Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 5302012.1

The card pulled was the Four of Wands. This card talks about foundation. Sometimes it speaks to me about home life. The card of the day, picked by numerology, is Judgement. This is the influencing card that surrounds the days energy. So, Monday brought about an awakening of where your home truly lies. Remember to keep in mind that home is where the heart is. What do you call home? Is your home within your heart?

We are dealing with balance and a time of healing, but the hidden card is "The Universe". This tells me that a lesson is coming to an end. The time of healing has already taken place and we are to recognize that we can get up and walk in the right direction.

The hidden card is "Death". So, the Devil coupled with Death tells me that a time of transformation regarding out thought process is taking place today. I am having issues with letting things be and also allowing such great things to take place. The transformation is taking place, and I can recognize the negative thought taking place. Now I am able to work though my Ego and move forward into the light. Remember to not make any haste decisions toward what can happen. Simply remember that great things are taking place and you are going to allow them to manifest.

The Hidden card is "Temperance" or "Patience". Remember that it showed up earlier in the week. We see that a new time of healing regarding our emotions is taking place today. Forgiveness will be the main goal. We must understand that things take place and that we must look at what we do have. Note our self worth. You are worthy of all the greatness within your life. It is taking place right as you read this. Move forward with great matter what information or news you hear.

Final Notes:
I can see so much taking place. We are dealing with great sources of energy. Major cards are coming up and talking about our ability to heal. We are finding balance within the change and transformation that we have created.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Nature of the Week's Energy 5282012 - 632012

First Impressions:

Three major arcana cards are showing up.
Patience, Temptation, and Shadow.
What do they speak of? I turn to my spirit guide...
The change that has come into our existence will start to take shape and form. from a time of healing to a time of struggle. One hurdle will lead into the next.
When you apply numerology to the cards, they move forward in sequence.
A healing takes place with change, you are learning to let go. A circumstance happens regarding that change and we must learn to accept what has transpired.
The journey begins and spiritual change must take place.
This week will be about love and money. Watch out for these two energies.

Major Arcana Group:
Why do we hold onto old things?
Sometimes the old artifacts within our life can latch onto us and drain us dry of our wonderful energy.
Sometimes these old silly things can cause us to build up walls. What keeps us from moving forward?
What silly things do you have within  your environment?
The time of healing is taking place. Temperance is about restoring balance within our life.
When the cards are read as a trio, we see that the journey we have decided to walk on, is going to be a rough road. No matter what path we were to take, the walk would have been filled with such challenges.
The week will bring temptation into our life. Should we live a life of happiness or a life of pain?
The choice is yours. Sometimes we choose pain, because it is all we know of. Sometimes it is all we can see, and so we are drawn to it. Happiness can also be something we are drawn to, but it hides within the small circumstances that happen within our life. It can be in the wind that blows across our face in the mid-afternoon. It can be in the smile a stranger gives you while walking to your destination. Happiness is what we choose to make of it. This is the issue we are dealing with during the week. What will make us happy? You do not have to settle for anything less.
The Moon card talks about our journey, and the challenges we will face. They will be about the archetype "the prostitute". She is neither good nor bad. She teaches us what our self worth is. She advises us when we are selling our self out for pleasure, rather than happiness. Know your self worth. Understand that you are worthy of such great things. Say no to things you do not want and yes to things that you do want.

Minor Arcana Group:
Small things are going to come up within our week. Love and work shall be an issue within our daily life.
Love may begin, or a relationship will take on a new characteristic, then your past scars will re-surface. Are you ready to deal with the past? Are you ready to Crash and Burn again? I hope you said yes. If you let go, then all things will turn out in your favor. Source only wants you to be happy. Remember who you are.
I was at church, and during meditation, the only thought that was in my head was; I am worthy.
This week is about our worthiness. What are we worthy of?
We are worthy of that wonderful job, of that romantic relationship, of that great joy and happiness, of that abundance.
We are worthy of that good and great life, that we are living right now. When the cards state to me that a stand must be taken, they are advising me that we must know our self worth.

