Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.5.13: A New Beginning

Sunday 5.5.13:

The card of the day is The Fool. The hidden energy card is the Tower. 

Sometimes the destruction of our life, can lead us to a new adventure, that benefit us in the end. Our destination is never out of sight. Just like Gandalf had to transform from the Grey to the White, he had to let go of everything from the previous journey. He was born anew. 

After dealing with our Ego yesterday, and moving into the next, we find that Forgiveness of that which has held us back, is needed. I am evolving. We are evolving. It is our choice on whether we are doing it for good or bad. Either choice will lead you to your Divine path. It will either be a struggle or a simple road, filled with obstacles, that are neither too big nor too small. 

When I think of the obstacles put in the path of a Mystic, I always imagine a woman, walking on the road of life, containing nothing more than the tools of a fool. Her clothes on her back, her companion (inner voice) at her side, and a walking stick. 

Through the eyes and heart of a child, she walks with great strength and wonder. Obstacles may be put on her path, but she learns that with great effort, there is always a solution. Sometimes we must be tested. Not that Source will ever test us, but will simply allow us to create the obstacles in our own life, and see just how strong we truly can be. You know that we can never create a destruction so great, that it eliminates our very existence. This is why people will tell you that God will never give you more than you can handle. Now our physical body is another subject. We shall leave that for another time and entry. 

We must learn to associate the Tarot cards, oracles, and forms of divination to our everyday life; in order to understand the signs and symbols that Source gives us. In order to be able to use the Tools that are supplied. 

Today is my first Tarot Meetup in Austin, Texas. I an not nervous, for I know that all information is beneficial to me, but I do have a little hesitation on what shall be brought out into the light. I also know that I do not have to take in anymore bullshit from other people, who are walking a path, that is different than mine. If they choose to do things in their own manner, and try to force others to do the same, stating that they are correct, then I have learned that it is time to move forward. I am not stating that this shall happen, but I must be prepared for all points of experience and accept them for their true nature. I know that things shall be wonderful and in turn will be a gathering of great minds and people. 

The energy shall be of good and we shall progress forward with great intent. I also have to understand that the Fool card is showing us the energy of open mind, open heart. 

What shall you bring to you new adventure?
What shall you be carrying?

At this point in time, I am bringing my tarot, a crystal, and the knowledge that Source supplies me with. Even if I draw a blank during a reading, I have to understand that Source does not always have to give information, if the person is not ready for it. In turn the cards can be closed and the book of life can be put on the shelf, waiting for the person to pick it up and write again. 

Blessed Be.  

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