Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.31.13: Moonlight

Sunday 3.31.13:

Forgiveness in the sunlight is simple. You look at the issue and the answer is revealed. You look at an issue in the moonlight and it takes on a different form and shape. The shadow is more abundant than the light and we become confused. The laws of the universe are clear. You ask, you set an intent, you give this fragile dream the time and energy that is needed, and you receive. Well, it sounds easier than what is described, or so I have been told.

Sometimes we forget the steps. We tend to plant moon flowers that bloom once a month. We plant weeds in the garden.

The law states that we have to tend to the weeds in order to let the flowers bloom. Also the law states that for every winter, there is a spring. Kelly Catrone states that the seasons may not happen in order, you may get two winters and a fall, but eventually you get a summer.

The card sits in the position of the Bee. We must forgive that which we have no control over. We simply must forgive.

Today is Easter. A new day. A new path. Now accept it. The bone collector is moving out of our environment and tomorrow will take on a new source of energy.

Blessed Be

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.30.13: The Compass

Saturday 3.30.13

This may be short and sweet for some. I am writing from my phone, and frankly it is a little difficult to do this and really write a novel about the energy of today. Actually I have been feeling a little blue lately. Feeling as if I am out of touch. We went out to eat, because I was tired of counting carbs, counting calories, counting my life away. I decided to just let things happen. Let the energy flow. Tomorrow is a new day and I can always return to what is familiar, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I missed home. California home.

I wanted to see my friends, who really understand the great and powerful being of light that writes to you everyday. I had to go and do something out of he ordinary. We went shopping and found a wonderful book store that is a locally owned store and has great spiritual books. It really made me feel at home.

I think that today is about letting your spirit guide you. The cars is The Compass. The position it sits in is the hummingbird/energy. Sometimes we need to take a detour. Sometimes we need a break from what is known, in order to step into the unknown, to find peace. To find familiar faces, to find home...

Blessed Be

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.29.13: Details, Details

Friday 3.29.13: 

I can see when others decide to read my entries for a little inspiration and then there are times when they do not need the inspiration to move forward. Do you think they move backwards and relate to the entries that speak to them, even if it was posted a year ago? 

The belief that everything is happening at this very moment, can be related to the entries of my Blog. I could simply choose one entry each day and repeat it. Would that person find some sort of inspiration, or sign, that would speak to them, and propel them forward?
I would think so. 

I write to simply write. To speak to at least one person within my environment. To advise them of the symbol and signs that overlay upon each other. To shuffle the cards and receive information from Source. To go beyond what is reality and travel into the great library where the akashic records are kept. To open the book of life and read. 

Inspiration can be found within our dreams. Dreams take place at night, during the day, and mid afternoon. We dream when we are awake. We dream when we meditate. 
Some state that we are dreaming right now, creating what is before us, known as an illusion. For we are asleep at the wheel of life, when we decide to simply let things take place. When we decide to not do something, that will benefit us in the long run. 

Pay attention to what you are doing. Pay attention to that which you want. If you wish to create, then create. If you wish to become, then change and exist. 

I also wish to give up on certain things. To not relate to the cards at certain times. To not pick up energy that is around me. 
Sometimes this Mystic gets really tired and then there are times when I wish to expand my own belief system. To learn so much, that I glow with enlightenment. 
Keep your eye on what is wanted, what is needed, and in turn let everything else take shape and form. I always state to Brian that we must think of what is wanted and the rest is Details. The experience is simply a detail. 

This card speaks to me about the details of our life. When we get upset and think about past experiences that have happened. It is simply a detail that has taken place. We can choose to stay stuck on what has happened or move forward. 
Shrug your shoulders, give the issue light, or let your soul be bound to that one experience. It will suck you dry of vital energy. 

It is time to wake up!
The hidden energy card is Judgement. This is about waking up from the sleep we have been under. It is a new day!
The trumpets are blowing, can you hear them?

I had about three dreams last night. A lot of them involved people I love and care for back in California. I stated that I was going to pay attention to my dreams, and in turn I received many. What do they mean?
I can sit and analyze them or send it light and keep on moving. Keep on singing. 
Keep on dancing...

Blessed Be. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.27.13: Unexpected Visitors

Thursday 3.27.13:

Unexpected Visitors Card falls in the position of the Crow/Spirit. This is the vital energy that is needed. The magic that we keep secret, in order to create what is needed. The visitor is Source. The visitor is our memory of what has happened before. The visitor is the goblin that sits in the corner, waiting for the exact moment, to get you. To watch you slip and then laugh at the incident.

Memories of what we use to do during our High School days. Falling in love. The crush on the local jock. The nerd down the street.

Sometimes I think about all the small things I use to do, such as act like a little school girl, when the guy I had a crush on, would talk to me. In High School I only wanted to be loved. To be noticed.
I simply wanted to love as much as others could love. I did not know what my light bringer gift was. I was a complete giver and some would take it to heart. Also I now know that if others do not accept the love that Light Bringer's have to give, then that is their problem. We are simply trying to exist and make the world a livable place.

I laugh, even now, about how everything has worked out in my favor. I was a collector of sort, a bone collector, gathering information about the perfect guy, that is within my life right now.
To pick and choose what was wanted. What was needed.
Now I give love to this great person in my life and have it returned ten fold.

To be called Beautiful. That is the moment that it dawned on me, that this great person, really loves me for ME!
The thing that is needed the most will make itself known, even in the darkest cave, the light will still shine. Sometimes we complain and gripe, that things are just not going the way we thought they would. That life is simply too hard. That one should not try, because surely if we try, then someone will state to us to stop existing.
Does this sound familiar?
Do not think that I am not guilty of thinking this way.
I was almost going to give up completely, on finding someone to love, dating, and searching for that special person to spend the rest of my life with. Then one day, all the meditation, work, and spiritual practice, payed off. I found Brian Calvin.

It did not hit me that he was everything I was looking for. That everything I would joke about, state was on a list, and also qualities that I wished for in secret, he contained. Everything!

I always ask him, "why did it take 35 years to find him?". He gets very silent, looks at me, and states, "Because I had work through all my shit, to be ready for you now."