Final Notes:

A lesson is coming to an end and a time of healing is taking place. I am only stating this again, because the cards that coming up are about healing. Temperance shows up twice within the hidden influences of the week.
This is about the balance of Earth and Spirit. We shall find peace and joy
with every step we take during this week. We are on the right path now, and you must move forward with your goal. Your dream is there waiting for you. You have cultivated this item into your life, now you have to state to Source that you are worthy!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 5242012.1

    Today is about the birthing, or the creation, of our dream into reality. My friend Beatrice is having a baby as I write this entry. This card really does talk about a birth, but it can also talk about the abundance of what we cultivate. 
   Remember to cultivate love and joy. Know that any situation can be wonderful and also never compromise the perfect self for the imperfect person. I will now talk about this day and what tomorrow will hold.
    The day brings about a time of moral change. We are birthing into our reality a new idea. That idea was brought about by the thoughts in our head. Today is when you make your move. This is when you find information that will benefit you in the long run. The Empress understands what love can do in any situation, so she pulls all her energy within her and creates. Unlike the Magician, who only understands what is outside of him, the Empress does not need tools to create. She is the Energy witch, and her power is from Source, filtered through her point of center.
    Tomorrow is about the cultivation of that energy. Understanding that we now contain this power, that the mind is greater than the illusion. Use this energy wisely. Move forward with great intent and you shall receive. I always say, "Ask and it shall be found, but you must know how to ask before any action is taken."
    Even a time of rest and relaxation can prove to be an action in the right direction. Take care of yourself, if your body wants to enjoy and rest, then lay in bed for a while. Do not think that you are being lazy. Sometimes our body advises us of what we need in order for that time of healing to take place. Everyday is a time of healing. You are constantly healing from the action of the Ego. The art of letting go is an act of healing. Take the time to meditate and pray. Pray on what you really want and move forward with that intent. Your thoughts are prayers.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 5222012.1

    I woke up today with great knowledge and truth about the card of the day.
I find that using these cards, the psychic tarot, I seem to be understanding what they contain and what the cards really mean. I also am understanding how I can apply them to my life. The Heart Chakra is the fourth chakra and it is associated with the base chakra. When healers are working on either one these chakras, they are also working on the other to balance them out and not have an excess amount of energy.
What does this mean?
I turn to my spirit guide. She is always there. I know that there is movement and there is sometimes confusion within the process, because we see the lack of. We must understand that we shall receive. The Heart Chakra talks about the emotions that are tied to our thoughts and form. We are moving from thought, to clarity, to manifestation. This is about decisions we have to make. What is it and what will it be like?
There can be confusion within the process and we don't want to settle for just anything. Now, it is about finding that clarity, and knowing that it will be good. I can only relate this to searching for a job.
There are a lot of opportunities out there, like going to school. It is another person's influence around us that can confuse me. Some will cheer me on, and others will worry about when it will happen and what is going to happen. Use techniques. to find out that you do contain that knowledge, truth, and power. Do it with 100 percent or as a light bringer, 250 percent.
Everything happens for a reason.
Understand this.
Yesterday I took a typing and word test. Thought it would be only on excel and did not study for anything else. I prepared myself and prayed that the truth is there, and it is god ,and it is within me. 
I have that knowledge and truth and I will know.
I took the test with the knowledge I had, and did what I could do.
Maybe I need a refresher course?
It was on a system i didn't know. I only know 2003, not 2010. 
I pushed forward and did what I did. I know I am a great and wonderful person and I have a lot to offer. I do know how to use the word Help. People do not use the help button. We are at an age of technology. To test us on something that we do not have knowledge on, but we know where the resources are at. 
I woke up and applied for jobs that I want. Not just any old thing. Jobs that I felt comfortable with when applying. Something great will come out of it. Whether they call or not I know that every step that I take is in alignment of my divine purpose.
This is how I must see it. This will tie in with our emotions ,and who I am ,and what I am doing. Yesterday I did deal with the thoughts of the past.
Maybe I should have stayed or maybe I should have been with a past lover. No!
You are where you are at ,because you made a decision and it led to a circumstance.
That circumstance is good. You would not be here at this present moment and time. When you have a pity party ,or when you complain about things not taking place or the lack of ,then you are not realizing the good within your life. You are pushing that good away from you and you are not allowing it to enter into your environment.
There is good around you. That good is trying to get in, trying to be noticed, trying to be seen. All you are seeing is your shoulda, coulda, woulda, it is pushing all that greatness away. You are saying "where is it. Where is it?"
It is there, but you have to realize it. I am in alignment with my divine purpose. It will happen and it will come. It is taking form and shape, but do not think "Where is it".
Everyday cultivate that goodness. Take a moment in life to do so. Understand that it is there and it will happen. I know it will happen. I can feel it. Your spirit is already there and you can feel yourself being pulled towards it. It is scary ,because to know and to have knowledge, and to have the wisdom to use it can be scary. It means it will take place, and that is scary. That time of healing will take place. I always ask my clients "Are you ready to be healed? Are you ready for that relationship?" they answer "well yes I am".
Are you sure you are ready?  You would not be where you are at if you were. you wouldn't feel the way you feel, or think "where is it" if you were ready for it. I
t could happen instantly if you allow it or it could take minutes or years. You have to understand that it will happen and there is no time within the Law. It can happen at any time as long as you allow it. That is what we have to focus on today. The emotions of knowing and not knowing. We must cultivate that happiness and joy. We have planted the seed and now it is time to watch it bloom. we can do other things, because we know that it will happen. Everything we do is within alignment of our divine purpose.
We know that we are taking care of that seed and it shall bloom.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Nature of the Week's Energy 5212012-5272012

