Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/1/2012

8/1/2012 Wednesday:

The Miser within us wants to hold onto things of the past. But what if I advised you to let them go and move forward.
That everything you want in life will come to you if you let go of the past.
Sometimes I cling to the past because I think it contains more value than the present. That if I hold on long enough a different situation or experience will happen.
Honestly, I am lying to myself. I know it is time to move forward. Money is always there, but this card is more about the manifestation of things within our life. I want to see it and hold it. I want it to be wonderful and such a size. I relate this card to love. Love is the only thing in my life that I wish would manifest itself...and you know what.
It has.
Now I find myself at a crossroad. Do I want to be happy or unhappy?
Do I want to be healed or sick?
I turn to the shadow side of the relationships in my life because it is all I know. People would rather stay with something familiar than venture into the unknown. I am making a move forward. I am going to allow this to take place.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/31/2012

7/31/2012 Tuesday:

When I am looking at the two cards for the day, I see the influence of love and relationships, plus the destruction of what you have built.
The Tower is the hidden energy card, and the three of cups is the card of the day.
The energy will be about breakdown and breakthrough of emotions. Love can break through any obstacle, and also build bridges to those we love. I know that today will contain such great joy, but what relationship will cause destruction in my life?
Who will this person be?
Is it someone close?
These are the questions that start to enter into my mind.
Should I be thinking of this?
Source allows us to understand that the future may happen, or the future may not happen. Now is the only thing I can look at. This very moment.
So, the destruction may be happening in the background, and that relationship may cause me to fall to the ground, but one thing is for certain....I am ready to get back up.
That is the major lesson of the Tower card. Some may look at it and think "Is that going to happen to me? I do not want destruction to break down what I have worked so hard to build. That is scary."
I look at the card as a reminder that we are human.
That we fall every once in a while, even when things are going great.
The fall reminds us that we are worthy.
It reminds us that we exist.
That I brought this into my life, and now Source is taking what is not needed out of my reality.
I am ready to grow.
I allow that energy into my life to create that growth.
I am ready to move forward.
Today is about accepting that energy into my life. The destruction and change is within the area of relationships and love.
One thing I do see is that victory will take place, and the relationship that is left at the end of the destruction will get stronger.

Blessed Be.

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/30/2012

7/30/2012 Monday:

Feeling trapped in?
I know that frustration and worry can cause me to feel like I am boxed in. Like there is nowhere I can go. That movement is scarce and I am just sitting there.
What I must acknowledge, is that I am the one who creates the blockage in my life. I am the one who can also break free. No one dictates the level of my happiness.
I am the one who chooses the speed at which I move.
I also know that there is movement even if I think there is none.
The Eight of Swords usually shows a woman who has her hands bound, blind folded, and walking through a field of swords.
The blind fold is the unknown. She walks with faith in mind. She understands that she is connected and in turn she walks through the field of swords without harm.
One lesson that comes to mind, about this card, is that you sometimes have to slow down and move at a slow pace, in order to get out of the line of danger.
I have to make sure that all things are in order and that also I must see what is right in front of me. Who knows?
Maybe she has a peak hole in the blind fold and can only see a few inches in front of her.
I must recognize, like the Hanged man, that taking a leap of faith can cause things to be turned upside down. The Ego will try to make you stop. To make me think that I should lay down and give up, but I know that life still presses on, with or without me.
So, I am making a decision to move and allow Source to guide me.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/29/2012

7/29/2012 Sunday:

I sometimes have to write about the energy of the day towards the ending of the day, due to life. So, it becomes part of the past and I can analyze what has happened in my life and associate it with the cards.
The winds of change are happening. The Heirophant speaks to us about that change from knowledge into wisdom.
The Temperance card speaks to me about a time of healing. Put together, they advise me about a change within the spirit world. Things are starting to take place, and life is opening up. The good is pouring out, and this is where my Ego starts to get scared.
Now I am viewing the change as a good thing. It pushes me forward into the light of day. I see the light.
I am the light.
Everything that I have asked for from Source is being given to me at this very moment. Love shines bright.
I am abundance.
Things are working out in my favor. The healing is happening as I type these words.
Now you must view your life in the same manner. Even when the water is murky, you must understand that it will soon settle and all things will be made known.

Blessed Be.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/28/2012

7/28/2012 Saturday:
The cards speak to me about love and the small adventure you must take in order to recognize where love resides.
Is it within  your hands?
Love lives within the acts of compassion that I give to those freely. The day contains love.
Love lives within present moment. Do we really have to recognize it?
You must first understand that love is always present. It never leaves.
People simply think it is gone or absent.
They are simply words to describe the emotion and where it lies within the spectrum of description.
Pain is simply the absence of love. It feels empty at times because you are living within the shadow.
The light is always there.
The light shines down on everything.
Sometimes it simply takes one person's act of looking up to find it again.
The energy will be about love and how it blossoms. It will be about taking a leap into the unknown once more. It will require me to really jump head first into ocean of life.
Some say that you will die on impact. Well we all die a little with every second that we move forward. So, take a chance and jump.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/27/2012

