Friday, May 31, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.31.13: Recognizing what is Unseen

Friday 5.31.13:

The card of the day is the Five of Coins. The hidden energy card is the Devil. 
The cards sit in a position of Balance = Elemental Kingdom. 

Sometimes we wish to see the answer standing in front of us, jumping up and down, and stating "Here I am!"

What would life be like if all our questions were verified by a quick raising of the hand, from Source, and a scream that states "I am the one. No need to look any further. Pick me up and take me home. "

How easy it would be. 

If that happened, then we would not know pain or change. We would lose the lesson that needed to be learned. The lesson of humility. The lesson of Grief. The lesson of love. Yes, even love can hurt and cause pain. Our lives are always changing and free will has to be part of it. Free will can cause us to be left out in the rain. 

Like so many Tarot cards, we see people sitting outside of a church, and looking for shelter from the snow that is falling. From the cold that is nipping at their skin. They know that shelter is in front of them, but because it is a church, they think that they have to conform in order to receive. 
Receive what?
Compassion? Safety? 

The church means so much more. It represents Source. It represents Truth. 
Now, before you get your panties in a twist, I am not speaking about Catholicism, Christian, nor any sort of religion that condemns. I am speaking about the Whole. That wonderful Source we call "the Supreme". The collective thoughts of everyone. We are connected in every way. The church represents our Soul. Our spirit. It is our place of peace. Sometimes we turn away from that Truth. 
The knowledge of "we are love. we are peace. we are perfect."

What is happening within, also happens on the outside. 

Are you not wanting to see the Truth? Are you not wanting to take shelter within a place of peace, because you think that you will be turned away? Maybe the thought of "I will have to conform" is entering into your mind, and this is keeping you from receiving love. 

Our Ego can get in the way. Our Ego keeps us in the cold. Winter will surely be bad. We sometimes think that "The church (Source) will surely turn away a person who has sinned". The statements are false. Our Ego creates walls and harsh weather to push us off course. It makes us think that we should be bit by a snack, if we are to lay with one. Then again, who states that we must lay with snakes?

We are always welcome in the church of Source. No judgement. No conforming. No change in who we are and what we are to become. Dirty, filthy, and trembling, Source takes us in and welcomes every bit of us. Kisses the fingers that are freezing. Gives us what is needed, in order to move forward on our Journey. It does not mean that we have to stay within the temple walls forever. 
Eventually we will itch for an adventure to take place. We will want to explore. Source understands that we must seek our own true nature. To experience what it means to live within the light and maintain our flame in the darkest night. Recognize your truth. That you are deserving of only good. Of only greatness. 

Blessed Be. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.30.13: Force

Thursday 5.30.13:

Creativity comes to us from all direction. We must learn to have fun within our work environment. With the power to move forward, we forget that we were once a child of imagination. We move through life with a sword that cuts and slices. 

The card of the day is the Ace of Swords. The hidden energy card is Temperance. 

Sometimes the battle wound is reopened. The scar appears and becomes inflamed. We thought the fight was over with a certain illness or dis-comfort and the same dis-ease returns, with an intent to cause pain. How is a person to move through this? 

Some state that by laughing and finding joy within your world, releases the blocked energy that has created the dis-ease. Some state that by returning home and tending to our spirit, we remember who we are...a fucking Rock Star!

A supreme being of light!
Part of the Whole! Part of Source!

Move through the pain. Understand it. One belief that is set by the group, must be unchained and transformed. 

If someone was to state that there is dis-ease in the world and if we are not cautious, then we will surely die, what would be your response? To agree with the primal group? The herd? 

A person of light must understand that there is no sickness that is too great. That we are perfect in every way. That we are wonderful beings of light. One must also accept that we are human. That we can only do so much to protect our self, and the rest must be left up to Source. We have set the mood. We have set the stage, now it is time to allow the characters and actions to take place. Death is part of the process. Death is part of the cycle. Healing is also part of the process. The cycle of grief is passing. We are starting to move into the cycle of healing. To feel compassion for that which causes us pain. To forgive. 

The chord that is attached to your energy, and sucking the life from you, must be cut. The Ace of Swords is your tool. What is not serving you? What is causing you pain? 

Laugh it off! Shake it off! Dance it into the ground!

Fill yourself with so much love and in turn reflect it back out on your environment. Sickness is just a state of mind. Sickness is part of the transformation. We can change that state of thought. We can change the pattern of life. Nothing is set in stone. 

Blessed Be. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.29.13: Grief

Wednesday 5.29.13:

I woke up thinking about my trip, from high school, to Mexico. I went there with the marching band. I made a lot of friends, close friends, and this morning I started to think about them. How we lose touch with old friends. 
I wonder why, after so many years, memories come popping up? Memories of happy times that took place once in a blue moon. 
I would like to think that they may need a few moments of my attention. The sending of extra energy to those I have known. To those who I laughed with. 

The card of the day is the Three of Swords. The hidden energy card is The Fool. 
A new beginning. What will it include? 
A new path?

The position it sits in is Vital Force = Information = Dream-time Soul Travel. 

When the action has taken place and the aftermath is present, then we must learn to grieve. have sorrow for that which has passed. We grieve over our current state of transformation. Our current state of Death. 

We pass from one veil to another. One plane of existence into another plane of existence. 

Do you cry, when old memories creep up into your soul?
Do you laugh?

Do you dream with all your might, in the brightest light of the day?

Today is about taking a moment to remember, grieve over the loss of that which is gone, and move forward. 

Yesterday spoke of letting go. Letting go of that which holds us down. Moving through our spiritual turbulence. 

I will associate the card of the day to the loss of a special memento. The favorite sweater that keeps you warm. The scarf that adds that special pizzazz to your wardrobe. The ring that holds so much of your energy. Your favorite crystal that you use, when working a marvelous spell of joy and beauty. 

