adjust to the love that is around them. 

Slow and steady sits in the position of the Bee, which is about compassion and forgiveness, and it states to me that one must learn to forgive the past, in order to move forward. The lesson that must be learned, is that, there are always hats that we must take on in our life, and we also must learn to forgive our former self, or rather, the hat that we are giving up. To place something within your closet, can lead you to forget about it, allowing you to move forward to other hats. The High Priestess must step down from her thrown, eventually, and be reborn as the novice. The hat is never really gone but it can be forgotten. 

The spells and prayers we state to Source, can seem like just a whisper, that might not have the strength to make the journey. 

The hidden energy card is the Devil. Slow and Steady can sometimes be just what is needed. In order to get from point A to B, you have to take that first step, to get you started on your journey. You can not just think about it. Sometimes we have to move past our Ego based thoughts and step into the light. 

Our Ego can be like the fog that clouds our vision, when driving, and can cause us to be so afraid to keep going on our journey. One can get lost within the forest, if they allow Ego to take control. 

The sister card is Ride the Wave. The lessons go together. If you allow things to take place, such as the wave, then you also must allow the pace to be set. The energy is teaching us to have Faith. I think that Source is always teaching us that lesson. Sometimes we have to wait for good things to happen, because we are not ready for it. Appreciation for the item would diminish if it was received with the thought of Ego. One would become selfish and want things done in their own time at their own rate. That is why there must be work put into the acts of Faith. 

When the hard work is over, then a person can understand just how much is put into creating an act of Faith. Be ready to carry your faith into next week, for we are going to be receiving many signs along the road, and you will need all the Faith you can gather up. 

Blessed Be. 

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