7/27/2012 Friday:
I went out to dinner the night before and stayed out late. I woke up late and had to pack for my overnight shift.
So, I did not have time to write about the energy of Friday.
I decided to reflect back on the cards I had picked and give those out there a little bit of information.
The day was about victory and also the ending of a cycle of praise. The Fighter lives within the few seconds of his victory. The Mystic also relishes in the present moment of enlightenment. They both understand what waits for them on the other side of that victory. Life moves forward and the victory becomes simply a land mark. Stating to the person traveling on the road, that they were there.
Friday was about leaving a mark in the sand of the beach they walk on. No matter what wave comes forth and washes it away, you still remember its existence.
So make your mark. You can start today if you wish. Take a step. It is a mark. It is part of your legacy.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/26/2012

7/26/2012 Thursday:
The Hermit and Judgement.
I am having to write this before work, and feeling a little rushed.
Two cards that speak of giong inward for an answer and beign reborn. Actually the two kinda do not go together, because one is advising us about the inward journey and the other is advising us about the rebirth of who we are. I would have to take the two as opposites, but we need the balance of light and dark within our life.
Balance is key today. Keep your balance.
Know that everything you seek is within you, and in knowing that you are creating that expression in your environment.
What will today bring?
Something wonderful. It will be about how we process the information we have. Also it will be about what we are able to do and also maybe shine a little as we walk this wonderful path called Life.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/25/2012

7/25/2012 Wednesday:

I sometimes play the "what if" game, but instead of thinking wonderful and great thoughts, I think of what else could go wrong.
Today is about recognizing the power within us. Taking back what is mine, and moving forward with such joy and happiness. I have to remind myself that everything within my environment was welcomed by my spirit. I co-created it, so I should be happy that it is here.
Well I am sometimes unhappy.
If I was to take all the tools in my bag of tricks, and apply them to my life, then my life would be instantly upgraded to Aaron 2.0
Do I wish to be Aaron 2.0 or simply just Aaron. Improvement does not mean that I will be better. Maybe I come with a matching outfit or a free mount...haha. That was for all you WoW lovers.
I know that today will bring happiness and an answer. The Sun shines on our life all the time, even if we think there are only clouds in the sky.
I know that Source is constantly with me and in every decision or choice, there is greatness. Now is the time to make my statement.....
This is where you decide. Do you want to be happy or unhappy?
Do you like where the path is going or would you like to change it?
Today is the day to do it.
I use to advise those around me that it starts with a first step. A lot of people wish not to take it, because it would mean that change will happen and that a healing will take place. That would scare anyone. Imagine being happy. Imagine being loved. Imagine being accepted.
The step is not the hardest part. What causes the doubt and fear, is the initial pause from foot off the ground, to foot back on the ground. That moment is when everything you have done in the past comes rushing forward to state "You can not do it"
This is our Ego once again showing up in the smallest of spaces to cause confusion. Are you not tired of hearing him speak?
I am.
So I am closing the book on it.
That chapter is done for the moment. Time to write about what I can do.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/24/2012

7/24/2012 Tuesday:

Temptation can be anything and anyone. In my life, temptation can surface within the aspect of love. Within reltationships that are forming or have been formed. The past seems to carry a part of temptation, for I am wanting to return to the old with this new thought of happiness. So, the past enters my life, and I find that I must let go of certain things. I must understand that temptation only has power if you allow it to cause worry, doubt, and fear.
The act of moving forward within your life causes the memories to move within our body.
I remember.
I forgive.
I find salvation.
The Devil card speaks to me about our Ego. It is not evil that sits within our world, it is the act of judgment upon another. It is the state of non existance. It is the act of pain upon ourself caused by us.
The Moon, as the hidden energy card, leads me to believe that temptation will enter into our life today, cause us to doubt our path, and also cause us to grow.
So I turn to Kali. I am ready to grow.
I am ready to move forward. I am ready for that energy to enter into my life and lead me into Truth.
Temptation will always be present in my life, but I know what it sounds, looks, and feels like.

Blessed Be.

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/23/2012

7/23/2012 Monday:

The act of love can be found in everything we do. When I think of the Two of Cups, memories of those I have loved come into mind. The relationships that we sometimes cling to. I know that I always think about love. The act of love and what is involved makes me smile.
You see I believe that compassion is the highest form of love. It is the process of giving while receiving. It is doing without expectation or thought of "getting something back" attached to said act.
The Star is the hidden energy card and this is about Hope. What do I hope for?
Well, I do not hope anymore, but believe that all things work in a circular motion. What we do today will lead into tomorrow. Our thoughts create a belief, such as; if I do good then good is returned to me in many different ways.

What do I want from love?
I want a person who will give me everything they have within them. I want the dirty, nasty, clean, awful, rude, lovable, and blemished soul that will stand before me. I want it all...but in turn I need them to want me as well. All of me.
Love can sometimes blind us within the process. We see the beginning of a relationship. Two is about moving forward and coming together. The balance of life.
The balance of body and spirit.
So, I see two people reuniting or returning to something that was known. It will all make sense tomorrow. For temptation will creep back into our life.
My struggle with love, is that the past will return to me at a time when I am still weak. One thing I need to remember is that I am here. I still exist.
I am the constant within my life. I have been here this whole time, waiting for something to happen. Now I am ready to move forward and in the process of taking my first step, everything that I had been waiting for is arriving in batches. How do I filter through all of this?
By believing that I am worthy and also that Source will bring me greatness. Everything within my life contains meaning. It is up to me to believe that that meaning is good. It really is good.
This does not mean that I have to drop everything within my life in order to make love happen. It means that I can move forward with my life, and the process of love will follow.