Things can get lost within the shuffle of our busy day. Things disappear from our environment. They leave our plane of existence because it is time to move forward. We do not require it at this time. It is making room for something greater. Something even more wonderful. I know that our attachment is great. It pulls us and we feel lost at times with out that special object, but one thing is for sure, you are still alive. 
You can still fly. 

Time to travel with the tools you have in your pocket. The watch to keep time and place. The broom to guide and give direction. The pocket knife to cut through that which binds you. And last but not least, the canteen that holds the essence of life. It is all there. You travel light, for if you hold too much in your hands, then you can not guide and direct your item of transportation. Things must fall to the Earth, if you wish to fly higher. And believe me, I wish to fly above the clouds. 

Sometimes we must lose things, in order to find a new gift, a new tool, that will allow us to shine even brighter. 
I am not advising you to simply brush it off. You can grieve but you must also move with the cycle of change. Do not get stuck within the swamp of gloom and doom. Many people have traveled there and lost their way. Be strong and know that something wonderful will come from the loss of certain things. Something wonderful has already happened. You have decided to accept the change that is being given. Source knows what we need. Source knows what we require, in order to be and sustain, that wonderful state of light. 

Blessed Be. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.28.13: Defeat

Tuesday 5.28.13:

Have you been struggling with a decision? Struggling with what you believe in and taking a stand. Advising those around you that "Enough is Enough". Have you had to deal with the conflict that those around you create in their environment? 

The card of the day is the Five of Swords. The hidden energy card is the World. The meaning of the position it sits in is The Amethyst card from the Dream Angel Oracle. 
The Amethyst means Psychic abilities=behavior pattern. 

I am adding even more information to my spreads. I was advised to use the Oracle Cards to bring an understanding to the animal positions in the spread. 

It has helped a lot. 

Now, we struggle with the release of energy. The attachment of chords that we allow to be created when we start a new relationship. Feeling drained?

The cycle is ending. The cycle of giving away your energy to those around you, without your knowledge, is ending. You have stood your ground. You are going through the motion of change, bouncing up and down with every wave, and understanding that if you simply allow the current to move you, then there is no resistance. Standing your ground is not resistance if you are following your spirit's request to speak up. Your inner voice understands what is going on. 

I can see that the stage has been set for the week. Victory is in the horizon but we must first go through the change. We must experience the turbulence. Your spiritual plane must go through certain obstacles.  

We begin to create a behavior, whether positive or negative, when we are fearful of the unknown. It happens in cases of magic, as well. Talismans become part of the spell. 
"I have to have my crystal in order to do this spell, or it will not work". This is a behavior created by attaching a certain object to an end result. Kind of like foot ball players have lucky socks. Routines that must be done before hand, in order to have a great game. The talisman is only there to remind us of the power that we have. If it was lost, then it happened for a reason. We must understand that we have the ability to fly. We do not need the opinions of others to move forward. We do not have to ask "Mother May I?". 

It is time for us to fly. Defy Gravity. Float away with the positive current of energy that surrounds us. 
We must tend to our intuition. Speak up and know that you are within alignment of your Divine Plan. I am doing this, so that I understand what my boundaries are. I am eliminating all negative behaviors in my life. They only cause me to stop and be stagnant. I can do anything that I put my whole being into. 

Understand that the cycle of struggle is ending. You will begin a new phase at the end of the week but for now you must learn to ride the wave in. It may be hard at first, but once you let go and simply accept, then it will all work out in your favor. It will be a wonderful journey. Because you chose to listen to the Universe, then the result will be of joy. 

Blessed Be. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.27.13: Celebration

Monday 5.27.13: 

The card of the day is Three of Cups. The hidden energy card is Judgement. 
I always put a phrase or word in the title of each entry, to give you a short version of the days energy. It is the key word that must be taken in and understood. 

Celebration of what?

Why, today is the celebration of who we are. What we have created. The boundary has been set. The line has been drawn. 
If you cross this line, then you shall surely see what happens. 
This is not a threat but a warning. Free choice is being given. No one is stating that yo have to cross the line. This is as far as you are able to travel at this very moment in time. 

Have you set your boundary?
Remember that, yesterday, I met my partner's parents. He set his boundary. He set his line. He stated that they must accept the person he has become....happy. 
They now understand that he is not within the shadows. He is content with his wonderful life. He states to me that he is happy because he has found the love of his life, but I think he is simply content that he has found someone who accepts him with flaws and all. 

I set my boundaries a long time ago. The line was drawn in the sand a few years back and now I advise people about it. They can choose to cross it and in turn they find out that I will not budge. This is my mountain of happiness. They can either be part of it or be pushed off the edge. And I have pushed a many people off my edge. They are choosing to fall. They are choosing to cause conflict, rather than enjoy. 

I do not intentionally push them off, stating, "You have crossed it, now I must push you off". 
It is the movement of energy. If you cause discord, then the energy must be moved along. I will not allow you to cause blockage in my life. I will not allow you stay stagnant. You must move along with me or be forced to move in another direction. Wouldn't life be grand if everything just flowed? Allowed the flow of energy to take place in their life. 

Be careful though. Take caution. Understand that everything is not a fight. You must stand up for your right, but learn to process the energy, before moving it along. Learn to let go of that which does not serve you. 
Help it to meet the great Divine. Aid it on it's way.

It is time to wake up into a new state of existence. A new thought. A new way of living within the love that you deserve. You do know that you deserve love. That you deserve joy. Sometimes we have to take a step in the opposite direction, in order to process, and move, the energy that is stagnant within our life. Within our Chakras. Along our path of enjoyment.

Blessed Be. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.26.13: Awareness of Our Center

Sunday 5.26.13:

The card of the day is the Magician. The hidden energy card is the Sun.

I am off to meet my partner's parents. Their religion does not agree with our lifestyle, but they are willing to at least try and get to know me. I am not nervous. I know who I am and where I am going. 
I love my partner and will support him on his journey. How does this relate to the card the Magician?

