Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.11.13: Speaking of Wisdom

Tuesday 6.11.13:

The Truth can hurt. Have you ever walked around and pointed out the obvious? 
I do it all the time. Some will look at me, as if I am crazy, and then state that my words did not need to be spoken. This can sometimes make a Mystic feel small. I know that I am only speaking of what is known. People do not like the Truth to be revealed. 

The card of the day is the Throat Chakra. The hidden energy card is the Hierophant. The card sits in the position of Stairs = Duration and timing. 

Let me get this statement out before I begin delving into this entry.

"When life gives you Crap, plant a garden."

So many times people speak of Bullshit. Just oozing out of their mouth and falling to the floor. Wonder what that would look like. Brown stains on their mouth from all the doodoo they are producing. Ewwwww!

Today is about speaking clearly. Speaking about positive things within your life. Planting a garden and using the fertilizer, produced by others, to help your garden grow. An abundance of fertilizer! 

Wisdom must be placed in every corner of your house. Foundation is worthless without wisdom and truth. Let us take this all from the perspective of a person who is trying to get rid of labels within their life. Notice how their intention is to eliminate. What if you are trying to eliminate something and focus only on that certain thought. No where, is that person, working on producing positive change. What do you think would be better? A person producing positive energy or producing negative energy, by focusing on that which needs to be eliminated?

Did you know that Source manifests what we think of. Source does not state, "Oh this person is trying to get rid of this thing in their life, so let me read between the lines and produce what is really needed, change for the better..."
Doubt that is what Source is doing. 
It is up to us to speak of what is desired. The outcome. What will happen when we eliminate that certain item. Well, you will be happy! Right?!
Then focus on the Happy part. Focus on that which you really want. The elimination of the negative will take place within the process. That is if you do not pay attention to it. 

I am not stating that you be ignorant and state, "Well if I do not look at it, but state that it is still there, and ignore it, but know that it is still there, then surely it will be taken away"


You have to speak of that which is bountiful in your life right now. State that the answer is there, right in front of you. State that you are happy and joyful. That all things are wonderful and that you will move forward. 
Speak the words of wisdom. Follow that negative statement with a positive statement. Cancel it out! Fill it with so much love and release it into the Universe. 

The timing is all up to you. Change is happening all around us. The stairs we climb can be billions or it can be one. The choice is always yours. 

Blessed Be. 

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