Friday, November 9, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/9/2012: Wisdom and Disruption

11/9/2012 Friday:

When we are set on a course of action, the waves may be choppy, the road my be bumpy, the light may go dim, but we still head into the unknown with great knowledge.

As Brian and I were driving into work today, I started to talk about what the cards could be speaking of today. I spoke about the Hierophant and what the card could mean. I thought about how the card is related to the material side of this world. Tradition and what that embodies. The thought of the Hermit being associated with spiritual things and also Universal Laws came to mind, and then I started to associate the Hierophant with people of Science, the laws of this reality and what they entail. A spell book is written words of an experience with energy and how it is manifested into this reality.

Today will be about that wisdom and how it will affect us today. The Tower is the hidden message card and this is about disruption. Wisdom can sometimes advise us to keep walking North on our path, when all other signs on the road are telling us to go South. Something inside of us is telling us to head in a different direction and to walk on a different path, than what others are walking on, and to experience something new.

Be careful not to get too involved with things of this world, for destruction eliminates anything within your path that is not needed. Even if you think it will be used on your journey, sometimes the Divine will supply you with a new, if not better, tool along your journey. The real test is about how much Faith and Wisdom you have within, in order to pick up the pieces left behind from your small tower that you have built, that the Divine has just struck down with lightening.

Believe me, you will find things that you have not seen in so many years. Things that will bring back good and bad memories, but the funny thing is that you never really needed it in order to live. You have been breathing this whole time without it, locked away in the closet, waiting to be recognized again.

What if you gave it all away? Would you still exist?
Of course you would. In the end you would find out what is really needed and what is holding you back. We entered into this world naked, we can keep on living being naked, and we will move forward in spirit naked. So why are you holding onto all of that junk? If you let go, you may just find out why all the doors have been locked. You may just find out that you had too much stuff to carry over into the next phase of your life, and now that it is gone, you can move forward with great opportunity.
Or you could still hold on to the same old stuff and stay in one place.
The choice is yours...

Blessed Be.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/8/2012: Faith and Temptation

11/8/2012 Thursday:

Sometimes a little Faith can go a long way, but you have to remember where you placed it. We can hide Faith in a small box under lock and key, but in the process of moving, it can get lost. Maybe you can wear it around your neck, in order to inspire and be kept to the heart, but what if the chain breaks?

You can not put your Faith in items that are of material nature, for they can be lost within a fire when you least expect it. Faith is contained within the heart. It can be pulled out and played in any hand, kinda like a joker, and used to your advantage. Today, speaks about the Faith we will need to be able to enjoy and say yes, or be firm and say no, to things that are within our environment.

I have to apply this to what I own at this moment. I am getting ready for a great move and frankly I wish to just give it all away. I ask myself all the time "Have you used this within this year?" or "What if there was a fire and you had to pick only a few things, what would you grab?"

We certainly can not take everything with us and even words written down in a journal has no real value in the end of it all. You carry what you love. I love my Tarot and I love to read, but maybe I do not need so many books. I packed what I love and will carry with me what I use on a constant basis. The rest can be replaced. The rest can be re-purchased at a later time. I must make this journey with no regrets or items that will bog me down with the past. The Ego can work in many fashions and this may just be one of them. Memories are much heavier than you think.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/7/2012: New Beginning and Balance

11/7/2012 Wednesday:

We start at the beginning. Everything moves in motion with our action. We live to be alive.

You must make that first step into the unknown with hope and love.
Your first step is the scariest. You will most certainly hurt the most during the transition. This is where you decide that life is much more important than death.

The time of balance must take place. Temperance advises us that we must move forward and in doing so we find healing.

Water can be a healing agent. Actually all the elements are healing agents. We find many spells that use Earth, Air, Water, and Fire as a method to heal what ails you. In Gypsy lore we find that they use Earth magic to heal disease and sickness, for it is the closest thing associated to our body. Earth is the last method of manifestation. It is associated with the suit of Coins because it is of touch and material nature.

We start at the beginning.

The direction you decide to take is only one aspect of your life. You will be faced with many more "New Beginnings".
You will be faced with love.
Movement is your best friend. Action is your best friend.
I know that sometimes I advise you that when you are lost within the woods, to stay in one spot, so that they can find you. What if "they" is "you"?

