Sunday, January 31, 2010

Judgement (R)

Another reversed card. Wow! Now I know the spirits are trying to tell me something.
This card means that you are unable to see the purpose in your life. The shackles have been broken, but you won't let go. Turning a deaf ear to a call of action.
In church today the preacher spoke of how he did not listen when Jesus spoke to him about becoming a minister. So this card is very in tune with what the sermon was about. Answering the call when it comes to our Destiny. We know that at times we look away from Destiny, and I use the word Destiny because it does not mean that we do not have a choice in our lives, but Destiny is a path that at any point in our lives can, and will, be taken to improve our being.
We choose to look at a different path even though Destiny is waving and jumping up and down pointing to it's path of greatness.
It is time to look beyond the trees covering the less traveled path. It is time to look into the darkness and see that light guiding you to your next step. So the reversed cards do not speak of negativity like I had thought, but of change. Great change. Two major Arcana cards in a row. Now it is time to make your decisions with Faith and Confidence.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Sun (R)

A major Arcana Card. Understanding the cards in reverse is throwing me off. As a student of the Tarot, I rely more on my gift of Psychometry with the the clients. Usually that is why I require an item that they have worn for more than two hours. Recently I found out that the cards spoke to me more and more. I was seeing glimpses of the future through them and now the spirits are advising me to learn the cards in reverse. So here I find myself looking at the cards with a negative attitude. Well not really negative, but in a different light.

The Sun reversed tells us that future plans are clouded, trouble in a marriage, failure is met at every turn, loss of a valued object.

So I say, that though it may look like failure with some projects, there is always another one to start up just around the corner. At this time your decisions that you are making have no results. Well do not make a decision then. Think. Learn. Look. Ponder. Walk and discuss your options. This card is telling us to take a breath and slow down. Not everyday is without turmoil. There are some schools of thought that think life cannot live without Chaos. Without Chaos we would not be able to change. We would not grow.

So today I am telling you to hold on. Stay strong and know that without these small mishaps we would not be led to a greater destination.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ace of Swords (R)

I do not know how to react to this card. It states that the two sided sword can have a destructive side as well. So let's look at the song "Cuts both way" by Gloria Estefan.

She speaks about a love that is like a knife. It cuts both ways, can't be together can not live apart.

Always this constant struggle to find a balance to a love that is both constructive and destructive. What we must strive for is a balance of power. The sword deals with emotion and power. Today be a victorious person, but remember your words and actions can also cause harm. Know that even though you must be strong and stand your ground, compassion still needs to be your source of judgement.

Today I am learning patience. Yes, I already am a patient person. As a matter of fact I can handle any situation without stressing out or getting upset. Well to some extent. Especially when I am on this diet. I am seeing this great person who is strong willed and independent emerge from a small timid body. I am finding my voice and sometimes that voice can cut through glass when used. I have to remember that we are all human and that every person has faults. I have faults. So today I am having to repeat words. Repeat actions. Rinse and Repeat. Rinse and Repeat. I guess later today my emotions and actions will be squeaky clean from all the repetitiveness of small actions throughout the day. Never really being perfect or grand, but just being.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Lovers.

Woke up this morning and decided to pick a card from my Tarot Deck. What does the day reveal....

The Lovers Card

It does not necessarily mean a new relationship, but the picking of a path with heart. Does this make me happy? Does my job or school satisfy me? Love is always around you. Love is always at hand, but we choose to look else where in our lives for it. Do not always think that the person you are with is "The One". Really it takes more than one eprson to fill the void in your heart. Our coworkers, siblings, friends, and Our Creater all put pieces of the puzzle together. They complete us at times. There is still that sense of adventure. That moment where we wish to jump into the great unknown.

Funny as I was typing this out a person who I do not like came in for a visit. Today I simply smiled and thought to myself "this will be a great conversation and will be a great visit".

Changing the way you think can change the way you feel. Also it will make you a stronger person in the end.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Ideas. They drive us into the unknown. To simply think and not act is easy. To think and act is hard. You have to move. Move to an unsafe and unexplored place. You feel like the room is dark and you are taking baby steps, hoping you will see light. Really the light is all around you and inside of you. It is about an inch from your sight, but we think that the unseen is darkness.

I think that the unseen is white. Empty. Full of colors that are ready to be picked and used to paint with.
Choose a color.
Bright or Grim. Dark or solid.
Who cares if it is off beat or clumsy. Take it and paint your idea on the canvas. Form it or leave it it unformed.

Just Be!

It just hit me. I feel like there should be some sort of big boom, tapping, or nail hitting sound going on inside of me. Letting me know that things are in motion. Really this does not need to happen. Sometimes it is the quite tip toes, or ninja like movements, that turn into wonderful creations.

How I Feel.

I woke up today with such joy in my heart. I lit candle to St. Jude and also to my Grandma Emilia. I miss her so much. There is so much that I could have learned from her, but she is with Source now. Sometimes I think that she has come back to me in the precious vessel Tribecca, but that is just wishful thinking. I want to know what I want to do! This is the statement that will bring me answers.

I want to know what steps to take next! I want to be a positive person to those around me! I want to learn Brujeria or Mexican Folk Magic from a great teacher!

There is this great want inside of me. I can feel the wind telling me to go....go....go....

I sit at work and wonder. What am I working towards? What am I really wanting to do? Now that you have your freedom, clients, and strength - What do you want to do?

I think it will be revealed to me soon enough. In notes. In letters. In spirit.

- Auraspark