Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.7.13: It is Time to Use Your New Found Skill

Sunday 7.7.13:

The card of the day is Eight of Coins. The hidden energy card is Judgement. The card sits in the position of Mugwort = Rite of passage.

This is the last day of class. I am sleeping like a baby at night. On Saturday, I did my first full hour healing session, set up space, and also worked with my healing guides. I feel empowered. I want to use Reiki all the time. I want to set up practice in Ventura. My next step is to get a massage table. Such small things. 

Today I am learning about crystals and a few crystal layouts to add one more tool to my bag of tricks. 

When we add a skill to our current state of existence, we understand that it can only benefit us. It will add so much more greatness to the person that we are. Are you ready to move forward?

Manuals, books, and rituals are very useful in learning a new skill. We require the template of magic, in order to understand the "why"of it all. Once the "why" is understood, the books and templates are no longer needed. We use our intuition. We begin to trust Source. We begin to explore the outer regions of our new found gift. 

I find my mind empty of all negative thoughts. Filled with only love but no way to express it. No thoughts of negativity are swimming around within my spirit.
I am love. 
I am joy. 

This class had to happen. I needed to advance. I may have to download more information later in the year, from Source, but I know that I will move forward with my ability. I will understand my technique. It may not look like other healer's techniques and hand movements, but it is enough. 

It is time to use my tools to produce a new spectacular prototype. It is time to create a new mold. 
To break the old one and create. 

I think of the tarot master. They are constantly reading, writing, and laying out cards. They are constantly learning about new symbols.
"Funny, I never noticed a castle in the background of the Ten of Swords." 

How wonderful to see that there is so much more within the cards. How wonderful that we are constantly evolving. 

I am awake. Now it is time to look through my old suitcase of stuff, that I carry, from one relationship to the other. 
That is it! 

We carry a backpack, trunk, or many suitcases from one relationship to the other. It is time to look through them. It is time to re-evaluate the items we have collected on our journey. What is no longer needed?

What experience must you examine, fill with love, and send off to Universe?

It will be taken care of. 
It is time to cut the chord. It is time to be healthy. To be whole. 

It is time to forgive. This is your right of passage. Are you ready for it?
It will not hurt. You will build a great work of art. 
The Eight of Coins card reminds me of a chef. 
The chef who works all his life to produce great food for a others.
Some will stay in their comfort zone and produce only what is needed to survive. Others will dream of great creations and only produce something new when it is needed. Then there is a Chef who dreams in the light of day. Who takes great items of yummy-ness and produces a spectacular dish! I think of Seth Nathan, a great and wonderful chef, who loves to cook and produce spectacular dishes. Believe me this chef really puts love into his food. I can taste it! I can feel it!

He is always thinking of new ways to make a dish even better. To make the person really enjoy what is being produced. To share his masterpiece with others. He does not hide it. He does not give it to only those who will surely give him positive feed back. He understands that the energy must flow from one person to the next. 
His gift is to make you feel at home. 

We must use our gift to do the same. To make those around us feel at home. To make them feel at ease. 
This must be our goal. To advance with our wonderful gifts and be the spectacular person we were born to be. This is the greatest gift you can give to someone. To be happy. To be love. To be worthy. 

The greatest skill you can add to your bag of to exist. 

Blessed Be. 

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