Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.4.13: Prosperity Begins

Tuesday 6.4.13:

The card of the day is the Ace of Coins. The hidden energy card is the Tower. The position, the card sits in, is Fairies = enchantment, playtime, and environment. 

What does money mean to you?

Does it control your every thought and action?

Are you willing to have none or to have a lot? 

Are you driven by the ambition to have more than everyone else? 

Did you know that, at this very moment, you have all that you need. The money is there. It sits behind the curtain of the stage. You are setting the props up. Why not place a big pile of cash in the middle of the stage and call the show "Abundance: a form of prosperity". 

Do you think people would show up and watch it? 

Of course!

With every transaction you perform, with your money, you create a thought. Either you think that you are losing money or that you will gain money. 

Money is energy. It leaves our hands and moves out into the Universe. Eventually, without thought, it comes back to us in small trickles or abundant streams. A waterfall of cash. 

Money can also be the shackle that keeps us tied to the ground. It can stop our spirit from floating free in the sky above. 
Money can keep us locked into the shadow of a job that we do not like. Money can keep us in debt. 

A simple exercise to release that energy of "lack of" is to take your bills, place your hands on them, and state, "Source will provide me the means to take care of these bills". 
This act will allow the energy to flow. Now, do not think that Source will allow you to live a life style of debt. Source will provide the means to live debt free, but you also must change the way we look at money, and how you spend it. 

Next time you are out and wanting to spend money on something, ask yourself "do I really need it". 

You will either change your view about spending or Source will do it for you. The Tower will eventually fall and everything inside, that is not needed, will be destroyed. 

The tides are changing. Once you come to the realization that money has  no control over your happiness, then things will start to work out in your favor. Once you realize that you do not need to stay unhappy at a certain job, then the worry about losing your job will disappear. Work will be work. You can do anything that you want and be taken care of to the fullest, if you trust Source, and know that when you work in harmony with the energy around you, prosperity and abundance will come knocking at your door. Trust me, sometimes we have to leap without thought of what the outcome could be, in order to understand that only good can happen. 

Even if you were to spend your money on things not needed, you can view it in a different way, by  stating "more will come to me". 
By asking the question "do I need this?" will get you thinking. That is the greatest lesson. To think before you act. 
Is this within alignment of my Divine plan?

There are times when we hold onto money, even though we have more than enough, and try not to spend. Being to frugal can also block energy and movement. If you have it, then use it. Give it away with the intent that there is more than enough. Help those you love. Give to those who you feel really need it. Invest in your self. Today is the day of Prosperity. Create and understand that everything is energy. Money is energy. You are energy. Give, Give, Give in order to Receive, Receive, Receive!

Understand that you can not sit and wait for it to come into your life. You have to keep moving. Simply know that if you are walking in the light, then all things will be taken care of. It may not look exactly how you would like it to be, but it will be what is needed. 

Blessed Be. 

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