Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.12.13: Where Does Your Tower Stand?

Friday 7.12.13:

The card of the day is Four of wands. The hidden energy card is The Tower. The card sits on the position of Daydream = imagination, allow your mind to wonder, and quiet time. 

I was so busy yesterday having small fits of destruction while trying to pack my life into a Yaris, that I lost track of time, and was not able to post an entry. 

So, here are my thoughts regarding the energy of the day for Friday. 

As I contemplated the Tower card, I started to think about wars, and how the tower was a line of defense. When the opposing side would charge forward, the tower would stand ground, shooting arrows and cannon balls at the enemy. Some great towers would stay solid and bound to the ground, while others would be destroyed.

Sometimes we are like that tower. We may crumble or we may withstand the harsh blows from those that strike at us. In the end, time is the greatest enemy of all. We all must succumb to the evolution of this world. We all must change. I built an awesome tower in Austin, but it was time to move forward to a new place and time. The tower still stands, not as a line of defense, but as a landmark. It states "Aaron was here". 

Pieces of my life and spirit still live within the tower. Some would even state that it was haunted. It is a foundation that was celebrated for it's great line of defense. In the end the brick and cement crumble to the ground. A piece of that tower is taken and is used to build the next one. Where does your tower stand?

Blessed Be.

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