It speaks about power. The power to change, rearrange, and manifest.  To take in energy. To create. The tools are all there. Placed before us. Hidden in our very DNA. 

The Sun card advises me that I am finding my way home. Finding my path to the center of my perfect being. I am remembering who I am. 

Sometimes we forget just how strong we are. Sometimes we forget to forgive our own self for allowing the obstacle, we created, to have power over us. Our Ego. The state of non existence. 

Use your newly discovered tools to create. We learned about the power of meditation. The power of prayer. When you start with your own self first, then the energy will change the environment around us, as well. Be the catalyst, the conduit, for that change...for that positive energy to flow.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.25.13: Meditation

Saturday 5.25.13:

I always seem to make Saturday my short entry day. The day is filled with all sorts of errands and also I had an appointment with a client. It went really well and I enjoyed every minute of it. I seem to get this great high from doing a tarot reading. I am filled with so much energy and at times I have to sit and meditate afterwards with a couple of crystals, in order to be at peace. Even with all of the meditation and relaxation, I still crash and burn. I get really tired and want to go to sleep. It eventually wears off and I am fine or I take a nap and rejuvenate my energy. 

I found that entering the crossroads where the spirits meet and talk, can take a lot out of a persons physical state. 

The card of the day is Four of Swords. The hidden energy card is the Moon. 

Well, I recognize both of the cards today. I was having to reserve or recharge my spirit and body by meditating. Taking care of my psychic gift. Feeding my soul with much needed spiritual fruit. Knowledge from the unknown. 

I want to share my experience. I have found my cross roads with the spirit world. It resembles an old house with a spiritual reading room. Dark wood and shadows around, but one window lights up the whole house. Many doors and stairs line the place, allowing gentle spirits to come and go. To speak to me. My spirit guide sits to my right in a chair. The only chair in the room. 

There can be a lot of great information given to you, when you simply meditate. It can open a lot of doors. You can learn a lot from your teachers. Meditation does not have to be hours of silence with no thoughts. Meditation can be a conversation with your inner being, during traffic. It can happen on the long drive home. It can take place, dare I say it, in the bathroom. While you wash your hair. When you wash dishes. Meditation is the act of being present in a moment. Checking in to your life and shutting off the auto pilot. Simply existing and downloading your next mission. Your next mission of joy and love. 

Blessed Be. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.24.13: Throat Chakra

Friday 5.24.13:

After attending a Tarot Meetup yesterday, I am filled with joy. We all talked about Tarot and the meaning of the cards. I rarely get to speak to other Tarot readers about, well, Tarot!

Anyways, I am on cloud nine right now, and I am remembering who I am. I miss that song. We use to sing it in church at VCSL. It always use to make me cry. To chant "I am remembering who I am". 

The preacher, Bonnie Rose, would add in different words during the pauses (i.g. love, truth, peace, joy). 

I miss Ventura. I miss my loved ones. 

The card of the day is the Throat Chakra. The hidden energy card is the Star. 

There are times in our life when we must speak about our dream. The dream to be free, to be happy, to simply exist. We have to communicate to Source, exactly what we want in life, and move forward with the expectation that it will take place. 

We have to remember our goal. To live. To be. 
We must let go of that which has no purpose in our life. Move forward with great intent. What do you want to do?

Today is about speaking up. Being heard. Advising those around you of what you desire. Of what you are worthy of. 
This is not the blame game day. You do not need to point out other people's faults. You only need to point out yours. You do not need to congratulate others first. You have to start with your self. Congratulate the spirit you have within. State to your inner self, that they you are loved. That you are beautiful. 

Speak with kind words. Let them fall on your soul with gentle ease. Get rid of the harsh remarks. 
Get rid of the negativity. 

I am not stating that this project is easy. For, I am guilty of speaking harsh things into existence, but I learned to recognize when I am doing this. 

The project for the day, or rather your homework, is to speak a kind word to your self first, then follow it up with a kind word to another person. Speak of Truth. Speak of love. Your goal will thank you in the long run. 

The dream that you wish to manifest into existence requires your joy and happiness. The positive thoughts and emotions propel it in the right direction. So, when negativity is spoken, the dream begins to lose momentum. It lingers in the Universe, like a lifeless comet. A rock drifting in zero gravity. Do you want it to be like the comet that burns bright across our sky? 
To move with great speed and motion. 

Your words of encouragement and peace will supply it with the needed energy to break through obstacles. The obstacle placed there by the influence of others. It is time to dismiss the fog that surrounds you. Time to manipulate the energy around you. Manipulate it for good. Change it to positive. Even if you were to change one thought in your day to a positive, the rest will surely follow. 

Blessed Be. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.23.13: Being Prepared

Thursday 5.23.13:

Do you have your bottles of water hidden away in a closet? Do you have canned food? 
Do you carry a spare tire in the trunk of your car? 
Do you have a spare divination set, just in case you forget your Tarot Cards?

Small details. 
I forgot my phone today. I forgot my badge. I sometimes will forget my head, but that is attached to my neck, so no problem with losing it. 

Small details can lead us down a road of destruction. 

When I forget things, I start to think about all the negative shit that is happening in my life, and my blood starts to boil. 
I have never had this happen to me in the past. I was always able to calm myself down, before I blew my top off. Now, my mind races to the extreme and it becomes "The Blame Game Show". 

Did you know that at least once a week, I am a contestant on this show, and I occasionally win such great prizes, such as; avoiding the truth and not understanding. Such great novelties. 

The card of the day is Three of Wands. The hidden energy card is the Tower. 

Destruction. Mayhem. Stones being thrown at a glass house. Wow, I just figured out that the Tower card can be related to "Stones being thrown at a glass house". 

The stone is the Truth and the Glass house is the Belief that does not serve us anymore. This is only my observation and I am relating the Tower card to a statement in order to help me understand.