I understand now, that sometimes unexpected visitors have to enter into your life, in order for you to gather information, to make a clear decision about what you want out of life.
The hidden energy card is The Sun. This tells me that the unexpected visitor will contain great news. Possible raise? Unexpected Money? Delicious Delights?

What we need is to be recognized, not by others, but our self. The being that sits within every person, yearns to respond to the Sun shinning down on them. To sit and understand just how big we are within this Universe. We are no longer related to Ants walking around, but the speckles of light that sparkle on the dance floor, the shimmer in the sand, and the glimmer of light on the water's surface. Without this the beauty of nature and awe would not exist, photographs would be bland, and inspiration would be minimal. 
Do not get me wrong, there would be dreamers who would be able to create without seeing, but very little, for inspiration, for many, needs to be seen within our reality. 

I need to sometimes see the card in my everyday life, before I can write about the symbolism and nature of the energy. 

The real surprise is when the last few minutes are ticking down on the clock, and you have very little hope, that the creation of a positive response will take effect. This is the unexpected visitor. They are not unwanted, unless you are not satisfied with what is being given, and in turn that would be your Ego speaking. They should be welcomed, for they may have in hand, what is needed to complete the task. To complete your journey. To create the inspiration that you were waiting for. 

Blessed Be. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.27.13: Field of Dreams

Wednesday 3.27.13:

What we require with inspiration, we require as a whole. One wishes to simply create a state of bliss and happiness. One wishes to inspire and transmute, that which blocks our path of life and energy. 

The field may be wide and open, but someone can get lost within the dream. A dream is simple, small, bright, and creative. It contains symbols and emotions that we are not able to use, recognize, and state in the wake reality. 

What one hopes for, is the realization of the power of that dream. What are the details. A dream seems far away due to our thought process and our emotion. 

This card sits in the position of the Owl/Mystery/Secrets. 
The hidden energy card is The Moon. Psychic energy and an unknown pull from Source. Where are you called to travel to?
Who are you called to speak to?

Since everyone contains a gift, then that will leave some to tend to the dreams of others. What if you were the inspiration to the creation of a wonderful piece of art?
Well, you are....
Our life is the canvas and with every brush stroke, a creation of beauty and bliss is created. It is the artist that allows those around them to put what is needed on the canvas, that creates a masterpiece. 
Who will you allow to paint on your heart?

This is where things will come into the light...

I want to bring up a delicate subject within my life. When a being of the light decides to diminish their fire, the spirit within, then another being of light feels the pain of that person. A light bringer is created to bring in the light, so when another light bringer doubts their true nature, other light bringers feel it as well. It is kind of like a circle of wonderful, beautiful, giving people that go around and sprinkle love everywhere. They are fully connected. Some are the feet, the hands, the eyes, and the heart of the whole. When one part of the body is ill, then the whole feels incomplete. The puzzle is missing a piece. 

Maybe a foul smelling goblin came and took the piece away. Eventually the piece is returned and the whole is complete once more, but the whole must learn to function without certain parts, in order to understand how vital that one piece is. 

What am I speaking of, you ask?

As a mystic gets older, the people and places around them, start to make perfect sense. The trials and tribulations that others go through are milestones. The true test within this world is to live in it. Some want to check out early, damage the beautiful creature within them because they feel unworthy, and cause destruction  on the outside, because they are not happy with the destruction on the inside. 

How does a Mystic deal with this form of action and misplacement?
The Mystic keeps on existing. They must pick up the slack and burn brighter than before. If we are to feel sorry for that person, or give up on them, then we might as well hold their hand and dance to the beat of their pity drum. 
Or the Mystic can learn to project positive energy towards that person and let Source take over. 
Take over the whole damn thing. Give all the issues, problems, and worry over to Source and let it be cleansed. 

Cleansed of what has happened. What will take place. What is in the past. 
Now it makes sense. The Bone Collector is here to bring in the past. Remind us of what is there. The tools that are needed to move forward, to see progress, to exist within the light. She sets the mood. She is the outer limit of the Field of Dreams. She is the reality that pulls the dream into existence. 

Now use your light. Shine bright. Let the Universe experience your perfection. Let the parts become as One. Let us lift those in need to the light, to the Universe, to Source. 

Blessed Be. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.26.13: Goblins

Tuesday 3.26.13:

Three sources of information. One is considered negative and the other two are positive.

Do you think if a Goblin does one thing right, in their lifetime, then they are instantly turned into something good? Kind of like Pinocchio?

Turned into a real boy or girl? Maybe we need this kind of magic in our life. Sometimes I feel like a wooden boy, who is trying to do as much good as possible, in order to become real.

Goblins are simply telling us that our Ego is getting in our way. The wall is being built. Built into our hearts, and until we create a simple trap to collect them, they can influence our state of existence.

I think that Goblins are created to steal what small amount of hope we carry in our pockets.

I turn to my spirit guide.
She speaks, "Goblins reside within us, not outside of us. When they cause destruction within our life, it is a reflection of that which is happening within us. They have no power. This card sits in a small position within this spread and has only to state, that which needs to be brought into the light."

"Do not let them fool you. Goblins are tricksters that love to smash and demolish that good within your life. View them as a pest. View them as a teacher. This card is only meant to bring recognition."

We stroll through a lovely garden that has many Goblins within it. They do not come close, for when you glow with light, like my spirit guide does, then they hide within the flowers and brush.

I think that this week they are simply curious creatures that want to explore and see what happens when they perform an action. Goblins are not to be feared, but acknowledged, and then be asked to leave. How do you get rid of them, if they decide not to go away, after your first request?

Then shed some light on them. Fill the whole damn place up with light and watch them scramble. Kind of like a raid commercial.

Some Goblins are huge!
And in turn we have to remove them one by one. The monster must be handled in a different manner, by ignoring it completely, countering the energy it produces, and making sure to keep on moving. They are slow in manner and have to hide within the shadow. So, stay in the light. Let the energy of Source guide you through the forest. Most Goblins will leave you alone. There are some that will go against the laws of nature, trying to distract you, even if you are sitting in the center of that wonderful light. They will throw rocks and boulders your way, hoping to knock you into the shadows, so that they can have control over your thoughts.

How do you handle this kind of Goblin?
Simple. Tell yourself to shut up! This Goblin is always around. This is the shadow part of who we are, and in turn we need to stop our shadow self, from destroying everything in sight.