Have you ever lost yourself?
I have. In the process I have also found myself. I have found my power. My ability to move forward and in doing so, I have found out just how strong I am. I have taken my first step into the unknown. Have you?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/6/2012: Standing your Ground and Transformation

11/6/2012 Tuesday:

The process of change is not for everyone. There will be those who wish for change to happen on a constant basis, which it does, and then there are those who wish change would never happen, which it doesn't. Did you know that you change everyday, with the choices you make and the preference you decide on? You change the course of action when you decide to step to the right rather than the left. 

The change is never bad. It is always for the better. 
I know that people do not like to hear that things happen for good. They would rather blame the circumstances on the actions of other people. 

Standing your ground can take a lot of power and force out of your spiritual body. You decide on a path and you are going to take it, whether someone tells you that you can, or can not. No one is stopping you from passing GO. You will collect $200 dollars at the end of your turn, but it may come in different forms, rather than paper money. I would certainly stand my ground on what I believe in, and the course of action I am taking, even if it meant only receiving $200 dollars worth of hugs and kisses. Acceptance of the person that I am, by me, is well worth the struggle. It is well worth the defeat. It is well worth the fall. 

We never really cease to exist. We can not. Even if people state that after we die, there is nothing else, for in thinking that there is nothing, something has to be acknowledge and then dismissed. 

Blessed Be. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/5/2012: Faith

11/5/2012 Monday:

When you are walking on your Divine Path, there is no doubt within your mind. There is no fear of what is to come. For you know that there can only be good. There is only good right now, at this very moment. 

Faith is what you make of it. Faith is a building block. You also have to have creativity, inspiration, love, Justice, and acceptance of how great the outcome will be. Faith is only part of the tool. 

When we set out on a journey, we will have people advise us to be careful, watch out, and take your time. They are the ones who say nay to everything you are doing. They will point out exactly how you should be stepping, even though they themselves are walking in quicksand. 
The dark can sometimes appear like light. 

Let them speak to you of what you should be doing. Let them talk and talk. It does not mean you have to take their advice. Remember that compassion is understanding. It is love eternal. No one can walk the path for you. Not even those who try and control your steps. What if you advised them to put on your shoes and walk. What if you threw all of it on their plate, and told them to figure it out for you. They would respond in this way, "Oh no, it is not my issue". 
Then shut up. I am doing a fine job listening to Source and frankly that is all I need to know. That is all I have to believe. 

Blessed Be. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/4/2012: Heart Chakra and Universal Laws

11/4/2012 Sunday:

Are you really ready for love?
The Heart Chakra speaks of this love inside all of us. The Universal thought and the intention of our life can lead us to a great destination, if you only believe and have heart. 

To have heart.

What do you think they meant when they stated this to someone? Do you think they left it up to the person to interpret?

I think that in the old days, there was a sense of knowledge floating around, and to state this to someone, meant that they needed to put all their effort into their action. To have heart, now a days, means that you really need to stop giving others your energy, muster up all the spiritual strength you have, and leap into the unknown. 
You have heart when you show people your state of compassion. How you care for those around you. How you speak to the person driving the car in front of you. 

To breathe through your Heart Chakra means that you really need to let go of all the past pain, hurt, and sorrow. You must let Source kiss the boo-boos on your hands and knees, get the fuck up, shut your damn mouth, and keep on walking. 

The Universe does not stop for you when you wish to whine and shout. It does not state: 

"Oh man they are really mad with the outcome, and even though they brought it upon their self, they wish to scream and shout at the Law that simply listened and created."

The Universe looks within us, shrugs its shoulders, and keeps on creating. 
So why are you complaining? You got exactly what you wanted. You had a desire, you stated it, the Law heard the desire, and manifested it in your life. I am going to relate this to an experience in my life. I would always state to Source that I want someone to love and care for. To do wonderful things for and in the end feel satisfied.

Well, Source listened and in turn brought me people who I cared for (but never gave the same amount of care back to me), to do wonderful things for (meaning I did all the work in the relationship), and feel satisfied (which meant I would sit with a box of chocolates and eat my emotions away). 

Then I got smart. The light was thrown on me and I started to realize that I was worth more than I thought I was. I stated to Source that I am worthy of a great relationship with a wonderful man who is in love with me, gives as much love to me as I give to him, and that takes care of me as much as I take care of him. 
I decided that I love myself and that I am worthy of my own love in this world. 
Don't you think that you are also worthy of this great love?
Is it time to shine and be loved just as much, if not more, as you love someone else? 
I think so. 

