Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.10.13: I Am Worthy

Wednesday 7.10.13:

The card of the day is the Tower. The hidden energy card is the Hierophant. The card sits in the position of Lady's Mantle = mother, healing, and alchemy. 

The Tower card brings about the destruction of things that are not needed in our life. The memory of the past needs to move forward. The lingering affair with a past lover will soon leave our field of existence. 

How the past can haunt us. 

The Tower and The Hierophant can leave me stumped at times. I must really meditate and pull from the energy that is around me. To really look at the two cards. Sometimes our life must be knocked out of sync. The Universe must push us back on track. This is the Tower card at it's best. We must pull our spirit back together. We must understand the reason why. 

Why am I making this trip back home?

Why am I taking this first step into the unknown?

Change our thought and change our future.  
Positive and negative thoughts cloud our minds everyday. We choose to project that thought into the future and with every tear drop, we find a new way of hope. 

What are you projecting into the future?

With every fall, there is a lesson. How spiritually strong are you?
When bad things happen, in your life, are you going to give up?
Will you let the outcome be created by default?

We allow things to take place because we do not know that we have power over the situation. We tend to think that there is nothing more that can be done. 
Did you know that you are creating the wall that sits in front of you?
It grows with every negative thought you put out into the Universe. 

Maybe it is time to change your way of thinking. 

It is only a bad experience because you are viewing it that way. It is only a negative reaction to the negative belief system that we have created. 

It is time to heal. It is time to love. It is time to move forward with great intent. 
I know that things will work out in my favor. Everything happens for a reason and that reason is always good. 

Think of the goal. Allow the Universe to bring wonderful and great people, places, and things, into your life. It will propel you down your course of action and take you to your new found destination. 

Think of it as a sail boat on the ocean. 
You look around and wonder when the wind will pick up, so you can move to the shore, for you are ready to touch ground. 
It is getting hot and muggy. 
It is time to return home. 
You have set your sail. 

Where is the wind? When will it blow in my direction that points home?
Oh no! If the wind does not pick up then I will surely die out here in the ocean. 

We begin to look around. Look at everything in our bag of tricks. Look at the life we are living. We begin to stress and worry. The trip may not take place. I may never return home again. Surely, I have to much in my boat to move forward. Maybe God is punishing me for going out to far on the ocean?

This is the thought of our Ego. The negative thought of "I am not worthy". 

I AM WORTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!


The moment you are silent and think this wonderful thought. The acknowledgment that you are worthy of living. That you are worthy of love. That you are worthy of life. 
Source responds. 

The wind begins to pick up. 
You think it happened just in time. 
Did you know that it happened at the perfect time? 
The moment you allow your spirit to return to what is known (that you are love, that you are perfect, that you are worthy) then you allow the path of energy to flow. Flow in and out of your life. We are not disrupted. We are within the alignment of Source. 

When I first looked at the two cards, I instantly thought of "saying your mantra", and allowing love to guide us. 

Your mantra can be anything. If you do not have one, then I suggest that you use the statement above as your mantra. 

Blessed Be. 

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