Then again you could let it destroy everything, and in turn, advise the Goblin, that even through the strongest storm, you still exist. The light still shimmers and shines. It burns, even in the coldest rain, sleet, and snow. Your light still glows. My light still glows. Our light glows. Even as I write this, something is burning inside of me, wanting to be created. The thought of what is desired. The thought of what is needed.

Be careful who you tell your secrets to, for they may be a goblin in disguise. Understand that you make your path of greatness. They can only have influence. State to them that this is what you wish to create, and they have two options; to either aid you or get out of the way. 

Blessed Be. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.25.13: The Bone Collector

Monday 3.25.13:

The items, totems, and elements of the past are coming back to haunt us. What has happened before, will surely take place in the future. So, what lessons have we learned recently?

Take our time and have a little Faith. We put on hats of a different nature every day, and in turn put some away, that are not needed at this time.

Moving into this week, we find that memories will be of our greatest concern. What have we gone through, what lesson have we learned, and what does the memory mean, when you dream of spirits from your past?

I had a dream last night, regarding an old friend from High School. We were playing Hide and Go Seek in a large house. I was hiding but with only my underwear on, Oh Lord!
He found me and in turn there were other people arriving at his house. I did not have time to gather my clothes and I had to run out the door with just my underwear on. We met outside and started to talk. I believe we ditched High School that day. I was embarrassed that I only had my underwear on, but it did not seem to matter to anyone else.

What does the dream mean?
I could be dealing with a sense of being exposed. I actually woke up thinking about the element of being exposed.
It is only scary to know the truth if you do not want it to be in the light.

The Bone Collector is setting the mood for the rest of the week, within the "time-frame spread".
She is the keeper of memories. She is the person you meet, when you first set out on your journey. She is the collector of dreams.

The Tower is the hidden energy card. Destruction set forth by Source, rather then a human. This is nature on a rampage. 

Do you think the Bone Collector is afraid of what may come? Destruction to her is simply the end that leads to a new beginning. She sits within the storm and understands that only good can come from natural destruction. 

There are times within my life, when destruction was the catalyst, that pushed my spirit through to the other side. The Bone Collector can also purge us of all the sludge that has built up around our Aura. We are on a new journey, still brown bagging our drama around, while we are wondering why we can not get rid of who we have been. The past lingers within your mind, and if it is not brought out into the light, then it will hide within the dark corners of who we are, exposing itself around every corner. Kind of like when you are running from someone or something, and no matter how many twists and turns you take, that something or someone is standing in front of you when you turn that corner. 

So, bring it into the light. Expose the bone (memory) for what it truly is, a bone. It is part of your being, your body, and your past. What we humans tend to forget, is that, an item only has power over your spirit, if you allow it. Your past is the past. No one really looks at it, unless you are ashamed of it. If you embrace it and state "So what! I did it. Now I am living in the present, and you should too!"
They have no response to that statement, unless they are really negative in thought and make a quick judgement, but who wins?
You do of course, for you exposed that which was holding you down. Now you are free! Free to make a decision based off of clarity and love. 

Blessed Be. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.24.13: Slow and Steady

Sunday 3.24.13:

To learn how to travel at the speed of love, and then be advised that one must wait, in order to reach your destination, can be very frustrating. 
One can travel so fast that it seems they are not moving, and when the complete stop happens, it takes a few seconds to adjust to the love that is around them. 

Slow and steady sits in the position of the Bee, which is about compassion and forgiveness, and it states to me that one must learn to forgive the past, in order to move forward. The lesson that must be learned, is that, there are always hats that we must take on in our life, and we also must learn to forgive our former self, or rather, the hat that we are giving up. To place something within your closet, can lead you to forget about it, allowing you to move forward to other hats. The High Priestess must step down from her thrown, eventually, and be reborn as the novice. The hat is never really gone but it can be forgotten. 

The spells and prayers we state to Source, can seem like just a whisper, that might not have the strength to make the journey. 

The hidden energy card is the Devil. Slow and Steady can sometimes be just what is needed. In order to get from point A to B, you have to take that first step, to get you started on your journey. You can not just think about it. Sometimes we have to move past our Ego based thoughts and step into the light. 

Our Ego can be like the fog that clouds our vision, when driving, and can cause us to be so afraid to keep going on our journey. One can get lost within the forest, if they allow Ego to take control. 

The sister card is Ride the Wave. The lessons go together. If you allow things to take place, such as the wave, then you also must allow the pace to be set. The energy is teaching us to have Faith. I think that Source is always teaching us that lesson. Sometimes we have to wait for good things to happen, because we are not ready for it. Appreciation for the item would diminish if it was received with the thought of Ego. One would become selfish and want things done in their own time at their own rate. That is why there must be work put into the acts of Faith. 

When the hard work is over, then a person can understand just how much is put into creating an act of Faith. Be ready to carry your faith into next week, for we are going to be receiving many signs along the road, and you will need all the Faith you can gather up. 

Blessed Be. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.23.13: Sacred Pool

Saturday 3.23.13:

I will admit that this card was leaving me in a state of confusion. Sacred Pool. What could that mean in the spiritual world? 
I frankly do not like to look up the cards in the little book provided, because I want to connect to the card spiritually and mentally before referring to what it could mean by the author. I have been using oracle cards and Tarot cards for over 13 years and frankly, when pulling information from the spiritual plane, there really is no book of instructions, on what symbols and signs mean. 

The card sits in the position of Hummingbird and Energy. 
Temperance is the hidden energy card and the sister card, in the spread, is Balancing Act. 
One would think that there would be an abundance of information to gather from all of the items listed above. Sometimes a mystic gets stumped. Sometimes a psychic gets their wires crossed. 

The card Temperance contains a pool of water that the Angel Gabriel is stepping one foot into. Keeping part of himself connected to Source, while keeping another foot on dry land, representing the physical world. Symbols come to me in dreams, visions, and spirits. The act of healing needs a catalyst. Something to keep your attention focused or distracted, in order for the healing to take effect. 

A spoon full of sugar...

Some state that temperance is associated with Art. The healing methods of color and beauty from the perspective of the artist. 

In the movie "The Hours", the artist dies, causing a ripple of events to take place, which bring understanding, and appreciation for life. 
We experienced death the other day. 
What was taken from your existence? What did you lay to rest?