The Star card can show a person standing in a lake looking up at the sky. The northern star is in the sky shinning bright. Some would say that the body of water is washing clean all the worry and doubt that the person has. The star is part of the whole and in turn it reminds us that we can return to that which we are....a perfect being within this moment.

I am ready for love. I am ready for that perfect person to enter into my life, but the real question is:
Are they ready for me?

Blessed Be.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/22/2012

7/22/2012 Sunday:

Two cards that speak about change and destruction, but also realization of the power that is within all of us.
The Magician card speaks to me about the tools I contain within me at this time. I am able to move forward and be a strong person. I create my environment and what I desire is constantly given to me. The creation of things desired can work two ways. Either you decide on having what you can not have, and when it is presented to you, you decide to not want it anymore. This is known as the love of the chase.
Then there is a desire, lead by spirit, to have something that is much needed at that moment and time. This is known as Fate and Destiny.
I must clarify...Fate and Destiny are moments within your life that must take place, either at the moment of birth or just before you decide to leave this plane of existence. They are the off ramps that you know you must take, but sometimes decide not to. In the end you will eventually make a U-turn and head straight for that off-ramp of greatness. It is up to you to understand the signs and signals left by Source, and to accept the change that will come.
Now our Ego will try to hide the signs along our path, with trees, gold, money, people, and sometimes even with our shadow side. I can guarantee you that in the beginning you will get lost, and will have to return to the beginning, start at the bottom again and work  your way up. This is the Tower card. Crash!
I fall to the ground and I have two get up again or lay there and cry about what just happened.
My advice to you during this time of knowledge and destruction, is to always know that you can take the off beaten path, or follow those walking ahead of you. You...actually this is about me as well...I can always return to the path not taken. I can return to a sign that did not make sense at the time of greeting.
I can return to the old, in order to understand the new.
The tools are all there, within me, at this very moment and time. The tools are here for me to use. The real question I must ask myself is "Am I willing to use them effectively?"

Blessed Be.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/21/2012

7/21/2012 Saturday:

Restriction can sometimes come in the form of a job, love, energy, and also family. What is restricting you?
My restriction is about making sure I am okay. This can be with money, love, relationships, and people. I tend to feel that things are not going to work out in my favor, but I have to return to the Truth.
I am worthy of everything within my life that is Good.
So, with that being said, let us move forward with our intent.
If your intent is to break free, then simply break free. Move. Go!
Do I feel restricted with money?
Yes! I deal with the energy of money and how it flows.
Sometimes money flows into my life with great abundance, and sometimes it flows out of my life with great abundance, but I do know that it is constantly flowing and that it benefits all of us.
Do I feel restricted with love?
Yes! I freak myself out sometimes, because in the past my life has been put on hold for love. So, I know now that I still exist and anyone who wishes to be with me shall have the same thought. Love should be a building block, not a hammer.
I have to understand that money comes to me all the time. I have a great job. I am moving forward. All my needs are met and in the end, that money will be there for me at the right time and place. It will be perfect. I know that all things work out in my favor.
Funny, this morning I was thinking to myself about the Ego.
The Devil card comes up as the hidden energy card, and it speaks to me about how I function within my head.
I can say that I still struggle with my Ego. Even the greatest Mystics struggle with their Ego. In the beginning I had to constantly turn my thoughts from negative to positive. I had to fake it until I was pseudo making it.
Then as time went on, I came to understand that I was able to turn the thoughts around in my head much faster. I am able to cross out every negative thought with a positive, because really I am worthy of the good in my life.
Today I have to remember that all things take place for a reason...and it is good.
I have to live in the now, rather than the future.
The story begins today. You do not write your book, close it, and start living. You think, write, and then live the experience.
The only one who is putting a restriction on me.
So, I am giving up the chains. I am giving up the fight with the energy. I am giving up the worry.
I obliterate thoughts of doubt, fear, and worry. They do not exist within God's Mind.
I am allowing the energy to flow. Flow into my life, all around me, and also in the background.
I think that sometimes our Ego can come to us in different masks and costumes. It arrives so pleasant, so honest, ready to destroy.
The destruction does not bother me. I enjoy it. I know that there has been so much chaos in my life, that it has become second nature to walk through the eye of the storm.
Today I walk forward and there is only today. This moment. This step. There is only this breath that I inhale and exhale.
This is all there is....Greatness.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/20/2012

7/20/2012 Friday:

How can one person contain Faith when the one thing you want seems so far in distance. Love is at a distance within our life, in order to teach us that we are human. Love is universal. The love we sometimes want is simply our desire to leave one situation for another. We carry the same baggage with us everywhere we go. So here I advise you to let it go. Drop the baggage on the ground...actually this is what I say to anyone who wishes to be in a relationship with me. I advise them that love is all that is needed. It is compassion. I turn to them and state "Here is my backpack. Put anything you want in it. I am willing to take on anything you got, for I am strong. I can travel to hell and back, with such great intent, and still muster up enough strength to move a mountain."
Does this scare people?
Of course, because most of us are not willing to allow someone else to have so much faith in the face of chaos and danger.
This is who I am. I have always been this way. This is what I have to offer. Do you think they can offer me the same thing?
I know they can.
If a person is given the chance to shine, whether it be 10% or 100%, they will come out the wiser. They will come out strong and full of inspiration. It can sometimes be just enough to create the change they wish to be.
Be careful though. A giving heart can also become a cold heart. With all the people, or planets, traveling within your gravity, they can sometimes take and not give back. They can sometimes give with strings attached. They only know one be a planet.
There is no need to blame them. I know that I must move forward no matter what. It is up to them to either take my hand and walk with me, or stay in their safe spot, looking forward, while I wave Good-Bye in the distance. Sometimes the distance will allow that person to make a move. Take just one step, and start the flow of energy again. They will find out very shortly that I was there all along, just on another plane of existence.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/19/2012

