Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.6.13: Breaking Through the Sludge

Saturday 7.6.13:

The card of the day is Disruption or the Tower. The hidden energy card is the Sun. The card sits in the position of Moonstone = mystery and intuition. 

The safe house that our spirit dwells in can be destroyed at a moments notice. The tree house can be struck with lightening. 

What happens when our life is shaken up? Disrupted with a jolt of lightening. Sometimes everything within our life must be broken down. It must be destroyed. Struck to the ground with a spiritual arrow of Truth. We fall. Our Ego is bruised. 
In the end, we move forward, with the small pieces of love that are left over. The fringed pieces of love and truth that may not look like much but pack a powerful punch. They are the survivors. 
Brush them off. Look at them and examine the true potential hidden within. 

The sun shines once more. The light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter. You can see the end. We all pass through a stage of "breaking through the sludge". 

The slimy film that we produce as we pick up other people's energy and doubt. When we seek advise from those that wish to project their life on us, a small amount of energy is transferred to our spirit, and we cause a build up.
The energy is advising you to break through. The sludge is only two inches thick. It may cover all light around you. It may seem like there is no light, but if you simply put your arm out, you will surely find the other side. Leave it behind. It is time to see the Sun. The clouds need to part. They are only there because you wish them to be present. 

"Oh how gloom and doom things may seem. Oh how awful all of this seems. Oh what will I do now? I can not move forward." 

This form of thought leads us down a new path of destruction. A negative path of "lack of". A negative path of pure chaos where you are only a supporting actor, rather than the star. What happens in Star Trek to the supporting actor who goes with the main crew on their journey to the unknown planet? 
We all know that this person will surely not return. He will be taken and transformed into food or shot with a ray gun. Oh poor soldier #2. 

Let us not be an unknown actor but the main character. Step into the light and be the Golden Child. The prodigal son. Blast through your sludge and shine! Return to the light! 

Your thoughts become the theme music of your show. Can you hear them playing the heroine theme? I can. 
It is time to be known. It is time to exist. Time to be that wonderful and great person that was born to do awesome things! Who cares what the details may be. It is all about the recognition of your intent. The intent to exist.  

Blessed Be. 

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