The author Virginia Wolf states in the movie that someone must die. The artist must die in order to bring everything together. 
What character in your life are you trying to kill off? 

We take on many forms and characters, and in the end, we turn from one to the other. Time repeats itself, no matter how hard you want to argue that point, it really does. We see what happened before, take place in the future. The Zodiac signs are constant within the development of this life. We take on different forms, different god names, different aspects of who we are, were, and going to be. 

Do you think a Zombie is a character in your life?

The energy must take on a new form and with it transmute the pain we feel into peace of mind. 

Blessed Be. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.22.13: Bone Collector

Friday 3.22.13:

The Bone Collector sits in the position of the Lizard. It represents dreams, our strengths, and weakness of things before us. 

Time for a change of costume and hat. Time for a change of who we are, and who we will become. 

What hat are you going to wear at this point in time?

Sometimes the memories that haunt us during the day can also enter into our dreams and cause a form of destruction. The Bone Collector has a wonderful gift that takes all the past memories, from before, and transmutes them into a lesson that is to be learned. Without her knowledge of Bone interpretation, then it would simply look like an elephant graveyard, turned evil. The bone collector sits with knowledge and wisdom at her side. 

What strength are you trying to remember and what weakness are you trying to forget? 

The dreams that really scare me, are the ones that reveal to us where our next step should be placed. The vision that tells us where to go on our path. 
Primitive measures of human emotion and response can lead us to the path of the Bone Collector. Ways of magic that call for blood and spit. Incantation in Angelic speech. Some forms of magic need to be of a primitive nature, in order to create the energy that is needed to move forward. I associate the Bone Collector to this aspect of magic. Sympathetic magic. 

The sister card that sits diagonal from this card is Healing the Ouch. We saw this on Tuesday. The Bone Collector is related to the transformation of our pain and suffering, into a lesson that heals us. Kind of like going through the bad, in order to see the good, at the end of the rainbow. 

One form leads into the other. One statement leads into the next. Even now I sit and ask my spirit guide for assistance. My mind is not finding any information to give into this world, regarding the nature of this energy. 

What can I relate this to? What speaks out to me, regarding the bones that we throw out on the ground, in order to understand?
Understand what?

Bones were used to carve things on. Runes were sometimes carved onto a bone and that was used as a talisman. Also Chicken bones made into a cross are used to keep evil away. What evil are you trying to deflect?

It hit me this morning, that I have not been applying the numerical number associated with the date, and in turn relating it to a Tarot Card. So many possibilities for information, that I simply had to take a day and really think. Riding the wave on to the shore of our life, is very scary, for you will think the worst. The worst shall surely take place, and when it does, we jump up in frustration, and shake our fist at Source, asking why it has happened. 

The hidden energy card associated with the Bone Collector is #13 Death. Funny, bones...death...bone collector.

Shall we look at her with new eyes? Death is a hat that we must put on. One act of death leads into a new life, a new hat, a new characteristic, that we must take on. Death of a Control Freak that leads into the birth of a Surfer?

What hat are you going to put to rest?

We have to get rid of things, in order to receive. I always state to Brian, that we must be kind to the Earth, and not follow the path of the Hoarder, by purchasing things and eliminating something within our environment. I always advise him that when I start to look at something to purchase, I must really think and see if I need it. If I state that I do need it, then I start to think about what can I give away? What can it replace? What is taking up space in my life?

The task of letting go is part of Death. The task of taking on something new is part of Birth. From one existence to the next, we must release what has held us back on one plane, and move into the next, with a clean slate. 

That is why we have trouble with our new existence, with our state of change. One must let go of the old and be born into the new. One must remember only the lesson that was learned and not repeat what has already taken place. 

The Bone Collector can go by many names; Tarot Reader, Psychic, Shaman, Medium, Elder. She is the gate keeper of that which was lost, found, and experienced. She is the Story teller of the group. She is the end of one adventure and the beginning of another. 

Blessed Be. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.21.13: Ride the Wave In

Thursday 3.21.13:

Imagine the rush a surfer gets, when they first learn to stand up on a surf board and ride their first wave. Do you think it is addicting?

They form a game out of it. They start to see just how long they can ride the wave and also get that wonderful adrenaline rush, that comes with the adventure of the wave. 

So, one must look at life as a wave. One must look at the energy and chaos, as that wave. A thing of great force. It contains so much will and inspiration, that spiritual mystics wish to ride it, for the thrill of the adventure. The wave can sometimes symbolize our love, our life, our human experience. Then again the wave can also symbolize who we are. This great force that wishes to exist above the limit set by the mass. 

Riding a wave in the spiritual plane is much harder than one thinks. The threat of drowning and falling down is much more scarier, than to have it happen in real life. The wave can be small and grow into a tsunami, but one is in control of the height and mass of the water that rises. 

I woke up this morning thinking about the past. Thinking about the experience and great memories I have of those back in California. One must be ready to move. One must be ready to fight. 

I started to go off on a subject of how, when we are young and immature, we think only of the night and great adventure that is taking place, at that very moment. One wishes that it will not end, for it is too much excitement and going back to a life of work and school is boring. There is no thought of the next day, when we surely get up from our small amount of sleep, and do it all over again. 
Then we get a little older and the past becomes a memory, and the adventures become few and far between. You look at your friends and wish the night would not end, for you do not know when the next great adventure will take place. Death becomes part of your everyday vocabulary. You wake up from a full nights sleep, and the next day, you return to your life of being responsible. Funny, how you wish to be away from your family, when you are young, because you think that they do not understand your life. As you get older you find that you miss them more than ever, and wish that you had gravitated towards your home and center of being, rather than propel in any direction away from it. 

The card sits in the position of the Crow/Spirit. One will put on the hat of soul. The Magician. The Mystic. We find that riding a wave into our destination can be simple and effective. It will never be too great to ride, for we are the creator of it. What if the energy is simply wishing to move forward and you in turn are trying to go against it. Would it not be funny to see a surfer get up and want to ride the wave in the opposite direction. Can you turn a wave around?
So why does one try to turn the energy around. To state "hey! I want to go that way!"