7/19/2012 Thursday:

The Third Eye Chakra is associated with spiritual matters. We receive information through our Crown Chakra and the Third Eye is kinda like the filter. All information that is needed is processed through this Channel. I can see what is not seen. I can hear what is not heard. The Third Eye must be open and ready to receive, in order to move forward with your spiritual awakening. What new adventure lays before me?
The Fool speaks to me about leading with my heart.
Sometimes the Fool can jump into the great unknown with no warning.
The Fool only understands that there is a road to be taken. They do not know what is ahead, but his heart states to him that it is something wonderful. So he leaps.
What I notice about this card, is that he leaps with his head held high. He carries only what is needed. The thoughts of love and understanding. He listens to his spirit guide when they advise to take a left, or to get up and go.
The Fool is guided by Source. He may question the change within his life, but he eventually moves forward with the flow of energy.
This is what the day will bring. Such great change within our spirit. That change will be new to us. We will remember what we have lost. We will return to what was taken from us. Such small moments in the past. Now you have the ability to correct the actions and circumstances set before you by cultivating love and faith within this very moment. Take the time to breathe and understand that this moment is perfect...just like you are perfect.

Blessed Be.


8:52 p.m.

Did I receive information?
I received information for a client of mine. I spoke to my spirit guide and she advised me of the choices I am to make.
I worked on a project at work where information was needed in order to move forward.
The Third Eye Chakra does more for us than we think. It allows us to proceed further with our dreams and who we wish to be.
I have not received information on the decision yet. I only know the truth and it can sometimes leave you feeling lost within the shuffle of information that enters into our life. Words can contain hidden messages. Words can sometimes just be words. They mean nothing unless there is action behind them, but I must always remember that sometimes the action is happening in the background. Unseen by the naked eye. Unseen by our imagination, but it still exists.
I exist.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/18/2012

7/18/2012 Wednesday:

The day will contain a valuable lesson. Well, all the days of your life will contain a valuable lesson, but this one will be about the ending of a cycle of walking alone.
The Hermit card speaks to me about the journey of self discovery. The adventure of finding Source.
Where does Source live?
Well, walk into the bathroom, look at yourself in the mirror, and know that Source is standing there right in front of you.
Now go out into the world and tell everyone you know about it. See what they say.
Some, if not most, will look at you like you are crazy. How do you feel?
Take that feeling and multiply it by a hundred.
This is the feeling that most Mystics deal with, when they discover that love and truth are the primary forces that live within Source. Imagine how it feels to think that you are alone on this journey, because others around you wish to not recognize how beautiful and wonderful they really are.
The lesson is at an end within this cycle of change.
We understand now that there are others out there in this world that believe as much as we do. That love as great as I can.
The spirits are speaking of such great love and joy headed our way...headed my way.
I do not feel alone anymore within this world. I feel alive. I know that love is always there from those around me.
I also know that I am worthy of what I desire. My desire is to be happy, to love, to be loved in return.
When your Ego comes knocking on your door, such as that past love or a memory of pain, let it in. Then ask it to sit with you.
Listen to what the Ego has to say, and when it gets up to leave, ask it to not return in this manner. Advise it that you are strong now and understand that you are worthy of great and good things. When the Ego turns to give you one last warning of how the destruction will crush you, slam the door in its face...and smile.

Blessed Be.


7:26 p.m.

Sometimes our Ego will leave willingly or it might put up a fight. Are you ready for the truth?
I am.
I am ready for what may come. I am ready for the greatness that is set before me.
The only part of me that is scared is my Ego, for it knows that the light will soon flood in and dispel any old thoughts it has hidden within our spirit.
The Ego is always there but you can keep it busy by giving it ideas and dreams that lead to one single destination.....within the light.
It will chase its tale trying to come up with wonderful pitfalls, contraptions, and bedazzled products.
It will spend its time planning, while you move forward and grow on this wonderful path of joy and happiness.
Sometimes when I think of joy and happiness or when someone states that they love me, I turn to my Ego and wait for the response. The small memories, lies, and mistakes that could take place. I sometimes believe my Ego, but I return to the Truth.
That I am light. I am love. I am part of the whole. All things within my path are within alignment of my Divine Plan. I can only think of today. This day. This night.
How I type my life into the page.
I can only think  of what may come within seconds of writing this entry.
I know it will be good. I know it will be great.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/17/2012

7/17/2012 Tuesday:

  Choices come to us in many forms. The Swords talk about our emotional state within the life of the choice. What do I want to do?
Where will I go?
Here is option A or option B. Now choose!
Source wants us to keep moving forward, whether it is option A or B. I must keep moving, for if I do not wish to move, then that is when the nature of the energy turns sour. I am not saying that it will be bad, for nothing within our life is ever really bad. There are circumstances that turn out in a different manner, but nothing can really be taken as bad. Everything happens for a reason. We simply have to go through the circumstances that happen in our life, for we attracted that energy to us.

