Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Nature of The Week's Energy 6/9/2014 - 6/15/2014: Vacation time.

I have decided to take a little vacation this week. I will not be posting information regarding the nature of the day's energy. It is time to search my spirit for more information. I need to see things in a new light. Maybe it is time to step into my teaching role. To become the instructor rather than the town informant. We shall see. Be blessed this week. Know that you can return to the past entries for information. What has happened in the past will surely happen in the future. 

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/8/2014: A Fresh Start

Silly little heart. A fresh start. A new week is upon us. What does Source have in store for us?

It will be great. It will be wonderful.
The start of something new. A new week. 
The energy of today is about play time. A journey. The ability to stand your ground and say "Yes" or "No". 

The journey will be long and filled with many pot holes. There will always be a couple of flat tires. An oil change. A tune up. The road will be filled with detours and U-turns. What I want you to take with you into the new week, is that with every step that is taken, brings in a new way of thinking. That way of thinking should be in a positive nature. I have not decided if I am going to write an entry for the entire week or daily. I am going on vacation on Thursday. I may not have time to write something on those days. We shall see. What will take place is that Source will allow me to get the information that is being received to the people that need it. 

The week ahead will fill our days with a little bit of worry. A little bit of doubt. Small conflicts within our mind. Know that you will move past this. The cards are saying so. A great time of healing is taking place. It seems that every year contains the process of healing. The sins of the past are cast away and everything is made anew. 

Blessed Be.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/7/2014: It is All About Perception

All of this information that is presented to me by Source. Cards, incense, words, thought, color, number, and spirit. 
Sometimes we fall asleep at the wheel. Who is driving?

Sometimes we give up. 
The road can seem dark and gloomy. The road can look bright. It is all about perception. 
What are you looking at?
Sunrise or Sunset?

I remember my first entries in this blog page. I would talk about "my sunrise". 
I would ask Source everyday for my sunrise. Surely, if I was hopeful, then love would enter into my life. 

I was looking at it all wrong. 

The cards are talking about your self worth. With every worry or fear, that breeds a thought of negative nature, we place a marker on the chart of life. It states "I lack". What are you lacking? Well, in my eyes you have everything you need. 
Sometimes one has to jump into their darkest hour. Sometimes one has to sleep in order to be woken up. To wake up with a new thought. A new idea. A new path. 

Blessed Be. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/6/2014: Answers Will Be Given

This is going to be short. Why? Because the spirits are advising me that it needs to be. 
Today brings in answers. You will receive an abundance of information. An abundance of love. An abundance of wealth. People will be nice to you today. You will be given hope. 
Hold onto it for a brief second and then pass it on. Hope can not just sit there. It must be shared. The information you will receive from your angels/spirit guide/loved ones will be vital to you in moving forward. So, open your eyes. Open your heart. Open your hands. The information is there. The love is there. The hope is there. 

Blessed Be. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/5/2014: Time to Adjust to the Change Again

How are you feeling about your goal? Is it starting to look like something you had not intended it to be?

Small in nature? Large and in charge? Is the goal becoming more of a monster than an opportunity?

It is time to re-evaluate where you are going. Ask your new spiritual companion for a little advise. Ask your spirit guide, "What the heck is happening?" 
They will surely answer you. 
I find it funny that a lot of our spirit guides have personalities. Some are dry and have a morbid humor. Others can be drill sergeants. They advise us to leap and sometimes tell us to jump. I like to talk to others about how their spirit guide interacts with them. My partner Brian has four spirit guides. Two who are always around him and the other two seem to come and go every so often. They have the same personalities that they had when they were living. He communicates with them during the day and he will ask them about what is happening and why it is happening. They answer the same way that my spirit guide answers me. Cryptic!
Oh Lord. It is almost as if they are wanting us to do the homework. What? homework?  
Yes we are constantly having to do homework. We may not be told that we have it but it is getting done. Everything we do in the day is a task that must be completed. Every person we come in contact with contains a lesson. When we have the answer in front of us, the spirits will supply us with a "Duh" answer. 

