Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.7.13: Abundance

Tuesday 5.7.13: 

The card of the day is the Empress. The hidden energy card is the Moon. 

Our journey can be filled with dangerous situations. We learned, from the warrior, that there is a time to fight and a time to sit back and let things take place. The Moon speaks about that journey and the danger of it, but evolution must take a risk. In order to grow, you have to evolve, and take on a new shape and form. 

Sometimes we have to speak up and be heard. To give a battle cry to let others know that "I am not afraid. That I am here." 

This is not to start a war, but to bring truth to the situation, and allow wonderful and great things to transpire. Transformation must be given a chance to, well, transform. To take on a new shape and form.

The process may hurt. The process may seem scary. One thing is for sure, that we are constantly searching for great and wonderful ways to exist. To shine within the dark. To be the great "I AM". 

Did you know that when we find dis-comfort and dis-ease, our spirit and body, is advising us that something is wrong. We are not within alignment with our Divine Plan. When we are faced with the ability to state something into existence, we must first understand if it is coming from a state of Ego or from Spirit. 

Source will never lead us down a path of danger. Abundance is around every corner. The Empress, will approach everything with the intent to create good. To create the best product, fruit, or tool that is needed. We reap what we sow. I do not wish to reap in confusion and a stagnant state of being. 

I always ask my clients, "What happens to water when it sits for a long time and is not moving? It becomes stagnant. It produces nothing good, but the Bog of Eternal Stench". (Labyrinth reference...)

The water must keep running, must keep moving. We are beings of light that are constantly wanting to evolve. To be better. To be of light. 
The Empress states to me that everything must have a time of Birth. A new idea must be born into reality. The pain may be harsh, but we move through it. The cycle must take place. 

I never related the Warrior to a mother giving birth, but something has just clicked in my mind, that giving birth is the greatest battle that takes place in our physical world. The Goddess within every mother, and person, must come through. Divine must take hold and produce. The Birthing experience is out of our hands. It may only take a minute, a day, a year, but one thing is for certain; you will have to go through it. 

Breathe. That is the true technique. When your Ego wants to step in, breathe. When your spirit takes over, breathe. When the battle begins....breathe. This will ease the pain and allow you to give birth to that wonderful idea...that wonderful dream...called Life. 

Blessed Be.   

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