Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.4.13: A Surprise of Love

Saturday 5.4.13:

I always seem to forget that there are cards on the weekend. I forget because the weekends are meant to be spent with my love. We are in such a rush during the week, that when the weekend arrives, we are ready to get shit taken care of. 

Oh the wonderful world of a laundry mat. How it moves in a circular motion...wait a minute! It really does take on the form of the Wheel of Fortune. The washers turn in motion, dryers, and even the people go from one station to the other. The cycle begins and has an end. The wheel turns from one stage to the next. But I digress...

Today will contain a pure message of Love, that will come at an unexpected moment. The thing that should be remembered, is that you must accept it for all it is worth. Even if it may not look like something you want, the real surprise is the lesson that is left afterwards. 

Sometimes we forget that Love can enter into our life with great motion. Like a summer day, sitting with your friends, and receiving an unexpected phone call from someone you love. The mood just seems so perfect. The night will surely stay suspended in time. This is our inspiration to dream and take flight. All bets are off. The stress is forgotten. 

The hidden energy card is the Devil. The Ego. 

Do not let it hold you back from enjoying the great and wonderful time you are having. Think only of the moment. 

This entry may be short in length but is a reflection of what has happened. To let you know that Love enters into our life from every corner. It may come as a surprise but will be exactly what is needed. Love is always around you. Do you see it? Do you feel it? Do you notice it?

It is there. Making it self known. Coming at you from a path that you have not noticed. That you have not seen. Be prepared to be surprised. The smallest acts of kindness can change the world. Or so I have been told. 

Blessed Be. 

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