Yes the spirits will supply us with a hit on the head like the V8 commercial when we finally figure it out. 
How patient they are with our tender souls. As if we have not gone through this lesson before. Take a look at your goal once more. Last week we had to adjust to the change that was around us. It is time to do it again. Don't worry. It will all come together. Find the lesson in the change and you will surely save some major V8 hits to the head later on. 

Blessed Be. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/3/2014: Be Brave

With the start of your positive thinking we dive deeper into our state of existence. The spirits are requiring you to speak. Be brave. Stand up. They want you to move forward. Break through the sludge. You know what the sludge is. That small, thin, film of filth that sits around your aura when life has you down. It is the last test of strength. You must break through the cocoon to reveal your beautiful self. Speak about what is on your mind. Remember how I spoke about telling yourself just how wonderful you are. Well this would be a great day to practice that exercise. You cultivated thoughts of good on Monday and now it is time to manifest it. Know that there is only prosperity around you. 

Blessed Be. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/4/2014: Take The Good in Your Life by the Horns and Run

We all require some sort of companion to aid us on our spiritual journey. A cat, a dog, a hamster, a bird. They all reveal some sort of secret to us. I picked the Animal card from one of my oracle decks. I really do not like this card. When it comes up in a reading I always want to look away from it and, as my client is not looking, slip it off the table. I use to cringe at the sight of it. Animals?! What do you mean? Do they like animals? Everyone likes animals. 
It is associated with St. Francis of Assisi. I had to look deeper. 

I want to tell you that as you dive deeper into the ocean of life, signs and symbols seem to take on a new meaning. They become more than just a word. 

We have started our new goal and took on a new task. Now ask, "Who will come along?"

I have been seeing a lot of Butterflies around me. I know that this is a sign from Source that something spectacular is going to happen. That breakthrough is going to take place and it will be a drastic change. It always is. So why is it always a sudden surprise to us when it happens? 

What?! Spirit is requiring me to change again?!

Yup. It never ends. Even after death we are required to evolve and change. Spirit does not just sit there like a pile of goo. It is always moving from one side of the Universe to the next. It is boundless. 
Today is the day of Authority and transformation. You have spoken up and stated that you are worthy of the good in your life. Now it is time to take it by the horns and run. 

Blessed Be. 

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/2/2014: Creating a good habit

Today is a great day to start a spiritual diet. You know. The kind of diet where you cultivate only thoughts of good rather than thoughts of a negative nature. You will find great results and with every task you start, you may just find, that it is completed at the perfect time. Also this is a great time to start a new diet. Actually it is a great time to start a new way of eating. Change something small every day with your eating habits. Have you ever thought about what a habit is? It is simply a small ritual that you have created in order to get a result. A habit is not always bad. It can be good as well. The choice is yours.

This may be short and small in nature but not every entry has to be a book. I am going through change again and this also will have an effect on my entries. I am trying to find my groove. In the end, the message will be received and I will do my best to write it down. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/1/2014: Returning To The Beginning

The position the cards sit in is known as "Bee". It is about forgiveness. Sunday brings about a time of reflection. What has happened during the week? 

The goal has been set and also we have received information form our spirit guides. How are you using it? 

The goal is reaching a state of completion. 

The cards are talking about the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. 
We begin a new week and the stage is changing. 

Every week the stage changes. We move from one set to another. Why am I telling you this? 

I am stating this because you should leave the past in the past. Say good bye to one moment of your life and say hello to the next. The new week brings in a time of prosperity. The goal is manifesting. Your new goal, that has changed and transformed, is now showing signs of creation. 

It is time to make amends to those who you have crossed during the week. It is time to start fresh. 

It is time to forgive. 
I have started to sleep with a sphere of yellow calcite and also pick a card from Doreen Virtue's Oracle deck called "Saints & Angels". The card I picked was Forgiveness. 
Today's card position is about forgiveness. 

The spirits are advising us to let go of our expectations about our goal. Remember it transforms and changes as we transform and change. 
Maybe I will transform and change the way I write. Maybe it is time to evolve. 

It is time to remember who we are. Who I am. 
We are spirit. We are love. We are peace. We are part of Source. 
One must remember this during the wonderful delights of next week and the sour mishaps. 

Blessed Be.