First impressions:
     There are four major arcana cards and three Minor arcana cards. We have one ace card, which means new beginnings. We have the base chakra and the heart chakra which compliment each other and this tells me that there is a time of healing taking place. The four of swords spoke to me about a time of rest and meditation. A time of cultivating what we want, which is abundance and peace.
     On Friday, I see that meditation and prayer will lead us to our Destiny or Wheel of Fortune. The wheel is constantly turning and we have already been through our down phase, now it is time move up. We must go through the process of losing, in order to gain. And then we see the Base Chakra on Sunday.

Grouping them together:

    The Major Arcana cards tells me that we are dealing with Primal needs at first and we are moving into a birthing of an idea, which can be anything from a new relationship, new job, or new career. The lessons of manifestation are taking place. Our need is primal and leading us to something, but we do not know why. The birthing of that thought takes place and it takes us to our Heart Chakra, which will give us the energy to bring this item into existence. The Wheel of Fortune is taking place and we are going from moving down, to moving up and creating what we want into our reality. All this is taking place during this week.

    The Minor Arcana are just the lessons that are there that we are having to go through constantly during our life. So, that thought is coming through, there is a time of meditation and prayer, and it is being pushed through our Heart Chakra into existence. We may not have it at this time, but we will receive. This is what prayer and meditation will do. It will aid us in creating this thing or item into our reality. Know that it will take place. We are cultivating that abundance and joy.

The day by day:

    It will be about the thought about loss of things in our life. Those emotional ties attached to an item or thing. Whether it is about money, relationships, or a job. I can only relate this to my life, so it is about a job and the loss of income at this time. I am taking the steps in working toward my destiny. I will feel the loss of that thing but know that I can not cry over spilled milk. There is always more in the background. I just have to recognize it. It is a grieving process. Well, now I have and it is time to let go in order for the inspiration to take place.

    I am taking that time to deal with things. I am taking that time to heal and move forward. It will be about relationships and making contact. It will be about love and the process of letting go.

    This would be a great time to start projects and receive answers. Inspiration will come through and that idea will be put out to the Law.

   The birthing of that idea will take place. Unity will happen and also bless our thought with form. Abundance and prosperity will happen. Things will take place and will require us to enjoy and put action into our thoughts.

    This is about working on ourselves.  Meditation and prayer will have to be our outlet. In order to create we must find clarity within our thoughts.

   We will find answers. Things will come to us and lead us into a new path.

    We are back on our primal need to move forward. I want to associate this with the Ace of Wands on Monday. This is about fire and inspiration of our desire. Our desire must first start out primal and then end with the Base Chakra, because it comes into our environment with weight.

My Thoughts:
    I know that this change is moving forward and we have gone through the "planting the seed" lesson. I know how to create and also that the Law is constantly saying "yes" to us. We think it and we are. If you desire happiness then know that you are on the right path and that all things have meaning. Blessed Be.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 5152012.1

I am having problems with uploading my videos. I may just switch to pictures and words. I will decide later in the week. Blessed Be.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Nature of The Week's Energy 5/14/2012 - 5/20/2012

The cards I picked for the week tell us about the process of change, and also that we are coming to an ending of a cycle. I will be moving forward with a new lesson and it will be good. Remember that we are all worthy of great things in our life.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 522012.1

The card is "8 of Swords". The number is associated with "Strength" card, in the major arcana. Remember to tell your Ego to "Take a Hike", when it comes creeping in. Blessed Be.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 5102012.1