Blessed Be. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/3/2012: Temptation and Destiny

11/3/2012 Saturday:

Sometimes the act of over-indulgence can leave us in a major food coma, but there are other ways to over-indulge. Why, you could fall under a spell of love, leaving all hope and knowledge behind. Following the love of your life, right off the cliff of desperation. 
You could over-indulge with booze and cigarettes, leaving you feeling like a real asshole. My best friend Shaun use to say it all the time when we woke up from a late night of alcohol, cigarettes, and Jack in the Box. 

We were young and in the absence of care and responsibility, we partied till the lights went on in the club. When I think of temptation and over-indulgence, I think of too much good intentions mixed with a thought of no fear. In the end we pay the price for it. We must go through certain circumstances in order to feel better. I guess I can relate this to sickness and illness. We must go through the act of change physically in order to understand who we are and what we can be. 

Destiny is a funny character. We follow the path of breadcrumbs, left in the forest, but where does it really lead us. It always leads us home. Home can be anywhere and in anyone. 

My home is with family and now I am at home with my boyfriend Brian. He sets comfort to my sole. 

We must go through this act of over indulgence in order to understand that we do not want to do that again, to know what the outcome would be if we did, and also what the price would be. 

When I look back on my days of fun and happiness, hang-overs and sleepless nights, I know what the circumstances would entail, if I was to enjoy myself like that again. I know what to expect and sometimes it is all worth it. To find a small moment of laughter hidden in the car ride home. A talk at three in the morning about where we would like to be in our life. Realization of what great happiness can transpire when you let go of your worries and step into the light. 

Blessed Be. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/2/2012: Solitude and The Teacher

11/2/2012 Friday:

The path we choose to walk may seem empty, or rather we may feel as if we are alone with our new found information. The light is shinning on everything we come in contact with, but sometimes the item or people do not want to see the light. 

We bring them Truth, and they flee from our sight. They rush home, lock the door, and hide underneath the bed. Then again you may get a person who is so angry that the Truth you contain is viewed as a threat. 

A threat. 

Have you ever noticed that when people are threatened they either flight or fight? 
They decide to close their spirits off from perfect union and perfect love. 
Their heart becomes twisted with disbelief and in the process of this anger, they decide to eliminate all light from their solar system. What if you were the Sun and everything else around you were planets and satellites, drifting in and out of your existence. Some people, places, and things are as constant as the planets in orbit, and others are as fleeting as the comets that burn bright for such few minutes of their life. 

One thing is for sure. When you are the Sun you have two decisions, to either burn bright and allow others to bathe in your light, or to diminish in size and eventually collapse into nothingness, taking everything you have created with you, into the deep darkness of a black hole. 

Some say there is no light within the black hole. That nothing can exist. I think that in order for there to be nothing, something has to exist. There still has to be darkness. Is that not something. Sometimes we have to be like the black hole and exist to not exist. In the end we are reborn on some alternate plane of existence, and we as the sun, will shine once more. 

Blessed Be. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/1/2012: Movement and Inner Strength

11/1/2012 Thursday:

Dear Brittany, 

It was very nice to see you last night at Mom's house. Did you feel the magic last night within the air?

I could smell spells and charms all around. It was blowing in the wind. Kinda smells like the first few seconds before rain falls. That humid cold smell within the air. That is what magic feels like to me. The energy will be of this way today. 
It will seem as if everything you wanted is now coming into your existence. It will happen fast. Do not worry. Do not get upset. Do not get scared, for you were born to move forward. Allow it to take place. Stand your ground at times and know that you are strong. Remember you do not have to be physically strong, but spiritually strong. A person who shines brighter than others is a strong person, for they can move and channel light in their environment. 

Casting a spell takes a lot of energy and intent. The power behind it can aid it or also snuff it out. A spell can be broken mid way. Others have influence over the spell, because they have influence over our thoughts. There is no one stopping you from moving forward, but you. You are the wall and also you are the answer. You are the locked door, as well as you are the key to open it. 

Do not worry about the details at this time. Only focus on the task at hand. It will all work out in the end. Source would not have lead you this wonderful experience if you did not need it. Move through the change and dive into the sea of experience. You will find that you can breathe under water. Faith gives you the tools to adapt to your environment.

The feeling of drowning in the sea of spirituality, is your fear of dying. We all die a little everyday, so why is this death significant?
Allow transformation to take place. Allow it to push you in the direction of your Divine path. 

Blessed Be.