Monday, March 25, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.25.13: The Bone Collector

Monday 3.25.13:

The items, totems, and elements of the past are coming back to haunt us. What has happened before, will surely take place in the future. So, what lessons have we learned recently?

Take our time and have a little Faith. We put on hats of a different nature every day, and in turn put some away, that are not needed at this time.

Moving into this week, we find that memories will be of our greatest concern. What have we gone through, what lesson have we learned, and what does the memory mean, when you dream of spirits from your past?

I had a dream last night, regarding an old friend from High School. We were playing Hide and Go Seek in a large house. I was hiding but with only my underwear on, Oh Lord!
He found me and in turn there were other people arriving at his house. I did not have time to gather my clothes and I had to run out the door with just my underwear on. We met outside and started to talk. I believe we ditched High School that day. I was embarrassed that I only had my underwear on, but it did not seem to matter to anyone else.

What does the dream mean?
I could be dealing with a sense of being exposed. I actually woke up thinking about the element of being exposed.
It is only scary to know the truth if you do not want it to be in the light.

The Bone Collector is setting the mood for the rest of the week, within the "time-frame spread".
She is the keeper of memories. She is the person you meet, when you first set out on your journey. She is the collector of dreams.

The Tower is the hidden energy card. Destruction set forth by Source, rather then a human. This is nature on a rampage. 

Do you think the Bone Collector is afraid of what may come? Destruction to her is simply the end that leads to a new beginning. She sits within the storm and understands that only good can come from natural destruction. 

There are times within my life, when destruction was the catalyst, that pushed my spirit through to the other side. The Bone Collector can also purge us of all the sludge that has built up around our Aura. We are on a new journey, still brown bagging our drama around, while we are wondering why we can not get rid of who we have been. The past lingers within your mind, and if it is not brought out into the light, then it will hide within the dark corners of who we are, exposing itself around every corner. Kind of like when you are running from someone or something, and no matter how many twists and turns you take, that something or someone is standing in front of you when you turn that corner. 

So, bring it into the light. Expose the bone (memory) for what it truly is, a bone. It is part of your being, your body, and your past. What we humans tend to forget, is that, an item only has power over your spirit, if you allow it. Your past is the past. No one really looks at it, unless you are ashamed of it. If you embrace it and state "So what! I did it. Now I am living in the present, and you should too!"
They have no response to that statement, unless they are really negative in thought and make a quick judgement, but who wins?
You do of course, for you exposed that which was holding you down. Now you are free! Free to make a decision based off of clarity and love. 

Blessed Be. 

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