Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.8.13: The A-ha Moment

Saturday 6.8.13:

The card of the day is Authority or the Emperor. The hidden energy card is Judgement. The card sits in the position of Fire = information and inspiration. 

The phoenix rises. This is the statement, I think of, when I see the judgement card. Are you ready to be reborn? Are you ready to wake from the transformation of the the Death card? We sleep in the beginning and float around, looking for out next lesson. Looking for our next path. When we find it, the path is made clear and we begin our journey back to reality. Back to this plane of existence. The manifestation of that path is now set. The process begins to unfold. 

Look at it this way:

When we first wake from a deep sleep, everything is blurry, and your eyes do not want to open up. You walk around, half asleep, and bump into things. Your spirit knows that you must get up and move forward, but your body is always a few seconds behind. This is the Judgement card. You must take your new found path, tool, power, and apply it to what you are dealing with at this very moment. This is the A-ha moment. The stars have lined up and everything makes sense. Now what to do with the new found information? What to do with the new found you?

The answer has been given. Information is supplied from Source and we must learn to process it. We may wake up half asleep, but soon our eyes become enlightened. We look into the mirror, brush our spiritual teeth, and start the new day. 

Blessed Be. 

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