A glass house. 
I would not want to live in a glass house because it would be too damn hot. Ya know, greenhouse effect and such. Yes, I know, air conditioning would most certainly have to be installed, but can you imagine the bill? Also can you imagine how much fabric would have to be used to make the curtains?

Sorry, a little off track there for a while. 

Remember that Lies and Deception will be around you this week. The Truth will come out. The Truth will be revealed. So, the journey will begin. The tools are there with you. You wait for the line to move, until it is your turn. 
Kind of like waiting to ride a roller coaster at an amusement park. 

You wait for the line to move, decide which stall you want to go in, and then get ready for the ride of your life. 

The tools are all there, in your bag of tricks, and you are simply waiting for the perfect opportunity to move. To strike the metal while it is still hot. To temper it. 
To push the hoop in one direction. 
Things will be lost in the shuffle. Things will be discarded. One thing is for sure, you will come out with everything that is needed, in order to advance. Who cares if the tower, you built your life on, crashes to the ground. 
You have been there before. When love leaves our side. When the break up happens. Our life is thrown to the ground and we learn to live without the familiar. 
You learn to sleep in the middle of the bed. You learn to do things on your own. You learn to love again. 

Even if you were to leave your current job. You will survive. You will still exist. The job does not make you. The job does not state that you are someone. You make that happen. You advance forward with great potential, if you are willing to give up that which does not serve you. 

Blessed Be. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.22.13: Base Chakra

Wednesday 5.22.13: 

The card of the day is Base Chakra. The hidden energy card is the Devil. 

It is time to make a decision. Will you be like everyone else and fit into a small box, or move forward with great intent and live within a limitless space? Did you know that the box is there because the mass has placed it there. When we live as a whole and make decisions based off of fear, then our life becomes fear. We see examples of danger and mishap throughout the day. It is time to break free.

The two cards above state to me that we are not of the norm. Beings of light learn to live within the confinements of reality, but also learn to travel beyond them. Do you find yourself wishing to be something else? To do something wonderful? 
To find fulfillment within a job that is not a job. Something that makes you smile. Smile with content. 

I want to be happy with what I do. I want to break free and be me. 

The mass will try to hold you down. They will try to manipulate and advise that if you leave, then surely you will die. 
All great leaders must learn to stand alone at times. To shake their fist and state "I am not going to take it anymore!"

What happens next?

I am going to do things a little different. I decided to record my initial thoughts regarding the cards. Here is what I came up with:

What do I apply the cards to? What do they mean to me? What could they mean?
With all of the things such as Ego and thinking as a group...

Carolyn Myss states that the base chakra is associated with the whole. 
This is where everything takes place as far as healing, as far as your primal need, having work and being afraid. 
I think that is what this is associated with, being afraid. 
Being afraid of what will happen if you were to step out of the whole and into your own self. 
Because once we reach up to our Solar Plexus, that is when we start to become our self, and pull away from the whole. 
Even with the Sacral Chakra we are pulling away as well. Knowing one self. Maybe it is not about thinking of the whole. Maybe it is about thinking only of our self and breaking free from that. What do we need in order to heal?
If I saw the two cards in a reading, it would state to me that someone is not owning up to who they are, someone is not willing to take the step forward, someone is not willing to state something. 
I think the whole week is having that happen. The week does say that something wonderful is going to take place. 
Am I seeing that now? I am seeing that take place? Yes, because answers are coming to me. I am able to change things as they are happening.  What would my advise be? To break free from the chains. Our ego self. To that which is stating I can not move. And especially associated with the Base Chakra, it means that we are wanting to break free, but the mass is stating not to. So, what is the lesson that needs to be learned today? Maybe we need to break free from the whole.
Maybe we need to listen to our inner self rather than what is around us.
I think this week is more about taking ownership of who we are and understand that we are worthy of good things. Great things. That we are worthy of speaking up and stating this is not right.
This is not fair.

I also notice that the week is about lies and deception coming out.
Truth happening.
You can either be ready for it, 
live in the light,
or not
and live in fear.
Fear of losing
Fear of "how can I stop this person from speaking the truth?"
But you can't.
People misunderstand this.
No matter how hard you try and bury the truth, it can not happen.
People think that they can hide it.
And they can hide it for a few moments, but that is it, they can not hide anything else after that. 

Blessed Be. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.21.13: New Beginning

Tuesday 5.21.13: 

The card of the day is The Fool. The hidden energy card is Temperance. 

When I started to write down first impressions about the card, the phrase "purging of past karma" and the word "healing", came into my mind. 

I wrote down other things such as:
New beginning
first step
moving forward with no regret
new tools are coming 
New orders are being given to us by Source

New Orders. Kind of like in the military. You are given papers for a specific task and then it can be changed at any time. 

What is the new task that we must take on? What is it that we have to move forward with? I think I need to go outside and think for a while...

Sometimes we fear the unknown. 
What will take place. Why are we afraid to speak up? 
Why do we think that we will surely die, if we decide to make waves? 
A wave. 

Remember back in an earlier post, I gave an example of a wave, and how it starts out by it self. Alone in the adventure. We all must start this journey with a single step. One step. One voice. One word. A raising of one hand. 

All things are set in motion. You can allow others to influence your decisions and choices, but it all comes down to your action. Who is taking the step? 

I love people who state to Mystics that having a job in this day in age is hard to come by, and that if you were to speak out, then surely you will be left penniless. Really? 

I usually smile at them and state, "Well then, I would rather live a happy life, penniless, than to live a life of burden, tied to something I hate. "

Sometimes we stumble, make mistakes, and pick the wrong path, but one thing is for certain; we are still loved. 

Source does not leave our side. If anything, Source always has our back. 

This Mystic is needing to take a step. My spirit is feeling very tied down and wants to speak out. To yell out the truth and spit fire. Eliminate the shadow and bring in the light. 

This Mystic is afraid of the change. Afraid to create waves, because no one else is doing it. Maybe that is the answer. I am allowing the thoughts of others to influence my action. My spirit is telling me to jump, run, and advance. My body is telling me to watch out, stop, and keep still. 