Source simply looks at  you and keeps on walking. It reminds me of the movies, when you see a character holding the map, looking confused, and states "I think it is this way...wait....yes!...I am sure it is this way!". The intuitive being that is on their journey, advises the map holder, that they feel it would be better if they traveled in a different direction, but the map holder is always right, in their small world, and in turn they follow him. 
The intuitive being, representing Source, walks with Faith in a different direction. 
They both meet up at their destination, but the map holder arrives at a later time. The Intuitive person asks "What took you so long?"

The Map holder is upset and in turn has no map at all in his hand. He states that there were thieves and monsters on the main road and he had to run for his life. He lost the map and a band of Gypsies picked him up and helped him to his destination, but was taking a little off route. 
The Map holder asks how the Intuitive being arrived so fast. The Intuitive being states that he simply walked a few steps south and found a short cut that led him straight to his destination. 

Which one was riding the wave in?

Actually both were doing it, but one decided to really let the energy flow and be okay with where the wave was taking him. The other refused to simply enjoy the ride, and in turn would cause his own confusion and mishap adventure. One will eventually arrive at their destination, in one piece, but one decides on how the energy of the adventure will be. Easy or hard. Pleasant or Unpleasant. 
What is your adventure like right now?

Blessed Be. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.20.13: Balancing Act

Wednesday 3.20.13:

The day brings in a new light. Light that must contain shadow in order to exist. A piece of the unknown must sit within every tear drop. Within every raindrop. Even now as I sit here, I wish to not write anymore. My love for the energy of the day and how Source touches each and every one of us, is leaving my field of existence.

I am unhappy at this very moment and time. I am upset at this very moment and time, because I am resisting the change I am asking for. What if I let it all go? Let the energy flow. What would happen?

Well, I would get everything I asked for, and in turn be happy. The flow of energy is never set to push against us.

A balancing act can either be negative or positive. One must always look at the items and decide which is most important right now in your life. If you are juggling four items in your hands at this time; relationship, work, hobby, and school, and you find that you can not juggle all four, then one must decide what is most important in their life. Place one, two, or three items to the side, and keep on juggling.

Or you could simply drop all of them on the floor, see which one bounces back, and keep on walking.

Frankly, I like the second experience the best.

One has to remember that stress is a form of measure that helps you decide what is important and what can wait. Waiting is not a bad thing. Actually making a decision on whether to attend a particular school setting or work in a particular career is not a bad thing as well. Sometimes we have to decide that being a postal worker is not part of our profession anymore. We can change our mind and decision mid thought, creating a whole new pattern of positive energy, and we move forward.

What is important to you?

I want to discuss my thought on going back to school and finding the right one. I love attending lectures, community college, and discussing things with teachers. I love participation, but school was just not fitting into my schedule. So, I decided to attend an online University. I am starting to find out that I do not like the way the program is run. That is why I was so upset yesterday. I am tired of being told that you can not move forward unless this class is taken, for this specific field of expertise. Well, at a community college you have a lot of classes to choose from and your associates degree can be in anything from astronomy to holistic health. There must be a major, but you can place emphasis on classes that other private technical schools do not have. My mind is made up. I am here in Austin for a reason. The community college is right down the street. We do live in an age of technology, but it is to aid us on our journey, rather than narrow and define it. Technology is a tool, not the final word.

No one can advise you that if you drop an item from your juggling act, that you will fail, and in turn not receive what is good. If they tell you that, then they are living a life of negative thought. Did you know that everything happens for a reason. Everything you decide to do contains thought and reason behind it. Source is always gently nudging you in the right direction, but there are times when Source will surely shove you off a cliff, so that you will fall magically into place with your Divine Plan. It may be scary but decisions are born to create that fear of the unknown.

You can only juggle one item at this time and life would still go one. Most jugglers, first start out with only two balls, and in turn practice until they are able to add a third and fourth, and so on. They do not automatically pick up seven balls and begin to juggle. That is why certain gifts are called "An Art". You have to master it. You have to drop a lot of items and make mistakes, in order to understand how to perform it properly. How to perform it with your best effort.

I think that sometimes we get frustrated that others are not recognizing just how well I can perform a task and just how much effort it takes to keep things in motion. Others would simply just state "Oh well it will get done later" and in the process, create more of a mess. Then they hand it back to me to fix. To fix!?

You fix it!

Do not think you can set foot into a spiritual pool, without first learning how to swim in it. That message comes up at the end of the week. Learning how to swim with no spiritual floaters.

Juggle what you can, drop what is not needed, and move on. You can always pick up where you left off,  later in life. Who knows, I can be a scholar at 54 and still receive the same great education that I would have gotten at 24. Or I could die and be reborn as a scholar in the future. My spirit is endless, and so is yours.

People always state that "Rome was not built in a day".
Let us look at your body as temple. It has all the many rooms to worship in. It contains all the tools and people to keep it running. So do you think that your body stops growing or evolving?
So why are we so hard on our self?
Let me change the statement above to " Your temple was not built in a day". Let it go and make a decision to put something down, so you can master your new art of a "Balancing Act".

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.19.13: Heal the Ouch

Tuesday 3.19.13:

The card "Heal the Ouch" is sitting in the second position of the week's spread. The butterfly/transformation.

What item in our life is wanting to be whole again?

The thought to just give up. To feel like the words are being shoved back into your mouth. To not speak up. To now raise your hand. Is this also a form of healing?

What happens to us when we keep things inside of us? The pain. The emotions. The unapproved methods that we deal with at work. Why do we, as humans, think that we are not allowed to question the process of things at work?

If you do not speak up, then nothing changes. Do you ever find yourself tired of always being the voice that speaks up and states "this is wrong!" or "I do not understand" or "Why?"

Others want you to just do it. Take the information being given and simply perform. Remember the card yesterday spoke of being the one ring circus. You have to take on many forms this week and today I am taking on the form of the "Illusionist".

In order to heal one self, they must first understand what is ill. Even the most corrupt person requires sympathy and compassion. Actually compassion is the highest form of love, and in turn love heals everything.

Acceptance of our shadow side is required, in order to become whole again. Actually, I was reading the comic book Willow for season 9 of Buffy. All magic is destroyed in our reality, and in turn Willow embarks on a journey into other realms to find a way to bring back magic.

