Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.26.13: Goblins

Tuesday 3.26.13:

Three sources of information. One is considered negative and the other two are positive.

Do you think if a Goblin does one thing right, in their lifetime, then they are instantly turned into something good? Kind of like Pinocchio?

Turned into a real boy or girl? Maybe we need this kind of magic in our life. Sometimes I feel like a wooden boy, who is trying to do as much good as possible, in order to become real.

Goblins are simply telling us that our Ego is getting in our way. The wall is being built. Built into our hearts, and until we create a simple trap to collect them, they can influence our state of existence.

I think that Goblins are created to steal what small amount of hope we carry in our pockets.

I turn to my spirit guide.
She speaks, "Goblins reside within us, not outside of us. When they cause destruction within our life, it is a reflection of that which is happening within us. They have no power. This card sits in a small position within this spread and has only to state, that which needs to be brought into the light."

"Do not let them fool you. Goblins are tricksters that love to smash and demolish that good within your life. View them as a pest. View them as a teacher. This card is only meant to bring recognition."

We stroll through a lovely garden that has many Goblins within it. They do not come close, for when you glow with light, like my spirit guide does, then they hide within the flowers and brush.

I think that this week they are simply curious creatures that want to explore and see what happens when they perform an action. Goblins are not to be feared, but acknowledged, and then be asked to leave. How do you get rid of them, if they decide not to go away, after your first request?

Then shed some light on them. Fill the whole damn place up with light and watch them scramble. Kind of like a raid commercial.

Some Goblins are huge!
And in turn we have to remove them one by one. The monster must be handled in a different manner, by ignoring it completely, countering the energy it produces, and making sure to keep on moving. They are slow in manner and have to hide within the shadow. So, stay in the light. Let the energy of Source guide you through the forest. Most Goblins will leave you alone. There are some that will go against the laws of nature, trying to distract you, even if you are sitting in the center of that wonderful light. They will throw rocks and boulders your way, hoping to knock you into the shadows, so that they can have control over your thoughts.

How do you handle this kind of Goblin?
Simple. Tell yourself to shut up! This Goblin is always around. This is the shadow part of who we are, and in turn we need to stop our shadow self, from destroying everything in sight.

Then again you could let it destroy everything, and in turn, advise the Goblin, that even through the strongest storm, you still exist. The light still shimmers and shines. It burns, even in the coldest rain, sleet, and snow. Your light still glows. My light still glows. Our light glows. Even as I write this, something is burning inside of me, wanting to be created. The thought of what is desired. The thought of what is needed.

Be careful who you tell your secrets to, for they may be a goblin in disguise. Understand that you make your path of greatness. They can only have influence. State to them that this is what you wish to create, and they have two options; to either aid you or get out of the way. 

Blessed Be. 

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