I did not know what I would be talking about for this entry, but the Divine works in mysterious ways. The topic of discussion is about the "three of cups". Remember to celebrate your existence and your ability to shine.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 592012.1

   Thank you for waiting patiently while I return from my vacation. Here is a new entry and know that you are worthy of Love and Joy.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Nature of the Week's Energy 5/7/12 to 5/13/12

    There is only one Major Arcana in this Tarot Spread. It is "Light" or also known as "The Sun". What does this tell me?
Well, the past few weeks have been about change, and what that change may or may not bring. Now we focus on the goal that we have set before us. We can see that all things shall work out in our favor during this week. Remember how I advised you to take chances last week, regarding work, school, life, money. Now you will see the rewards that come with that chance.
    I turn to the Divine and ask for guidance. What can I relate this weeks entry to?

    The Divine or Source is advising me that this card is related to our light within. I contain such a great light that shines in any condition, it never can be extinguished, but it can be dimmed. The only person who can dim the light within, is me.
(Remember when I use the word "I", I am referring to everyone, for we are all connected.)
The "Light" card, in other Tarot Decks, is also known as "The Sun", so I would rather tell you a story about this card. Here goes the creative side of my character:

   "Tabetha, who is a light bringer, has lost her way in this thing called "Life". She stumbles more than the other light bringers. She nicks her toes on the soft Earth, because she has not come to the realization that she is the Light and the Light is within her. She thinks that the light is somewhere else, within the sky, too far to reach with her mortal hands.
    Tabetha moves quickly from one person to person, shinning her light, bringing Truth to her experience, and having to let go when she wants to hold on. She only wants to be loved like the rest of the human race. She only wants to find her counter part on this spiritual path. She asks for guidance in everything that she does. She understands that there are no obstacles set before her, there are only circumstances. Tabetha moves forward with every stumble and fall, looking and searching for the light around her. This brings us to the small predicament that is set before her. She is lost within the woods, that are dark and dim. She walks with Faith, but at times the dark is greater than her light. Tabetha sits and cries to Source for knowledge and aid. She thinks to herself that she is not worthy of light and love, because she has traveled too far into the dark. Then a spark is formed within her grief, she starts to glow, and within that glowing a light is formed. She looks up and wonders if the Divine has heard her, and answered her prayer, but nothing is found. The light is coming from within her. She stops crying and listens to the voice that is soft and small:
           "Do you not know that you are worthy? Do you not know how much you are loved? Do you not know that you are the light?"

    Tabetha looks up in joy, not in search, and understands that she is the Light. The Light is not above her nor away from her on her journey. The Light is within her and always shinning, leading her in the right direction. Tabetha sets forth on her journey, and finds out that it was a short one to begin with. Her path was two steps in front of her and the darkness is gone."

     The week will bring such greatness, such joy, such love. You simply have to accept and recognize the Good within life. It can be hard at times when I am going through what I like to call "Going through the sludge". There is this thin layer of grief and pain that needs to be broken through in order to get to your joy and happiness. During this time I get really tired and also very snippy with people, because I am going through a change. I want to give up and simply lay down on the street, letting time pass me by. I look within for guidance and find that I am strong enough to move forward. This is where I find my self worth. This is where I tell my Ego to "Take a hike". I understand that this week will bring such joy and happiness, and I am worthy of that greatness. I am worthy!

Monday: 3 of Coins
    This is about finishing a project and having the recognition that goes along with this completion.

Tuesday: 2 of Wands
    Business. What is next? This is about finding the answer before I move forward with my desire.
Wednesday: 6 of Cups
    The past shall return but will be of great joy
Thursday: 3 of Cups
    This celebration of love may be about someone or something finding form or completion. A new thought.
Friday: 8 of Coins
    This is my last day of work. I see the ending within the Universe and my leaving in order to search for my new skill.
Saturday: 8 of Swords
    What comes with a new beginning? Fear of the unknown. I must have Faith that all shall take place.
Sunday: Light 19
    A major Arcana card. The sun representing luck and prosperity. Combined with great wisdom or spiritual direction.

The Nature of Today's Energy 552012.1

Have a great day and always choose to exist and shine. I found this picture of a turtle. It is my power symbol and brings great peace and joy to my heart. Blessed Be.

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 542012.1


I decided to talk and record my message. This may be a new trend for me. Blessed Be.