Willow, in past seasons, turned evil at one point, due to losing her beloved Tara. She returned to her normal self and still struggled with the acceptance that she may turn evil again. On her journey she discoveries that there is no separate evil Willow. That there is always a positive and shadow side to a person and is it up to us to choose which one we will become throughout the day.

Our shadow side is only wanting to be noticed. To exist. Just like a child, when it seeks any sort of attention.

What attention do you want?
What attention do you require?

Temperance would be associated to this Archetype known as Healing the Ouch. There must always be a balance of light and dark. One must process the anger within them. The frustration that builds as you move forward. The regret that lingers in the dark.

Transformation can only happen when you accept what is being given at this very moment in time. Transformation only takes place when you allow change to move forward. One simply yearns to be beautiful again, or rather to be that beautiful person that they have seen creep out every so often.

Sometimes memories are set forth into our mind, in order to bring us back to reality. In order to help us recognize that we are beautiful. Even if the memory is bad or something we are trying to forget.

I woke up this morning with a memory in my mind. One that I am choosing to forget, due to the nature of it.

Do you ever get the feeling that you are doing so much just to keep your head above water?
Have you ever felt like you have taken on too many tasks in your life and you want to give something up,because our spirit is telling us that we are losing vital energy, and you do not listen? You keep on going, frustrated to no end, and yet you still complain that nothing is working out in your favor?

Do you hold onto things because you think that if you do not finish the task then you would be looked at as a failure?

What does that mean?

Do you think that Source looks upon us and states, "Please take on more than you can chew, because I want to see you stress, love a little less, feel like you are not worthy, and give up all that you can, in order to suffer a little bit more."
I think that we have suffering down to a T.
Do you ever feel like you are doing so much for people around you, and that you love doing it for them, but find out that they simply take advantage of the situation. They seem to take the joy out of compassion and giving. Maybe it is me. Maybe I am taking the joy and love out of the compassion part, by putting a standard on it. What if your whole being is stating to you to let go. Stop doing what you are doing, because if not, then the boat will surely sink.

Sink into what?

Who would have thought that Sacrifice would really require you to bleed.
Do you ever feel like you have worked too hard for what you have now, and you just simply sit by and watch it all turn to dust. How you see that strong and wonderful person disappear every day. A small essence of some sort, wisp off into the Universe. Do you know what it feels like to be powerful, and then have that power leave you a little every day?

Sometimes I feel like the healing part of life is much more painful than the wound itself. What can one do in this situation?

Maybe Source is trying to tell us something. To get up and keep on moving. To get up and stop complaining. To do something about it.
What do we do?
Do we keep on thinking that others will judge us, or state to us that we shall never succeed unless we keep on going?

I think there are moments in my life when I am tired of dealing with another person in my life. Sometimes it is just easier to make decisions based on who I am. It will not effect anyone else if I travel at the speed of love, and not wait for the other person to catch up. Sometimes I feel like I am being tied down, spiritually, with the advancement of my spiritual growth. Sometimes I feel like I am letting myself be influenced by others. To stop searching. To stop moving forward.

Sometimes the healing needs to begin with the statement "I exist" or "I am not happy".
I am not happy with work. I am not happy with who I am becoming. I am simply not happy.

Maybe I need to do some soul searching? To really just step back, have five God-damn minutes to myself, meditate, and really ask the question "What do I want?"

I want to recognize the person I use to be. I want to go home. Find home again. Even now I sit and cry a little, because home is what I make of it. Home is always here, right in my heart. What if home felt distant because I traveled a little to far out from it. Maybe it is time to find my center again. To really think about what I need and what I want. To do what I wish to do and not think about anything else in the process. Maybe I have to have the thought pattern that if I take care of me, then others will also be taken care of by Source. Maybe I have to really start looking out for my life, before I can proceed to aid others.

Do you ever feel like you are simply speaking words to someone and they just keep coming out, kind of like when Source speaks to us. We hear it. We listen. But do we always take the message to heart. What happens when we do not listen? Well we find out that in the end, Source was simply wanting to be acknowledged. If you state to someone that you do not like this or that. If you state to someone every day that you do a task in this manner, because of this outcome, then do you think they should listen and respond in the same manner as you?

Probably not. We all have our own way of walking the path to love and light. We all have different tools in our pocket. What should two souls do when they are not speaking the same language?

Transformation is painful. There has to be a struggle in order to become new. In order to become that wonderful you...

Blessed Be.

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.18.13: One Ring Circus

Monday 3.18.13:

Do you ever feel like you are doing everything, for everyone?
The card that was picked for this day is #15 One Ring Circus.
Sometimes we have to wear many hats, within our life, in order to get the job done.
That is why most Tarot Readers relate the Court Cards to personality and astrological types, in order to pin point a person or certain energy that is being presented in the Quarent's life.
We are all the Queen of Wands at some point and at times we are also a child, like the Page of Cups. We move from one phase of characteristic to the next within moments of our day. At work we may be the Manager or a Shaman at home. We can be the Trapeze artist or the Bearded lady. Sometimes we even become the Animals within the Circus, in order to understand our primal needs and actions.

Are you being the Ass of the Circus or the Great Lion? Is pride getting the best of you?

I know at times I have to be the Ring Master, Sooth Sayer, and Clean up crew, all in one day, and frankly it is not fun. To switch between the many facets of our energy can leave you confused and dazed. But to master the change and slight of hand with costume switches, is an art in itself. Sometimes you have to be as sly as the fox and also become the misleading wolf wearing the sheep's clothing.

The show must go on, even if you fumble and get the performance wrong, and in turn people will enjoy the fact that you keep on pushing forward. Heck, maybe they will not even notice that you made a mistake. They do not know the game plan within your life. They only know what you state to them, and if you were to go out of order within a shows performance, then they are non the wiser. They will still be dazzled by the glitter you throw in the air from one hand, and the fire that shoots from the other.

Do not let small mistakes and mishaps get you down. You still wear the ring master hat and can change from one character to the next without notice.

This card sits in the position of Turtle/Earth. This card sets the mood for the week. You will have to deal with many obstacles and lessons during the week and in turn you must return to what you know best; the art of being you.