I think I must return to that which I know. That I am of light and always within alignment of my Divine Path. 

Blessed Be. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.20.13: Dishonesty

Monday 5.20.13:

The stage has been set. We saw the movement take place during the weekend. One prop exchanged for another. 
We move into the week with the intention of finding out the Truth, or rather, to bring the Truth into the light. 

The card of the day is the Seven of Swords. The hidden energy card is Death. 

Transformation has to take place on the inside, in order for it to take effect on the outside. To be reflected. 

There is always a shadow part to each card. Even the most positive card, in the deck, has a shadow side to it. 

The Sun can take on the dark side of Pride. Invincible. To big for our britches. The wax on our wings will surely be melted by the heat of the sun. 

The Seven of Swords speaks to me about lies. The mask that people will have on, when talking to us. 

I was looking at an e-card the other day, and it said, "Oh Lord give me the strength to deal with this fake bitch."

I could not stop laughing, because we find our self in that very same situation, with those around us. I think the e-card was not to be taken in the form of putting on a show, in order to deal with the lies and dishonesty, but it was stating that the person needed the strength to accept that human being, flaws and all. 

The stage is set for a party. The Truth will come out. The story will be told. Those around will be talking about it. It is up to you to determine how it is told. 

Are we playing a game of telephone?

You do know that the message will be jumbled and interpreted in a deceitful way. 

Why not do the talking yourself? Stand up on your soap box and tell the story in your own voice. 

Do not let others do it for you. 

The mask can always come off. The mask does not have to be worn. Did you know that you are beautiful? 
The face you were born with is of light. Shinning in the darkest night. 

Bring the lies into the the light and let them burn. 
Allow the Truth to be left behind. To be reflected in the sunlight. 

The week has very positive cards showing up and will bring the Truth to our side. So start with your own heart. Are you being truthful to yourself? Are you feeling worthy? Worthy of the love and happiness that is within your life? 

I think we forget, at times, that we deserve love. We deserve happiness. We deserve good. To be good. To understand. To sing. To speak up and state, "I am worthy and so are you!". 

I think people need to hear this from their peers. Who knows. Maybe you will start a chain reaction of peace. A chain reaction of love. A river of light that flows through each and every Heart Chakra. That flows through the Universe and returns with the exact item that is needed to advance forward. 

Blessed Be. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.19.13: What is Next?

Sunday 5.19.13:

The card of the day is Two of Wands. The hidden energy card is the World.

When inspiration enters into your life, you decide to either go along with the energy or let it die out. The dream belongs to someone else. Some other vision enters into your mind and you have a choice. 

It is time to start out fresh. Start out new. What is your next project? The paper is blank again. This is the beginning of the next chapter. Do you wish to bring in old characters? 
Do you wish to start with new ones? 

The stage is being reset. Changed and moved in opposite directions. The scene is changing. What will the next half of the show bring us?

This brings to mind the show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and the musical episode. It was called "Once more with feeling". 

I often wondered what that meant. 
Now I understand. 

It is time for the show and the performance must go one. This time we do it for real. There is no time to practice. To rehearse. This time we do it "Once more with feeling". 

Blessed Be. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.18.13: Disruption

Saturday 5.18.13:

The card of the day is Disruption = The Tower. The hidden energy card is Judgement. 

The phrase "the calm after the storm" comes to mind when I see these two cards in a reading. There was a storm a brewing yesterday, within my soul. The vessel was about to go into shut down mode, due to too much energy. 

Today is a brand new day. 

There are moments in my life, when a person will approach me and start to talk about how bad the day is. How awful the moment is. Their perception can lead them down a street of negativity. I simply smile and advise them "it will surely work out in your favor". They look at me with silence. No response. 

Do you think they are trying to figure out how to turn that positive statement into a negative one? 

Are they surprised that I did not agree with them?

I have always wondered what goes through the mind of a person who hears a positive statement. Just the other day, I was talking to a co-worker about dieting. Did you know I am a self proclaimed expert on gaining and losing weight? 
She would always state to me about how she ate too much, or gave in to her sweet tooth, and devoured every cookie in the cupboard. My response was always positive. I would advise her that it happens, and that she has to keep on moving. Weight is something that we must first accept. Our own state of existence and the ability to want to change. After many morning talks about the daily eating of yesterday, she one day advised me that I was always so positive about losing weight. She appreciated the fact that someone was advising her that it was okay to fall off the wagon for a moment, and that she was able to return to her healthy way of eating and move forward. 

That made me smile. 

Even though I was feeling blue, that little sentence of appreciation brought joy to my heart. 

The cards speak of peace and change of thought. The awake feeling that we get when everything just makes sense. When the heavens come together in union, to create that perfect moment. This perfect moment. 

When a person first learns to Hoop. You can do it on one side with ease and grace. One way of movement. But a true Dance Hoop person must learn to hoop in the other direction. They call this the second currant. Believe me it is not easy, but when you learn to hoop in both directions, it opens up even more things that you can do. Hoop Dance! I enjoy it. There is also a move you have to do, that is called a Break, and it stops the hoop from moving left, to turn it to the right. I know, it sounds confusing, but bear with me. I swear it will relate to the Tower card. 
When you first start to learn the break, it is not elegant, and it looks like you are making a mistake. With time you learn to make the break (disruption) look elegant with a little sparkle of hands and body motion. The Tower card is about destruction and the trick is to make it look easy, by making it look elegant. 
This method can be related to Pee-Wee Herman's Big Adventure, in the scene where he is riding his bike and hits a curb. He flips over and falls and when he gets back up, there is a group of kids watching him. He looks at them and states, "I meant to do that". This is how we should handle disruption. After it has ended, and people have noticed it, we should look at them and state, "I meant to do that". 

Disruption is simply the absence of Truth. We become confused because we are not recognizing the solution in front of us. 

