Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.27.13: Field of Dreams

Wednesday 3.27.13:

What we require with inspiration, we require as a whole. One wishes to simply create a state of bliss and happiness. One wishes to inspire and transmute, that which blocks our path of life and energy. 

The field may be wide and open, but someone can get lost within the dream. A dream is simple, small, bright, and creative. It contains symbols and emotions that we are not able to use, recognize, and state in the wake reality. 

What one hopes for, is the realization of the power of that dream. What are the details. A dream seems far away due to our thought process and our emotion. 

This card sits in the position of the Owl/Mystery/Secrets. 
The hidden energy card is The Moon. Psychic energy and an unknown pull from Source. Where are you called to travel to?
Who are you called to speak to?

Since everyone contains a gift, then that will leave some to tend to the dreams of others. What if you were the inspiration to the creation of a wonderful piece of art?
Well, you are....
Our life is the canvas and with every brush stroke, a creation of beauty and bliss is created. It is the artist that allows those around them to put what is needed on the canvas, that creates a masterpiece. 
Who will you allow to paint on your heart?

This is where things will come into the light...

I want to bring up a delicate subject within my life. When a being of the light decides to diminish their fire, the spirit within, then another being of light feels the pain of that person. A light bringer is created to bring in the light, so when another light bringer doubts their true nature, other light bringers feel it as well. It is kind of like a circle of wonderful, beautiful, giving people that go around and sprinkle love everywhere. They are fully connected. Some are the feet, the hands, the eyes, and the heart of the whole. When one part of the body is ill, then the whole feels incomplete. The puzzle is missing a piece. 

Maybe a foul smelling goblin came and took the piece away. Eventually the piece is returned and the whole is complete once more, but the whole must learn to function without certain parts, in order to understand how vital that one piece is. 

What am I speaking of, you ask?

As a mystic gets older, the people and places around them, start to make perfect sense. The trials and tribulations that others go through are milestones. The true test within this world is to live in it. Some want to check out early, damage the beautiful creature within them because they feel unworthy, and cause destruction  on the outside, because they are not happy with the destruction on the inside. 

How does a Mystic deal with this form of action and misplacement?
The Mystic keeps on existing. They must pick up the slack and burn brighter than before. If we are to feel sorry for that person, or give up on them, then we might as well hold their hand and dance to the beat of their pity drum. 
Or the Mystic can learn to project positive energy towards that person and let Source take over. 
Take over the whole damn thing. Give all the issues, problems, and worry over to Source and let it be cleansed. 

Cleansed of what has happened. What will take place. What is in the past. 
Now it makes sense. The Bone Collector is here to bring in the past. Remind us of what is there. The tools that are needed to move forward, to see progress, to exist within the light. She sets the mood. She is the outer limit of the Field of Dreams. She is the reality that pulls the dream into existence. 

Now use your light. Shine bright. Let the Universe experience your perfection. Let the parts become as One. Let us lift those in need to the light, to the Universe, to Source. 

Blessed Be. 

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