All the hats sit within your grasp, it is time to pick one up and put on a show. The order of the performance does not matter for you are really only there to amuse one person....your inner child. In turn, that inner child, will clap for any and every performance you put on. Even if it is you simply staring back in silence for a few seconds.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.17.13: Great Wide Open

Sunday 3.17.13:

What do you see when you look up at the stars?
The sky is a big place. The planets move in motion with the heartbeat of the Universe. Don't believe me? Ask Source. 

Would you believe it then? If Source revealed the truth? 
Sometimes we can achieve our dreams in one fell swoop. Causing us to obtain everything we have ever desired. What happens next?

There are those who keep on moving. The ones who dream in the darkest of days, creating what is desired out of thin air. Then there are those who are satisfied with what has been given. They cling to the same old item, even though Source is advising them that it is time to move on. In the distance there is something new. 

Which person are you? 
Decisions are everywhere. It is up to us to make the right one. Which is the right one? 
Well the one you decide to take. Failure is simply a word placed upon us, in order to understand the lesson within the action. What if I told you that the lesson was easy to understand. All you have to do is get up from the fall, and keep on walking. 

The Great Wide Open is not that you will be faced with a field of dreams but that you will finally understand that every possible action you make is within alignment of your Divine Plan. The Great Wide Open is simply acknowledging that Source is here, there, and within you. 

Blessed Be. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.16.13: Goblins

Saturday 3.16.13:

Goblins can come in many shapes and form, but they are not always bad. The card ("Goblins" #5) states that we sometimes deal with funny little mischief creatures that will make us think we are not able to move forward on our journey. Really, we are only hear on this earth to move forward with our positive actions. Have you ever noticed that when we decide to speak in a negative pattern, we create the stop sign, or red light, that advises us to halt?

When we start to roll that small pebble of discourage and hate, on our path, it starts to slope downhill? The rock begins to collect more and more dirt, creating a boulder, and when the path turns upward, we have two choices; to change our thought pattern, or try to push the damn boulder up the hill. 

Goblins are not bad. They were not created out of pure evil. They are simply the change that is needed in our life. Goblins only wish to exist, like everything else. They need to survive, it is just that they do it in a primitive manner. They are associated with our instincts to survive. What would you do if you had to survive?

They are moved by the basic need to exist. Now let us relate this to the position that the card sits in. It is position number six - the hummingbird. This speaks to us about energy. Goblins can be very powerful and very strong, but who is in control of them? We are in control of the goblins in our life. We have created that change.

I know you will state to me that you did not ask for this change, but are you really taking a look at how you are thinking. Did you not ask for an answer? Did you not state to Source that you are ready?

We require Goblins, or change, to take place in our life, in order to understand who we are. In order to understand that we are strong. The sister card that is associated with this position is #44 Strength. How strong are you?

We can get lost within the shuffle of our life. Work, school, relationships, and family can all pull our energy in so many different directions, that they begin to look like goblins. They can seem to steal time away from us. I know that there are days when I state to Brian, that I need just five minutes to bring me back to center. I become frustrated and it feels like I am doing everything. 

I return to my roots and think about a statement that Nicole Catron and I use to say. It was known as the "Save the World" syndrome. When you are carrying too much in your hands and you need to turn the door knob, you struggle with all your might to hold onto everything, and perform an action, that will take us to the next stage. The items in your arms begin to shake and slip, and in turn you lose something in the process. It shatters into a million pieces. It does not dawn on you that, you could have put a few items down on the ground, and in turn opened the door, picked up the items, and walked forward. The "Saving the World" syndrome is like that goblin. The goblin can play tricks on us, in order to help us realize, that the solution is simple. Humans make things complicated. Let me rephrase that, intelligent humans who lead with an emotion, make things complicated. The puzzle is only a puzzle because we can not see what the final outcome is. We are trying to find out what the end should look like, and in turn we become frustrated with the process, because we know that it has to work out a certain way. What if you simply enjoyed the fact that each piece is an accomplishment, and you can return to the puzzle at any time, creating a solution with each step. 

Find your small goblin and advise it that you are done playing games, and now you wish to move forward from the change it has put into motion. You are ready to create positive action, rather than stew in the negative thought of mischief and mishap. 

Isn't it time to put some items down, open the door, pick them up, and go inside? 

Blessed Be. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.15.13: #7 Into the Unknown

Friday 3.15.13:

The card that was picked today is #7: Into the Unknown.
I see a woman with a blind fold on. She is playing a game of Marco Polo, I think. She has a balcony behind her, symbolizing the great fall everyone has taken. The bird that is perched on the balcony is advising her heightened sense of hearing, that there is no way to go from here, but forward. She carries a talisman, like the one from a few days ago, and it pulls her into the unknown room ahead. What will she find?

There are times in our life that we wish we could be this woman. We wish to be free. The path we  have been traveling on can be discouraging. What we have to understand, is that being free comes with a price, placed upon our spirit. One has to put on the blindfold and trust that Source will lead us into the great unknown, and we shall find joy.

This card sits in the position of The Lizard.
Dreams plus Strength/Weakness.
The greatest strength we can muster up in this world, is to be the light in the unknown dark. To be the torch that burns within the scary cave. There will be times when we wish to return to what is known, but just keep on believing that everything works out in your favor.
Then again, what would be the weakness part to this card?
It would be the moment we believe that our Ego is right. When it states that we can not move forward. That there is only danger in the unknown.

What happens today, will happen tomorrow.
What happens tomorrow, will eventually happen in the past. What if the cards wish to be read in a circular pattern? One bleeding into the next. One friend helping the next. One card containing the answer to the sister card across from it?

Today is about that birthing period. The fall that Alice took when she decided to enter into the rabbit hole. With each decision you make, know that you are walking into the unknown. You can only predict what outcome will take place.
What outcome are you predicting will take place?
What decisions are you wanting to make?

Remember in earlier posts, that I advised you to make a move? Whether it is forward, backwards, or side to side. I have seen first hand that every decision is simply a step forward. I am at a place of happiness and at times taking that first step into the direction I wish to travel, is not what scares me. The thing that scares me is the fact that I doubted that decision, and direction, for so long, knowing full well that it would work out in my favor. To know that I have doubted Source for so long. Imagine if I would have listened to Source in the first place. Where would I be?
In the exact same spot I am at now.

Accept, that something in your life is covered up. One of your senses is not working at its very best. What happens?
You start to use your other senses to get where you need to go. You start to use your intuition that has been silenced all this time. The one still small voice that has yet to sing out "I AM!"