It is time to wake up. Time to get out of bed and start your day. Time to take your first step into the light. Time to turn towards the Sun, and like the turtle, bask in the sunlight. Raise your face to the sky and soak in the joy of life. 

Blessed Be. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.17.2013: Truth

Friday 5.17.13: 

Truth creeps in. We wait for it to take place, when all hope is lost. What happens when Truth is at your doorstep?

What happens when it is hidden? Hidden beneath the rest of the world and all of its lies?

Truth is a change in thought. A change in a different direction. 

What happens when a Mystic is tired of the crap? When he is the only one shaking his fist at the wrong, that is seen, within their reality? 

I think this is Bullshit!

A Mystic can only take so much crap and turn it into something beneficial. Crappy Fertilizer. Yes, I know, it helps everything grow. Helps everything bloom. Well, you can certainly use to much. Then what? Your seed becomes smothered. 

There are questions that swim around, throughout my day, and they require me to really take a look at everything that is going on. Why try? Why check in? No one else is checking in around me. No one else is wanting to see the huge hail storm that is headed our way. Kinda feeling like Noah here. Building a damn Arc, everyone laughing at the project, and in turn the rain starts to drop.

Did Noah have a smile on his face when that first rain drop was felt? I doubt it. I think he had a heart full of compassion, for those that were going to surely be transformed. 

The card of the day is Judgement or Truth. The hidden energy card is The Sun. 

The Truth shall set you free, is what I think of with these two cards. 
Happiness transpires from the release of lies. Today's entry is going to be very short. This Mystic is feeling the sludge build up, and frankly, my defense mode is to become like the beginning stage of the Hermit, and retreat into silence.

Blessed Be. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.16.13: Finishing the Product

Thursday 5.16.13:

Sometimes our ability to finish a project, or to at least move it into the next phase, requires a little Faith. Intuition can be associated with Faith because you are having to listen and believe that a certain subject or experience will take place. All of this is done on the basis of a "hunch".

The card of the day is the Three of Coins. The hidden energy card is The Moon. 

The recognition of a job-well-done, should not come from others around you, but from your self. That is why you are trying to keep so many dishes spinning atop a  thin stick. The trick is to keep track of all of them, give a little push to keep it going, and move on to the next. Get the timing right and you will look like a pro. Get the timing wrong and scream "Op-ha!"

The dishes fell. So what! There are more. There are always more dishes to break. Hehe....

The project is never really over. The project is simply laid to rest at that very moment. It will need to be tended to. It will need to be looked at every so often, to make sure it is still spinning. To make sure it is still on track. 

What project is coming to an end? Who is recognizing your hard work?

I always state to other Light Bringers, that we burn bright, and shine at about 250% of our whole being throughout the day. We put our whole self, into a project, and at times have to bring in a little bit more energy, than others, so that the project can be born into existence. All that the Light Bringer asks, is that the person functions at their full potential. It could be 20%, 30%, or 100% but it is a requirement to work at that amount during the crucial time of completion. The Light Bringer will supply the rest. 

Who, in your life, is not functioning with their full potential? With their full existence?

It happens. The Light Bringer wonders what is wrong. What they have done wrong in the process of this wonderful project, and begins to doubt. 
Doubt must be eliminated from your mind's eye. 
It must be asked to leave. It must be crossed out. 
Know that there are times when you must take on the project, your self, and proceed with great action. The others will either catch up, or fall behind. That is non of your concern. 

Remember we are not doing this for the recognition of another...or are we? 

This project is taking place, so that you can be happy, feel happy, and be complete. 

Follow your still small voice, that sits within your spirit, telling you what to do next. To sit. To stand. To create. To transform. To heal. To 

Blessed Be. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.15.13: Universal Law

Wednesday 5.15.13:

There are many Universal Laws or Truths. They surround our very existence. We live. We die. We create by thought first, then manifest with great force. The seasons change. The leaves fall. Like attracts Like. 

So many Universal Laws that we follow, without thought or understanding, and question why things take place within our environment. 

The card of the day is Justice = Balance. 
The hidden energy card is The Star

The Justice card, related to the physical world, can mean jail, legal matters, the court system, and the police. 
In the spiritual world, it takes on a different form and shape. It can be related to past lives, karma, energy returning, the golden rule, swift action, and spiritual fairness. 

Fair. To be fair. 
Are you fair to those around you?
Do you judge others with a balanced scale?

The scale must always be updated and fixed. You must test your scale for accuracy. One good thought must weigh the same as another. One bad thought must weigh the same as another. One act of kindness must measure out the same. I am not stating, that you must treat each person with the same act of kindness. Same amount of compassion. 
I am stating that your eyes can not be clouded by other people's opinions. Other people's beliefs. Other people's thoughts. 

There is only one of you. One unique spiritual being that thrives on compassionate love. That lives, to simply shine. What is your level of shine?
It could be simple. A smile. A laugh. The thought of love. The thought of food. The act of sex. The act of simply being. Simply waking up in the morning and expressing your self to the fullest. With no thought or regard to those around.
Singing in the rain. Singing in the shower. Singing in the car. Singing in your mind. 

Simple acts can out weigh the negative thoughts. They can tip the scale to create balance. To create harmony. We produce so much more light when we are in harmony. When we are in balance. 

We are never to far from our goal. It is within reach. It is within our existence. We simply have to realize it. We have to be in balance with the factors that rotate around our very being. We must be in agreement. 

Agreement with that which is being given. Agreement with our spirit. Agreement with who we are and what we stand for. 

What do you stand for?

A time of change is always at our door step. A time of change is always within our reach. Are you ready to take on the role? The role of Fairness. Of truth. Of Justice. 

It can be tricky at times to distinguish between fair and not fair. What should a very positive person do, if they are faced with a decision that is not within agreement with their spirit? 
Do they use their scale to measure their level of happiness? 

No one has control over your level of happiness. They may influence it but they never can control it. 