Today is about seeing things in a new light. Your choices are never really different, it is just about preference. do you wish to go against the flow of energy or with it?
That is the true question.
Does option A go with the flow of energy or against it?
Does option B go with the flow of energy or against it?
This is the questions that you must ask yourself, as a matter of fact this is the question I must ask myself. Start at the beginning.
Go back to the start of everything. What was your intention to begin with?
Do you want to be happy or unhappy?
The choice is yours. Now make it.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/16/2012

7/16/2012 Monday:

When I think of love, or a new relationship, I think of a state of perfection. Love is not about the physical connection.
I want to talk about my life and the love I feel and have at this very moment.
A feeling of existence. A calmness.
That is what love is to me.
The world seems to stand still and everything is all right.
When there is no feeling at all. That is love.
You feel like yourself.
I feel this way. I can still move forward and understand that the person I will be with will follow. They will participate and become part of my life.
They will want to be around me all the time, and in turn I will want to be around them as well.
We can be apart but still feel close. He will handle the small stuff and I will handle the major events within the journey.
I know that everything that has happened has lead me to this point. A path of love.
Should I proceed?
Do I want to take that leap of faith?
For the love I want, Yes!
I will gladly jump into the unknown if that person is willing to do the same.
I only ask of him to reciprocate the same amount of energy I give.
The cards speak of a relationship that is moving forward and the happiness that follows. Be open to the act of love. Be open to your happiness and know that Source is always cheering for you at the end of the tunnel.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/15/2012

7/15/2012 Sunday:

I learn something new everyday. Every time I begin a new journey, I learn to let things come as they are. When I take a new route on my path, I learn that the stumble before hand can be something great.
As I come to the end of my journey, I learn that saying Good-bye could be the greatest gift you can give to others.

I can not say that I have learned everything within this life. That I am completely done with my journey. I think all Mystics are on this search to understand, and when they think they have it down pact, Source gives them just a bit more information to ponder.
I use to think that Source was found outside of me. That you had to go through a teacher to understand what Source was. That magick was only in certain people, and could only be put there by a special shaman.
I didn't understand that we all contain power within us. Sometimes that power comes in a certain form and gift. It is up to us to use it, know it, and understand the potential of it. Today is about that potential.
What is your potential?
You set the bar.
You can also overcome it.

My gift is the ability to care and love with no limits. To aid those on their journey. To be the bridge that connects experiences together. It took me a long time to accept this gift. I use to try to run away from it. I didn't want to be the bridge. To sit between things and connect. I wanted to be the path, or the tree that sits before the bridge. I wanted to be the river set beneath it.
What I have come to find out is at some point in time we are everything. I am the bridge on a Tuesday, but change into the tree for Friday, or a river on Saturday. No matter what, I return to what I know best:

Everything else that I learn will add to this ability. The other gifts I receive will be an aid to my ability. I learn to manipulate the energy around me and push it towards greatness. For energy has no label. It does not contain a bias thought within it. We ask and put our thought out into the unknown, it in turn manifests with the energy around it, changing that energy as it moves along.
The journey may seem cold. It may be blistering hot, but one thing is for is your path.
If there is no water, create it.
If there is no wind, create it.
So simple, but yet I know my Ego can make it so hard.

Blessed Be.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/14/2012

7/14/2012 Saturday:

Well yesterday was a great day for me. Thinking about what was being given to me by Source, trusting that it will work out, heading forward and understanding that things happen for a reason was a challenge in itself.

Today is about Faith and Hope of a desired outcome.
Faith is about knowing it will and is happening right now, and Hope is about believing it will happen at any point in time.
I have hope when things are first starting out. When there is happiness in my life, I hope that it will carry on into the next phase. I do not expect.
Remember that expectations lead to disappointment.
I have faith when things get difficult or when change occurs.
I use to confuse the two. I thought all you had to have was Hope. When I would hear others say "I hope so". I would agree with them and state the same thing.
Now I state "I know so" after they say to me that they hope so.
It negates that thought of wishing and wondering if it will happen, and states to the Universe that it is happening at this very moment and time.
Now, I do not do this if the thought is of a negative aspect, or is not for their highest good.
And their highest good is Good.

Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith. Sometimes you have to be suspended in time.
There is a waiting period.
There is a time of rest that you must take.
Everything is happening in the background, but you can not see it.
So all you have to do is have Faith.
This gives you the knowledge to take that leap into the unknown. You fall within the darkness and understand that the end result is the greatest thing that will happen in your life.
I have Faith that things shall work out in my favor and there are people here that love me. I know that love and joy and happiness are in my life at this very moment, for this moment is all we really have.
Now is the time to cultivate that state of good and greatness within your life.

Blessed Be.


1:16 p.m.

Why don't you take a chance?
Sometimes I am afraid that I will not be liked if I take a leap of faith. That the outcome will weigh in and I will look like the Fool.
The Fool starts out on a journey that is unknown, but the Hanged man takes his journey with Faith that the unknown will be beneficial. The outcome may be known or not known by the Hanged man, but still he lets himself fall, hanging upside down, waiting for enlightenment to come.
What he misses sometimes on his journey, is that the waiting part really doesn't have to happen. Enlightenment is already here. The mere fact that he made a decision to suspend in time for a bit is the enlightenment taking place. The decision was the eye opening experience.
Take the chance.
Place your bet.
Know that the number is always right. That luck is on your side. That the decision you have made is perfect and wonderful.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/13/2012

7/13/2012 Friday:

Funny that the cards speak of a struggle. An obstacle. They also speak of destruction. The day will bring about a feeling of confusion, but return to what is known. What is happening all around you at this very moment...that you are living a good life. You are alive.
You are wonderful.
Confusion is a result of non existence.
If you have a question...raise your fuckin hand and ask it!

