Monday, July 8, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.8.13: What do you have to Sacrifice?

Monday 7.8.13:

It can seem like you are the only one working, at certain times in your life, and this can cause a bit of regret to take shape and form in your soul. 

The card of the day is Authority = The Emperor. The hidden energy card is The World. The card sits in the position of Angels = support and guidance. 

How do you get rid of the regret?

Today is about male energy. Owning your male energy. Pulling from your dominant side. Making things happen. Understanding that there is no time to play while that certain cat is away. Who is the cat?

I love to make a list of things to do during the day, so that when it is complete, I can mark it as "done". The Emperor also loves to make a list. He keeps a list of people who he has helped and also who have helped him. He understands what must be sacrificed, in order to produce a fruitful outcome, so that life will move forward. 

The Emperor can also be very cold, at times, and not offer a second chance. The wolf does not get a warning shot from the Emperor, because he believes, that the danger you let live today will surely come back tomorrow to finish the job. 

trinkets and items linger within our field of existence. When we decide to go out on a journey, one must learn to make a list of things that will be needed, in order to take that first step on to that new found path. What list of things are you putting together?

I recently decided to return home. I am having to go through my books, which I love, and decide which ones contain value and which ones I can part with. The trip must be light. 
It is hard to give up an item that brought you to your current position, but in the end, it must be done. What has not served you for a year has to be recycled. 
I did not say destroyed. I am selling most of my wonderful books of information, giving them to goodwill, and shipping the ones that are essential. I narrowed it down to 10 books due to my spirit guide advising me that it needed to be simple. 

I know that the information will be brought back into my field of existence, if needed, and also I can buy the book online. The sacrifice must be made. Sometimes we have to give a lot in order to get a little. In the end, it will benefit me greatly, to learn the lesson of letting go. 

What do you have to sacrifice?

Do not worry. It will return to you, in some shape or form, when it is truly needed again. The journey is not over. You are starting a new one. 

I always ask Brian, my partner, "what would you grab if you were required to evacuate?"

He would answer with a small list of things and then I would respond, "Then that is all we need to take on our trip back home. Everything else is just details."

A simple way to state what is really important in life and also to let go of that which does not serve us at this time. 

What would you grab if you were required to evacuate?

Blessed Be. 

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