Are you unhappy? 
Then do something about it. Stop complaining and take a chance. See what happens. I take a chance every time I feel that I am not within agreement of my spirit. Believe me, I learned a long time ago, that when you do not listen to your inner voice, then creation of a path of negative destruction starts to take place. As much as I love destruction, I do not want to experience that level of negative destruction in my life again. Now, positive destruction is another story. I love it!

The energy of today will lead you to that balance. That small point of harmony, that will shift your level of thought and action. It will allow your body to catch up with your spirit. To start a cycle of light. A cycle of love. 

Blessed Be. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.14.13: Holding on to Energy

Tuesday 5.14.13:

the process of change can be scary at times. Some think that if they let go, of that which is not needed, then they will not exist. Sometimes things are lost in our life because we need to live without it. Dumbo needed to lose the feather, in order to understand that he could fly. 

Our Talismans are simply objects that we require at that moment to REMIND us that we are strong. We have the power to move forward. That we are loved. 

The card of the day is the Four of Coins. The Miser. I always view this card as an energy card. Are we holding onto energy that will be needed in order to recognize the good in our life? 
Are we needing to take back energy that we have been giving too much of?
Do you feel sick? 

Ahhhhhh! I know what sickness feels like. Had it all weekend. Did I enjoy it? Nope. 
I did get a lot of valuable information and a pep in my step, now that I am healed, and ready to take on the World! 
Well, not the world, but you know what I mean. Geez....

The real challenge in our life is to know when we are giving energy to those that really require it or when we are just throwing it at anyone and everyone, depleting our own source of existence in the process. 

No bueno! 

When I first started to heal others with crystals, and Tarot readings, I found that I wanted to heal everyone! Heal them all! Take it all on and become the greatest healer in the world. (Sounds like I was getting too big for my britches. I was young and now I understand that the real person who needs saving , first, is my self.)
So I went out into the great unknown, with light in my heart and a positive attitude. 
Some people do not want to be healed. Did you know that? 
The real lesson I learned was that if I constantly give-give-give, then those around you will surely take-take-take. They will also take when it is not needed and you have nothing more to give. Believe me, a healer soon finds out that Source will lead you to those that need and want to be healed. Source will always provide. Your energy is valuable and not everyone will understand it, but you will. 

There are times when you have to say "NO" and "Not at this time". There are times when you have to state "I need a break". 
Even the greatest Tarot Readers know when to go to the bathroom and get something to eat. Even if the line is out the door. The people will understand. The people will know that you will do your best to help them in any way possible. 

The hidden energy card is the Tower. Destruction. 
Many people will view this card as bad. It is a good card. I associate it with Kali. She eliminates all items that are not needed in our life, so that we can move forward and grow. Grow into something wonderful. Did you know that you are already wonderful, at this very moment, and that Source is giving you everything you need to grow? But we want to stay on our safe ledge, on the side of the mountain. We do not want to move, for if we do, then we shall surely fall to our death. 

Remember the song in the movie "Beaches" called "Glory of Love"?

"You have to laugh a little. Cry a little. Even get the blues a little...."

We all have weeds in our garden, and when we become too frustrated with them, we begin to pull out everything. Even the beautiful buds that are starting to grow. Or we hold on to one flower. We tend to one small flower, even though there are others growing around you. That one small flower is smothered to death. What are you smothering to death? 
Sometimes we have to just let it grow, water and feed it every so often, and allow Source to supply the rest. Let it all go. Allow Source to work it's magic. The magic of love. 

Blessed Be. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.13.13: Intuition

Monday 5.13.13:

I am back and feeling better. I am back in the swing of things, or so I feel like it. My body is still working through the harsh virus that always takes place, when my gift manifests and takes on a new level of power. 

Believe me, it is not as fun as it sounds.
I was talking with Brian the other day and I asked, "Why are great healers so old and their power does not come into true fruition until they are an elder?(I think of old as the age of 40, which is not even close to being old. I know, I know, shoot me later, but hey in gay years that is like 99!!)

Brian stated, "Well, they need the experience. They need to go through life and become aware of the items that need to be healed."

I shouted, "Why can't they be young and be powerful?"

He replied, "If they are young, then they will die early. All that power and knowledge. The body can not handle it."

It made perfect sense to me. Some may disagree, others may agree. It does not matter. I know that I must wait and be patient with the information I receive. I must accept my state of sickness. My state of dis-comfort. My state of dis-ease. They are only periods of time, for which I will receive information from Source on how to heal that certain type of energy. It is all energy. 

Today, is about our Intuition. The hidden energy card is The Devil. Our Ego. 

Sometimes we stand in front of that state of perfection, that we were born to be. Perfection is not to be related with the act of no blemish or mark, but the act of being accepting of that which is. To release our hold on material things and be within alignment of our Divine path. Do you know what your Divine path looks like? 

We all have some sort of idea. It reveals itself to us when we long to do something new. Something that is part of our mundane, but means so much to us, when the act is performed. For me it is the act of healing, using tarot to receive information for my clients, and being able to aid others on their spiritual journey. Without this act of spiritual practice, my life would be drab and blue. I would long for something more. Some insane adventure. I would leave the place where I dwell and search. Leave work. Leave people. Leave that which I love and simply look for that hidden part of me, that yearns to be discovered. I use to live my life in this manner, when I was young, and found out too quick that I was not accepting my Divine Path of a healer. I was not listening to my inner intuition. It was advising me that my life was needing a change. A change that required me to really take a look at who I was, where I was going, and what I needed to eliminate (reference to the Devil card and Chains. *hmph *hmph)

Subtle choice and chances take hold of our life. We eliminate that which is good and produce that which is bad. We sometimes get caught up in the ramble and rumble of the thunder on the outside, that it overpowers the ramble and a rumble of the greatest storm taking place, on the inside. 