Only you contain the power and momentum to move forward. No one else can make you do it. No one else can hold you back. That is why the Devil card depicts two people held by loose chains. The chains are on their wrists, and were placed there not by the Devil, but by their own self. The Devil can be referred to as our Ego. It is the item that holds us in place, when our spirit wants to move.

Be willing to change your direction in life. Be willing to overcome obstacles set before you, by taking what was given, looking it in the face, and loving the fuck out of it.
Yes, you are probably thinking "why is he using a bad word?"

My instinct is to write. My instinct is to speak to you the way I would speak to myself. I do use foul language. I do use bad words. It is part of who I am. I do this in order to make a point.
To emphasize.
The destruction is only temporary. Remember that the break down is the destruction. The aftermath is what scares the shit out of me at times. To pick up what was left behind. To move forward when you really do not want to set foot on another unknown path. What I have come to realize is that when we feel this way, it is our body trying to stay in one spot, while our spirit is already at our next destination.

I simply embrace the change that is set in motion and ride the wave in. Imagine the force that will be behind you when you decide to just go with the flow of energy. All that effort to hold back who you are and what you have to offer. If you simply went along and let such great things take place, well then you would be the happiest person in the world.

Blessed Be.


7:35 a.m.

Remember that a challenge or an obstacle is just the Universe trying to distract us from concentrating all our attention on the item that is to be manifested. The item is always good. It is the seed that we have planted.
I want it to grow, so I begin to take care of it, but it can also become our obsession. I may start to over water it. I may begin to tend to it too much, and in the process, I will smother it. It needs to grow at its own rate, in its own time, at its own speed.
Let it flourish.
The Universe sends us a distraction, in order to allow us to let that greatness come into our existence. Take the distraction and the challenge as a blessing. Allow it to come into your existence, accept the challenge, let the energy take shape and form, and understand that everything happens for a reason.
That reason is always good.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/12/2012

7/12/2012 Thursday:

Today will be about victory over our Ego.
You know I sometimes catch myself talking bad about my Ego, but really I am glad it is there. Without my Ego, I would not understand just how wonderful I am.
How strong I am in times of danger.
What my true limit is, and when the wall in front of me is an illusion.
Today is not about eliminating your Ego and everything attached to it.
It is about embracing your Ego, thanking it for all it has done, giving it a kiss, and saying good bye for the moment so you can take flight.
All of this is about taking flight.

Fly my friends. Let your spirit soar. Soar high up in the sky of hope.
One day you will come down and visit. You will see that the Earth and ground are your friend.
The rock that once held you down was placed there by yourself. Kiss that wonderful rock that helped you reach your destination.

Understand that Victory is short lived within the eyes of illusion, but if you live in constant happiness, then there really is no such thing as Victory. There is only existence. There is only understanding. There is only Truth.

What is your Truth?

Today I walk forward with such great intent in my heart. To understand that I am exactly where I am to be. To know that with every step I am creating such a wonderful environment.
To know that I am worthy of the good in my life at this very moment.
Acceptance of what has been given is the key. Once you accept what you have manifested and the circumstance that go with it, then you can move forward with cultivating good in your life.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/11/2012

7/11/2012 Wednesday:

Information comes to us through different channels. It sometimes arrives five minutes too late.
It sometimes arrives three years ahead of schedule.
What do we do with it?
We put it aside and let it sit for a while. We return to it and examine what it could mean. Sometimes it makes sense.
Sometimes it hits us over the head like a brick.
Other times it is so loving, that we gently fall into place with the information we received.
The cards speak of this wonderful information being received. A balancing act of great things to come.
Do you want to know the future?

Your future will contain such great things. The roads and paths you take will be so wonderful. Do you believe me?
Some do and some do not.
Sometimes we are taught to think only of what could go wrong and be prepared for the fall.
I say expect the fall. For it is the greatest experience you will have in life.
This is a day of healing. You will find the wisdom to move forward on your journey and be healed. To be healthy. To be well.
There is only one state of wellness, it is God, and that state of wellness is within you and within everyone else.
See that wellness all around.
Feel it!
Know it!

You have all the wisdom that is needed to understand that you are worthy of being well and to live a wonderful life.
You know that something is not right. You can tell when something is not working. So, do something else. Take a step to the left, instead of to the right. You have been taking right turns this whole time, well try a different path. You see it is the realization of a different path that you must accept and take in.
Let the sun shine on a cloudy day. Let there be traffic in your life, but understand that everything happens for a reason and it is good.

Blessed Be.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/10/2012

7/10/2012 Tuesday:

Relationships can be tricky things. They can leave you broken and bruised on the bathroom floor.
They can leave you with a feeling of confusion.
They can also build you up to be the person that you were born to be.

Relationships can suck at times.
They can cause us to do things that go against our morals.
They can be misunderstood.
They can be dangerous.

What I sometimes forget to notice about relationships, is that they also can aid us on our journey.
A relationship is a vessel, there before us, ready to transform our thoughts on love.
They are a reflection of what we wish to be or can be.
People form a relationship in order to understand who they are within this massive place we call Earth.

