Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 8.24.13: Success is Knocking at Your Door

Saturday 8.24.13:

The card of the day is Ace of Swords. The hidden energy card is Judgement. The card sits in the position of Lucid Dreaming = awareness and opportunities. 

When you lose momentum and decide to take a quick break, the path can become clear. The opportunity that was hidden behind the curtain will reveal itself to you. 
You will find peace and joy. 

Sometimes you have to stop what you are doing and focus. Meditate. Breathe. 

Success is knocking at your door. 
Answer the door. 

It is time to wake up from your nap. 
Do not rest for too long or you will surely miss out on something wonderful. Take a breather and get right back in the game. 

Even the strongest athlete has to rest for a moment. 
Your body will thank you. 
The vessel will be made whole again. The meter will be filled up. 

Can a car run on an empty tank?
Source is blinking the low gas light. Are you listening?
Are you going to try and make it to your destination on "E". 

It is time to fill up. Source is waiting to give you the energy to move forward. To bless you.

Success can be swift. It may even look painful because you will have to give up the old. 
I have learned that you must let go in order to receive. You can not hold on to things not needed and then expect to be able to grab the good in front of you. 

You will look like a stingy child. Wanting everything for them self. 
It is time to cut lose the chains that hold you to the ground. I saw Victory today. I realized it. I accepted it. I noticed that with or without it, I still existed. I was moving forward. I was living. 

It is time for you to live. Enjoy the rest of your day with the intent that all things are taken care of. 

Blessed Be. 

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