Sometimes our inner voice is small and meek. It simply states "That is not the way you should be going..."
We do not listen because the clanking of chains, that is happening, as we take on a greater load than we should be. 

I can imagine just what I would state to my inner voice, as I pull the huge boulder up a large hill, "I know..I got this...don't worry."

It would be so much simpler to just agree and release the chain around my neck and go in the direction I am being advised to travel. Easy right?

Back to being sick. I have learned that my body must catch up with my spirit and sometimes it has to take a day of full on sleep, in order to shut down my entire state of being, that way I can allow the spiritual information to be downloaded completely, rather than in bits and fragments. 

I received a lot of great information while asleep. Many dreams, talks with my spirit guide, and a the entering of a new teacher. I have to figure out what this all means and move forward, but I know that it will have to do with the healing arts. Did it have to come to this measure of sickness? I think so. I stopped scheduling a time for my meditation practice and this is how I received most of my information. So, the spirits had to accomplish this in a different fashion. By knocking me out for a day or two and advising me of what needs to be done. It was not pleasant, but I knew I would get through it. 

Blessed Be. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.12.13: The Overseer

Sunday 5.12.13:

The card of the day is the Knight of Coins. The Hidden energy card is Temperance.

The time of healing is still taking place. Our body is in much need of rest and relaxation. It is downloading great and wonderful information from Source. I have heard of healers using pure white light to displace the soul within a person's body, that is trying to stop the healing from taking effect. Or the energy that is being given is leaving the body at an accelerated rate, and the healer can not keep up, so they displace the soul for a few seconds in order for the healing to take effect. Sometimes we need to be out of commission, in order to have something in our life be healed. In order to have peace be placed within our heart.

The Knight, to me, means raw and powerful energy that is untapped. It moves forward but there is no thought or rhyme to the power being produced. It is raw in nature. The Novice.

I always view the Knight as a young apprentice in magic, learning about that certain element. This is Earth.

Earthquakes are raw and untapped energy. They happen, whenever it feels like happening, and can not be stopped, once released. A novice in the school of magic, first learns that basic spells associated with Earth. To heal. To produce and cultivate love. They do not learn the shadow side of Earth. The taboo of controlling your enemies with cemetary dirt, or rather goofer dust, in the Hoodoo belief system. Very interesting information. A Novice would not understand the power that a spell has. The energy is neither good nor bad. The intent behind it, is what may corrupt it.

I do not have much to say on this card. I do not have much to say for the energy of today. I am still getting over the sickness that I had this weekend. I am still wanting to sleep and rest. Maybe that is the true meaning of the card. Time management of my health. Earth can be related to the human body. Where do I need structure? Where do I need balance? 

Maybe this is a time of understanding? A time to get things in order?

Blessed Be. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.11.13: A Time of Healing

Saturday 5.11.13:

Today is very much a day of healing. The card of the day is Temperance. The hidden energy card is Death. 

I have been asleep for most of the day. I have noticed that when my spirit is going through change and it makes a major breakthrough, then I tend to get really sick, and a break through happens. My gift changes and manifests into something wonderful. 

I can advise you that getting sick is not a bad thing. Our body requires it, in order to become immune to that certain virus. 

A healer must take on the form of sickness, in order to understand it, and to be able to heal others. There is not much I can say about the energy of today, but I can state this much. 

Spirits and energy are one in the same. The energy is unknown, so we become afraid of it. Sickness can set in, when we receive a wonderful psychic attack. They are no bueno. In the end we move forward. We learn to heal. We advance in our gift. 

Blessed Be. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 5.10.13: Conflict

Friday 5.10.13:

Conflict can sometimes be brought on by the disagreement of a statement. By the disagreement of a Truth. 
How the process should unfold, when really, the goal is what needs to be focused on. 

Sometimes the leap of Faith is made with great intent. 

The card of the day is the Five of Wands. The hidden energy card is the Hanged Man. 

The thunder is roaring outside and lightening is flashing. I can relate this card to a storm. Two sides of a choice. One contains the truth and the other is not of truth. One choice is of light and the other is of dark. 

The storm starts with a cloud. 
A thought. A statement. 

The cloud can produce more clouds or stay a single cloud (simply a thought). 

When confusion or worry sets in, the cloud will grow. Grow into a great storm with rain, sleet, hail, and wind. The storm will demolish all that is within it's line of sight. 
The storm is filled with confusion. The storm is great and powerful. The trees sway and bend. Some break and others stand their ground. 
The land is soaked with intention. With power. How will this energy be used?

The conflict is the decision that needs to be made. The power is always there. The tools we need to create and manifest our dreams, are always present. It is the decision that causes the conflict. To go North. To go South. 

To manifest good. To manifest that which is "the lack of". The decision can lead us down the path of destruction, rather than the path of greatness. 

Have you ever noticed that the path of greatness, in some stories, is always filled with light. 
What if the path of greatness was dark? 

What if the path of greatness was grim and full of shadows?

We all must pass through a state of darkness. 
That state of darkness is always there when a breakthrough is about to happen. I call it the "breaking through the sludge" stage. It is this very thin cloud of filth that builds up over time. When a Mystic is traveling around, and showing everyone their light, they can tend to take on a little of other people's mess. Their chaos. 
A mystic can sometimes lead more with a state of compassion, than the thought of taking care of their own health. 
The sludge builds up and when a Mystic starts to get tired of the rat race, of being awake, of checking into life everyday, then the Mystic will want to give up. This is when the great breakthrough is about to happen. I advise my friends and clients, that the Mystic must then muster up all the energy he has left over, and shine their brightest. The small film of sludge will eventually fall away or the Mystic will have enough Faith to put one arm out, break through the sludge, and move forward. 

The path is made clear, the storm passes, and life moves on. The cycle begins again. Life begins again. Life moves forward. Are you ready for the unknown that stands before you? 

Sometimes we have to have a little bit of Faith in what will take place. In the good that will happen, if we simply move past the dark, and into the light. 

Blessed Be.