Monday, May 6, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.6.13: The Warrior

Monday 5.6.13:

The card for today is the King of Wands. The Warrior. The hidden energy card is the Star. 

Sometimes our goals and dreams need to be achieved with a little strength. With a little bit of power. With a little bit of Force. 

The King of Wands, to me, can represent the Warrior energy in our life. A Cry of War must be made clear, when entering into the unknown, to make your positive presence known. 

A Light bringer can also be a warrior. No one said that we must sit there and take on other people's crap. We must stand up. Even if it is in a peaceful manner, we are a warrior at heart. 

Let it be known that this is a day of Force and Power. Understand that we are ready to go to battle for what we believe in. The real question is about whether or not the subject is worth fighting for. 

Sometimes you have to allow things to take place. Sometimes you have to let others create the rope that is needed to hang themselves with. You can see it taking place. You can even advise them of the subject but it is up to them to take the advice. 

A true warrior is ready for what ever comes their way. There may be a state of calmness on the outside, but a wonderful supply of energy is waiting on the inside. Waiting to be directed. Waiting to be used. 

The King of Wands will set the stage for the week. We will see this energy take hold and influence our life. We may be like the warrior and push forward with great intent, but we also have to think about what is worth fighting for. Sometimes even the act of letting the subject go and moving forward is a great and powerful blow to your opponent. 

Your opponent may not even see the powerful secret ten combo move that you have hidden in your bag of tricks. 

The warrior also understands that the real tactic to winning a  fight is allowing the opponent to think they are winning. Their guard will eventually be let down and they will think that they do  not have to try as hard, because they are winning. A true skilled warrior will never let his guard down. They do not know the meaning of winning or losing. They only know that this may be the last fight of their life and to give it 210% of their very existence. 

I use to go into the Arcades and play fighting games. I use to like to play against the computer, because it had only one intent; to win. It was not sneaky, the moves were basic and had a pattern to them. In the end if you returned to the same position with the same character, you could figure out how to beat them. 

Now when another person, who was better at the game, would join in, then things got complicated. They would use the same tactic of cat and mouse. Allowing me to think I was winning. In the end they would come out with this insane combo and I would be left with no quarters and defeated. Kinda like a pool shark. 

Now I know that the technique works. The big lesson I had to learn was to practice. Practice, practice, practice, until you know every move your character can perform. Sometimes we surprise our self. We move to a higher level and the trick becomes something more. It becomes part of our life. 

Who will you play cat and mouse with today? 

Are you going to let the rope be tied around their neck? 
Are you going to fight for something you really do not need to be fighting over? 

We all do this. We all take on the positive side of a warrior and also the shadow side of the warrior. 

The shadow side is not bad, but it can leave you burned at the edges. Warriors have this innate urge to rush into things head first, without thinking. The result can either be positive or negative. Even the most skilled warriors can fall prey to a trap. A trap set with pride. Be careful and understand that not every battle must be won, but planned. Plan your next move with grace and style. Plan your next combo with ease and effort. Know that the lesson is never over and you are constantly learning.
Learning how to simply exist within this reality. Learning how to shine.

Blessed Be. 

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