Monday, June 3, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.3.13: Looking past our Ego

Monday 6.3.13:

The card of the day is the Eight of Cups. The hidden energy card is the The Devil. 
The card sits in the position of High Council = evolution, information, and potential. 

Today is the day to look past our Ego. It stands in our way like a gloom shadow, that distorts and manipulates our environment. It speaks only of "can not" rather than "can do". 

It twists the perception of our outcome. 

Do you know what stops the cycle of non movement?
A song. 

A symphony of music that plays to the heartbeat of the Universe. Have you heard it? 

Everything from the Earth is part of this Symphony. An instrument that creates a melody, a tune. It breaks through the illusion that there is only destruction and pain. 

What is your song? 

If life was a musical, what would you be singing about?

Sometimes the light needs to shine within you, in order for it to shine bright on the outside. That is our song. We move to the beat of love. It propels us further and brings our tribe together. 

Everything must move to the beat of the Universe. EVERTHING!

Even the meanest person alive must move to the note of love. The thought of existence. The thought of moving forward. They only give in to the negative aspect of nature. 

Everything has a counterpart. 

Love moves the melody along and we follow with great intent. Hope that we will be part of the second act. Hope that our song of intent is heard by those around. 

My song is filled with love for all.
"Let the prayers of others be answered first, for I have more than enough."

Sometimes we search for the answer across the sea. Sometimes we search for the answer across the world. One thing is for sure; we find it within our spirit, hidden in the farthest corner, and we become enlightened. Ignited with passion to create. We move forward with our studies and become whole. Become complete. 

The High Council is speaking to us. They are advising us to seek Truth. Seek Love. Seek our own beautiful self. 
Everything else will follow. Everything else will fall into place. It always does. Sometimes we must take the long way around, in order to understand that we are strong.
Strong enough to be who we truly are. 

We should start our journey with that simple statement. 
"I am perfect in every way". 
This will knock us into place. Within alignment of our Divine Plan. This will allow the energy to flow.
It will allow us to drift and harmonize with the heartbeat of the Universe. 

Blessed Be. 

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