Today will be about the letting go of relationships within our life that do not serve us at this time.
Those that are always thinking against our place of positive thought. Those that try to hold us down, under the water, within this wonderful sea of life.
Let them go. Understand that the moment you decide to put attention on the positive things within your life, and the first step forward into the great unknown, the relationships that do not serve us anymore will disappear.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/9/2012

7/9/2012 Monday:

An ending of old memories. The past is put to rest.
I think of the song "Oh Father" by Madonna.
The lyrics speak of how one person has made a decision to not allow her past to hurt her anymore. Even though she uses her father as a figure in her song, I interpret it as her statement to her Ego that it has no control over her future.

What is holding you back?

Remember that I use to think that I was not worthy. I use to think that I was not enough. My Ego use to whisper these things into my ear, when certain actions were taken. I thought I had no control over what the outcome could be.
At that time, I did not have control. I was allowing the environment around me to create for me.

This is what holds us back. We decide to let others create our environment.
Take control of your life.
Get rid of the bad memories.
They may have served you at one time. They all contain a lesson. Maybe a lesson of letting go, but what happens when you have out grown that struggle? When your spirit has already let go of those memories that haunt us.

The day speaks of this thought process. To let go of that which binds us to the ground. I know I am ready to take flight into the unknown.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/8/2012

7/8/2012 Sunday:

The Knight of Swords speaks to me about a person of communication. They move forward with intent and they are ready to make something happen. What I must remember, is that they are also raw power that is unrefined. Can you shape a Knight into honed power. Yes!

They eventually move up through the scale to Queen, then King. The Knight will come to understand the power it has and how wonderful they are.

We should sometimes take on the power of the Knight. The Swords can speak to me about health or the Force needed to break through obstacles. Be carefree but move forward with great intent.

Push the boundaries within yourself. Test your Ego. Make the Ego feel scared, for that is the nature of the Ego. To be afraid.
What if we could be scared, but confident?
Well then you will move forward with Faith, for we are all scared of something. Whether it is that first step into the unknown or that first kiss.

Communicate your feelings.
Communicate your thoughts.

Blessed Be.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/7/2012

7/7/2012 Saturday:

How do you measure the level of your happiness?
Do you let others dictate it?

I always advise, those who are in my tribe, that no one dictates the level of your happiness. No one has control over your environment, but you.
Why do we let others take control over our life?
We give up our control, without knowing it, many times throughout the day. Having control over something is not bad, if it is applied to your life only. We must be in control of what is happening within our life. We must take control of situations that enter into our environment. If we do not, then that is when undesired actions take place.

The Judgement card comes up today. Coupled with the hidden energy card, The Sun, we find that something wonderful will be taking place today. Maybe a wonderful surprise.
Maybe you will see your ability to manifest take effect.
Who knows.

Actually, we know. We create everything that is in our environment. We are co-creators with the almighty creator.
My eyes shall be opened today. All things will work out in my favor. I will move forward with that Divine plan. I am living the good life, right now.
Funny how the cards are talking about spiritual knowledge, and the date is about the number seven. Seven deals with spiritual matters.
Today will contain such great knowledge and enlightenment. Things will make sense and we shall understand. The big question here is, "Are we ready to understand?"

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/6/2012

7/6/2012 Friday:

The Two of Swords speaks to me about a decision that needs to be made. It is about an agreement. Am I to go here or am I to go there?
Both choices are reasonable, but they will not contain a desired outcome. You will feel like there is a restriction set upon you.

The decision will be about the path you are currently on. The Moon card is the hidden energy card. It speaks about the journey we are to make in this life. It speaks to me about evolution and how things come about.

What choices are set before you?
Do they cry out for attention or are you avoiding making that decision?
Remember that the Moon ,coupled with the Two of Swords, creates an energy that states:
  "No matter what choice you make or what path you decide to walk on, the journey will contain trials and tribulations. You will end up at your destination no matter what"

So make your decision based off of the delight of the path that is before you.

Let us turn this card from shadow to light, for this life is based off of our perception.
My advice to you is to make your choice with an open heart. Know that you will come out okay and everything shall work in your favor. It may hurt in the beginning. The change that is associated with that decision may feel like you have made a wrong one, but you keep on moving. That is the key.

To move forward with a smile. Make that decision something wonderful. Know that you have made it with clarity and strength. Let the energy flow and you will find out that it was the best choice in the world.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/5/2012

7/5/2012 Thursday:

The Knight represents raw power. It is energy that has not been refined. Where the King and Queen understand that actions have consiquence, the Knight wants to simply take action and change his Fate.

The Knight of Wands speaks to me about ideas. The sign that can be associated with this card is the Saggitarius. Knowledge.
Look at the situation in a different manner. Understand that you have to push forward with a new idea in order to receive an answer.

The energy of the Knight of Wands is very raw and can sometimes be overbearing. You may seem like it can be too much. To have this person in your environment can sometimes lead you down a path of being uncomfortable.
They are young and can point us down a road of destruction, but they will also lead us to our new destination.
Am I asking you to trust the Knight of Swords today?

Yes. Sometimes we have to be uncomfortable in order to understand our boundries. We have to be put in a weird situation in order to understand our nature of being. Our self existance.
Let the creativity flow with the Knight of  Swords.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/4/2012

7/4/2012 Wednesday:

Today is about celebration. Fireworks will be going off in the distance.
It is a day of Independence.
How will you enjoy this day?
Will you let the worry and fear of what may come keep you from living?

The High Priestess is the card of the day. The energy will be about Source and the background actions that are taking place while we enjoy this wonderful life. The High Priestess speaks about balance and also Intuition. Will you listen to yours?

