Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 8.6.13: Be Your Self

Tuesday 8.6.13:

The card of the day is The Ace of Coins. The hidden energy card is Judgement. The card sits in the position of Orange = creativity and change.

The creation of a new relationship can lead to the great and awesome essence of Source. This day contains that wonderful experience of good. Our greatness. Your goal is being manifested at this very moment and you are laying in the bright sunlight of good. 

The Ace of coins is about manifestation of that which is needed. It is being presented to us from Source. We are to recognize this good. 

I have to remind my self that the present from Source may not look like what I thought it would look like. It may not smell like sweet bread just taken out of the oven. It may not feel like silk. 
One thing is for sure. 
The item that is within the package will be of pure love. 

What if everything that was given to us was made of pure love. Even if it does not fit within our mode of fashion. 

It may not fit perfectly atop the cake we have baked. Heck, it may not even go with the theme of our kitchen. 

That weird red handled kettle may stick out within your dark green theme, in your kitchen, but it works. 
It boils water better than any kettle out there. It may have only cost you ten dollars but it surpasses a lot of the other high tech kettles out there. Do you think the kettle understands that it is simple? That it wallows in its own self pity because it does not look like the others?
Doubt it. 

The kettle only knows of one boil water. 
Do you know what we were born to do?
We were created for one be you. Simple you. Grand you. Awesome and wonderful you. 

The day brings about this thought. Today you are required to do one thing. You are required to shine. You are required to be your self. You are required to be that awesome, perfect, wonderful being of light. The good is already present. We simply have to recognize it. 

Blessed Be.   

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