Blessed Be.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.14.13: #4 Spirit of Place

Thursday 3/14/2013:

Deciding to write about one card and the influence it has on the energy of today, or rather the influence the energy has on the card, is very hard. I think I am going to apply it to a spread. I did create this wonderful spread which is associated with the seven days of the week and animal spirits. That way there are multiple ways to look at just one card for the day and provide information as to what it all means.

The card of the day is "Spirit of Place". At first I was thinking to myself "how can a place contain a female spirit that looks like mother nature?"
Then I started to write about what the card could represent. I read the little book that came with the deck and it stated that the spirit of a place could be anything. Everything has a spirit. Wow, that was broad.
I really had to take a walk and understand that Mother Nature has many facets to her face and character, but there are four that stand out. I see her as the hot summer days, the changing of leaves in fall, the cold sleepy winter, and the growth that happens at spring.
This card depicts her as Fall.

I had to think about what this card could mean today. Then it hit me.
This card is associated with the production of life. The stage that we are walking on. The stage can have props, a background, and characters, but we set the theme. We create the mood. The spirit of place is everything in the background that we see when the music begins to play...

I want to go further with the meaning. I want to know what a simple card like this could mean? The Tarot goes way deeper into what a simple card can relate to, while this card is simply stating that it is the essence of place. How can I relate this to life?

A map of any nature contains symbols. Maybe it is the color of the ocean. Water is cleansing.
Maybe it is the color of the earth, dark and murky brown. Earth is grounding.
Sky and Clouds passing by.

Have you ever looked up at the night sky, with stars and moon looking back, and wonder what the essence of magic looks like. Does it crackle in the darkest night. Maybe it flows like a river above our heads and at times we can reach out and feel it pass by. Spirit is everywhere and maybe this card is simply telling us to stand still for one moment, close our eyes, and listen. To accept what is being given at this very moment and time. To accept what is known. Then we can move forward with the intent that everything works out in our favor.

Are you allowing the flow of energy to lead you to your good life?
Are you living it right now?
Remember that we can change the environment at any time, but to come to a complete halt takes time to master. Maybe you need to drag your heels in the ground a couple of times to change direction. Maybe you need to take a couple of wrong turns in order to get back on the right path.

One thing I want to mention is that, in Austin, they have frontage roads that run along the freeway, and at every intersection there is a U-turn that you can take just in case you miss your exit. Sometimes we need that U-turn in order to find our way home. Sometimes we need that U-turn in order to find what we have lost. My advise to you is to take that U-turn to return to center. Maybe it is time to groove to the sound of the Universe.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 3.13.13: Talisman

The Enchanted Map Oracle:


I decided to use a different deck for my readings. To work with a deck that is not steeped in Tarot symbolism can be difficult. I bought three Composition notebooks, one day, out of impulse. I looked at Brian and stated "Can I buy?"
The funny thing is that he never says no to me and also it is my money that I am using. I do not know why I bought them, but something inside of me wanted to write.
I then went to Barnes and Noble to look at the Tarot cards there. I did not want to wait for a new deck to arrive in the mail, and since we are creatures of wanting instant gratification, I proceeded to look at two decks. The Enchanted Map Oracle and the Angel Dreams Oracle. Both were calling to me.
I asked my Spirit Guide and she stated to buy both. I could not make up my mind. I asked Brian and he confirmed what my spirit guide stated. I still could not decide. I walked around the store a couple of times and finally decided to check out. I asked the lady at the counter if she was pulled to a certain deck. She stated she did not know anything about the cards and then decided that Blue was a great color, which was the color of the Angel Dream Oracle Box, and I was still undecided....

Now let me relate this small thing to the way we process information from the Divine. We sometimes do not listen to the signs that Source is giving us. We look for clarification because we do not understand what is being presented. Really, do we need clarification if we are being supplied with information straight from the Source? Why is it we do not question our boss when information is being presented to us from the head of the company. We look at them and state "Okay". We trust that they are making the best decision for the company and we move forward. Whether it works out in our favor or not, we still process our work and shuffle along. Then tell me this; Why do we question the Universe when we are receiving much needed information, in order to move forward, and then seek confirmation from the human beings around us?
Lesson learned. I should have just picked up the damn decks, paid, and went home. Instead I walked around and wondered, what could be in store for the cards? I have not read for anyone in a while. Frankly I have only had one reading and it was through email. I used the Tarot and it felt Great to do it. I miss being that great spiritual teacher to others. I miss writing about my experience on my journey, so that others do not feel like they are the only ones feeling this way, as well.

Now back to the energy of the day. One card is what I am going to start out with, until I am connected to the cards, and then I will switch to three cards, and so forth.

A talisman can be a powerful thing. The little book that comes with the cards explains that we are on the right path, and she relates a talisman to wisdom. As if wisdom takes on a solid form such as a crystal or necklace.

What were my first impressions with this card, without looking at the Little Book?
I relate the talisman to a pendulum. It swings and sways in the right direction.
I relate it to my spirit guide. She advises me of what is to come.
I relate a talisman to a protection stone. A rune.

Why do people use them?
They use them in order to feel powerful. To feel loved. To bring love to their side.
People make a Talisman, so that they can touch a solid object in order to propel them towards their goal. It is kind of like a reminder string that you tie around one of your fingers.
Be cautious of creating too many talismans, for the energy and the thoughts will become jumbled, and you will be left with a pot full of mixed up spells and prayers. Have you ever fished through a bowl of prayers?
I have, and it was not fun. So many hail marys and our fathers. So many "mote it be's" and "So say I".
A girl can get lost within it. Kinda like trying to find enough vowels in an alphabet soup in order to finish the word, but you can not find an extra A and wonder if your brother got it in his bowl, and he has already swallowed half the bowl. You get all flustered and soon enough, your damn soup gets cold.

Do you want to eat cold soup? Unless we are eating Gazpacho, then hell No!

Remember that the talisman does not contain the energy needed to create. It simply aids the thought process and helps you remember to focus your time and energy in the right direction.
What is the right direction, you ask?

Why, any direction with intent and perception is the right one. That which you give attention to is the right direction. The big question you should be asking is "What am I giving my attention to?"

Blessed Be.