Remember that yesterday spoke about returning to something that causes destruction within our life. We wish to be deceived.
We choose to lie.
We do this out of fear and now we must listen to our spirit.
What is it telling you?

My spirit spoke to me yesterday about allowing so much greatness to take form and shape. To ask questions and seek out the answer, for it is right there waiting to be recognized. Be blessed.

The Tower card is the hidden energy card of the day. This is destruction again, within our life. Are we listening?

Today should be given to Source. Understand that everything is happening at this very moment and it is good. You are living that wonderful life at this very moment in time. Lead with your intuition. Move forward with your intent.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/3/2012

7/3/2012 Tuesday:

I am confused with the card I picked for today. It is a card that can have a negative meaning associated with its symbols and such. The Seven of Swords has many key words associated with it, but to me it means Dishonesty. This is the liar's card.

This is about deception. The Devil card comes up as the hidden energy card. The Devil is about temptation of things that can cause destruction in your life.

Are there people who you associate with a negative experience in your life? Is there someone who you turn to that leads you down a path of Ego? They will show their face again, and you will be challenged.
What do you want?
I always ask this question. I do this because sometimes we do not know what we want, yet we move forward with an intent to understand. Remember your self worth today.

You are a great person. You control the environment around you. Anyone can try to deceive you, but you know better. The voice within you will advise you that something is not right.
Try not to go off course today, or rather if you do decide to go off course, understand what can take place.

Remember that the Truth always comes out. That you can not lie to yourself and get away with it. People will find out if you keep stating to yourself that what you did is a secret. This card could be associated with an affair, for you are trying to take something away with deception on your mind.

I have to apply this to my life. This card is represented by those who I love, but that cause destruction in my life. They like to enter into my life when things are going so great, to test me, and see if I am really strong enough.

I understand now that I am a Force, and I can move forward when I choose to do so. I am choosing life and also I am understanding that "I am worthy".
I exist!
So, why would I want to return to that past? Why would I want to let someone else dictate the level of love and commitment in my life?
Why would I settle for only half of a person to love me?

Today, you must try to understand that when a person is trying to deceive you, they are only doing this out of fear. When you try to deceive another, you are doing this out of fear as well. You are afraid of what could take place.
What do you think will take place if you told them the truth?
They could leave. They could tell you to "Fuck off".
They will try to hurt you.

They could do all of this, but one thing is for sure, YOU STILL EXIST!

They can not stop you from existing within this life.
We must confront our temptation to be drawn into another person's gravity, that will cause us to crash and collide into other planets.

Blessed Be.

I started to write in my journal, regarding the Seven of Swords, and what it could mean within my life.
I decided to share a bit of information with my you.
This card is about lies we tell our self. How we try to deceive our soul.
I can apply a lie to the structure of a cake.
The cake is beautiful on the outside. Made with so much frosting and such wonderful design. You can not state the words "It tastes so great", unless you bite into the cake.
The outside of the cake is the lie. So yummy and appealing to you.

You have built up this wonderful lie, and you imagine how wonderful the cake must taste.
You take a bite and come to find out it was not what you expected. Do you spit it out? Do you swallow the Truth?
For the fact that it is not what you expected, is the Truth. It is very hard to swallow.
As I have stated before, you can not lie to your spirit. We all know when the lie is being constructed. We all know when the lie is starting to take form. So why do we keep on moving with the construction of that lie?

Remember to swallow the Truth. It is not bad for you. It may be uncomfortable at first. You may not like the taste of it, but the experience that comes after it will benefit you in so many ways.
You will be cautious of what cake you decide to eat and taste next time.

Blessed Be.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/2/2012

7/2/2012 Monday:

Some times the victory may seem like it is in our favor, but we have to be careful as to what we are winning. I know that winning is not everything. Slow and steady always wins the race. Funny how it is applied to a Turtle, and not a snail. Even a snail will reach his destination. Funny how a snail will crawl and crawl and crawl, but there are dangerous things along its path.

A foot could come down on it and destroy the snail's life. One thing is for sure; the snail is determined.

The snail is determined to win the race. It is not with other snails that he is in competition with. The competition is with his Ego.

Do you ever wonder what his Ego is telling him.
Ego: "Oh you better watch out Mr. Snail. You could get smashed"
Snail: "I know"
Ego: "Oh you better take a different path Mr. Snail. An animal could come up and eat you."
Snail: "I know"

The snail keeps on moving. He was born to move. He was born to understand that dying is just part of his nature. The snail understands that he will not live forever. That knowledge is within him, just like the knowledge is within all of us.

The snail reaches his destination and considers it a victory, but he still marches on. He doesn't celebrate with a cheerful dance. At least I have never seen a snail dance before. The snail moves forward and understands that the journey must be made the next day, and the next, and the next. I really doubt that the snail worries about his morgage payment, or where the food will come from tomorrow. He lives for the now. He knows that his every step is a victory.
He is still alive.
He is still moving.

The energy will be about our victory. What have you won?
What do you have?
Is it what you wanted?
Winning is just the circumstance assocaited with  your action. You made a choice and decided to state that you will win if you have a certain outcome. What if you were always a winner. Even during a dark time. You still came out a winner, because you decided to take a look at what was being offered. Enjoy this time of healing. Know that we are constantly changing and it is considered a battle that has no winner or loser. It is just a circumstance.

Blessed Be.